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Top 15 Custom Walk-in Closet Companies in the USA

Explore essential features for men's closets, including storage solutions and organization tips for a streamlined, efficient wardrobe setup.

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Custom-organized closet systems have become famous for homes as people own more clothing and accessories. Many companies now specialize in building beautiful customized walk-in closet systems. The professionals from these world-renowned companies are skilled at organizing spaces and providing ideal storage solutions. When working with clients, reputable closet companies carefully measure the available area. Designers use computer programs to create different layouts. This allows viewing storage placements that fully take advantage of the space. Companies also present cabinetry, shelving, and hanging rod selections in various wood finishes and colors. 

Listed below are some of the top 15 Custom Walkin Closet Companies:

BK Ciandre


BK Ciandre Custom Walk-in Closet Company is one of the leading providers of prefabricated walk-in organized closet systems, high-end kitchen cabinets, and ceramic top tables, a manufacturer with a rich history and expertise in the furniture industry. BK Ciandre recognizes that everyone’s closet space needs are unique. Their designers work closely with customers to understand their storage requirements and style preferences. Using 3D design software, they develop customized closet layouts that make the most of the available space. 

BK Ciandre’s factory mass produces the different closet components using high-quality materials. Precision CNC machines are employed to cut panels of closet organizing systems while durable finishes are applied. With prefabricated closets, homeowners benefit from optimized storage and minimal disruption during construction. BK Ciandre aims to simplify the process of adding optimal storage to any space. Their high-quality craftsmanship and attention to customer service continue to earn them an excellent reputation in the sector.


IKEA SEKTION logo - kitchen cabinet manufacturer

IKEA Custom Walkin Closet Company is a furniture company that designs and installs custom walk-in closets for homes. The company was started in 1943 to provide customers with easy and affordable closet storage solutions. IKEA customizes closet design per each client’s space and storage needs. Their expert designers visit client’s homes to understand the requirements. Using CAD software, they create 3D designs showcasing different storage layouts. Clients can select from modular closet designs incorporating shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and other accessories. 

Once the design is finalized, the IKEA carpentry team will install the walk-in closet system professionally. High-quality materials are used during installation. All closet joinery is done precisely, ensuring strength and longevity. Specialized metal and wood finishing give an aesthetic look. Functional interior lighting and other features like drawers with dividing systems are added per the client’s budget and preferences. IKEA Closet Company believes in customer satisfaction. They provide warranty and lifetime support services on organized closet systems. The company aims to become the number-one choice for customized walk-in closets nationwide.

California Closets

California Closets

California Closets is a famous home organization company located in the state of California. Founded in 1978, the company specializes in designing and installing customized walk-in closet systems. California Closets uses high-quality materials and offers various design options to meet each customer’s unique storage needs and layout preferences.

The company is well-known for its professional consultation service. California closet designers visit clients’ homes to assess the existing closet space. They carefully discuss storage requirements and strategize optimum usage of the available area. With the help of 3D design software, clients can visualize how their new closet system will look.

California closet organizing systems aim to simplify users’ everyday lives by managing their belongings neatly. Unique features like drawers, adjustable racks, and dedicated shoe cabinets allow easy accessibility. California Closets’ professional service and high-quality products have made it a popular choice for customized organizers. 


Oppein Cabinetry

OPPEIN Custom Walkin Closet Company is a leading provider of custom storage solutions. The company designs and installs luxurious walk-in closets for clients. Foundеd in 1994, OPPEIN aims to offer cliеntswеll-organizеdspacе for their clothes and accеssoriеs. Thе company’s еxpеrts first undеrstandcliеnts’ nееds and thеspacеavailablе. Thеn, thеycrеatе 3D dеsignsof walk-in closet system with drawers using cutting-еdgеsoftwarе.

OPPEIN’s professional installers carefully fit all closet elements like shelves, drawers, hanging racks, etc. Clients can choose from materials like wood, mirrors, and lighting. Some popular styles are California closets, reach-in closets, organized closet systems, and pantries. All projects have a warranty and lifetime support. OPPEIN remains committed to crafting personalized closets. Their high-quality solutions have satisfied both residential and commercial customers. The company strives to redefine closet spaces through innovation and customer service.



Closets by design, has established itself as the premier organization and storage solution provider since 1982, building an unmatched reputation through exceptional service and high-quality craftsmanship. Specializing in customized closets, the company recognizes each client’s unique needs and living spaces require individualized planning. Their organized closet systems design consultants thoroughly evaluate the available space and possessions to be stored, collaborating with clients to develop optimized layouts and maximizing functionality within budget.

Through in-home consultations, Closets by Design envisions the project scope from the client’s perspective and refines plans iteratively until a perfect synthesis of form and utility emerges. With a suite of premium product lines and specialized services, storage challenges are within their capabilities. Their customized closet system with drawers offering has elevated countless households’ livability and streamlined everyday tasks for over four decades. 



ClosetMaid Custom Walkin Closet Company is renowned for creating personalized closet spaces. Founded in 1965, it is a leading provider of custom closet organization solutions. The company designs and installs walk-in closets that efficiently utilize every inch of space. ClosetMaid uses high-quality materials in its creations. The closet system with drawer structures is durable and can last many years with proper care. Clients can choose from different wood finishes, paint colors, and styles. The design consultants help determine the perfect layout for the client’s belongings and needs.

Once installed, these walk-in closet systems provide a neat storage area. The company ensures clients’ satisfaction by addressing any issues that may arise post-installation. It aims for a hassle-free experience throughout the process. Cliеntshavе many choicеs for matеrialswhеn working with ClosеtMaid. Some popular options arе wood, mirrors, and different lighting sеlеctions. ClosеtMaid has sеrvеdrеsidеntial and commеrcialcliеntsrеliably. Their focus remains on crafting personalized solutions. Through innovation and excellent customer service, ClosetMaid aims to redefine storage spaces.

Closet Factory

Closet Factory

Closet Factory is a well-known company for manufacturing custom-designed walk-in organized closet systems. Their prefabricated closet systems have become quite popular for efficiently organizing home bedroom closets. The modular construction of their closets allows people to create ample storage within the available space. Some essential services Closet Factory offers include professional measurements and space analysis, 3D design plans, fabrication of various closet components using quality materials, and installation. 

Their closet organizers feature adjustable shelves, hanging rods, drawers, shoe racks, and more. The installation process is quick and minimally disruptive since Closet Factory uses prefabricated components. Over the years, Closet Factory has developed an excellent reputation for excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Their closet organizing system solutions continue to revolutionize small space storage for households nationwide.

Lema Mobili


Lema Mobili is renowned for offering high-quality, custom-designed walk-in organized closet systems. Their finely crafted closet systems have gained much popularity in recent times. Built with Italian craftsmanship, Lema Mobili closets provide elegant storage solutions within bedrooms.

Their popularity stems from the option to customize walk-in closet systems per spatial needs and aesthetics. Right from dimensions to material choice, their engineers help design well-planned closets. Various wood finishes, textures, and colors ensure closets blend perfectly with interior decor. Moreover, their modular construction allows trouble-free self-installation and future modifications if required.

Lema Mobili aims to simplify the closet organization process with practical storage accessories included in designs. Adjustable shelves, hanging racks, and dedicated drawers provide organized space for clothes, footwear, and other belongings. Useful utility and aesthetic appeal have made their closet solutions a top choice for homeowners looking to maximize available space. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer service, Lema Mobili delivers a premium experience through a personalized closet system with drawer designs.

The Closet Works

The Closet Works Inc

The Closet Works Custom Walk-In Closet Company has become famous for homeowners seeking efficient, organized closet solutions. Established over 30 years ago, the company prides itself on its extensive expertise in maximizing closet storage capacities. Cluttered and disorganized closets are a common frustration. The Closet Works addresses this issue by providing meticulously designed systems tailored to customers’ needs and specifications.

A team of skilled carpenters and space optimization specialists use the most innovative materials and organization methods. Their detailed consultations address every aspect of a client’s closet layout and desired storage functions. Various configuration options, such as integrated drawers, cabinets, and multi-tiered shelving and hanging racks, are employed to achieve optimal functionality. Their experience delivering customized closet organizing systems solutions leaves clients’ storage needs intelligently addressed for years.

American Woodmark

American Woodmark

American Woodmark Custom Walkin Closet Company builds custom storage closets for homes. With a long history and a commitment to quality, American Woodmark has become one of the largest cabinet manufacturers. They design and build unique, organized closet systems for bedrooms, home offices, and laundry rooms. The company makes closets that fit perfectly in each space with good area use. American Woodmark is popular because it offers customization. The walk-in closet systems are also durable and made from solid wood materials. They will last many years with regular use of the storage areas. 

American Woodmark closets help bring organization to homes. With custom built-in storage areas for different rooms, everything has a place. Their custom closet organizing systems make the most of the available space without spending money on pre-made closets that may not fit wants and needs. American Woodmark provides a Complete Remodel Guide, a valuable resource for homeowners. It offers practical tips, exercises, and beautiful images to inspire and guide remodeling.



Boffi is a famous company that designs and installs walk-in custom closets. Boffi was founded in 1934 as an artisan workshop and has since grown into a significant business. Many homeowners like Boffi closets because they offer personalized storage solutions. Boffi uses high-quality materials to build sturdy and long-lasting closet systems. 

Over time, Boffi expanded beyond Italy to many other countries around Europe, Asia, and the Americas. They have created closets for numerous higher-end homes. No matter if the space is big or small, Boffi works to design ideal closets for their customers. Their customized closets provide well-organized storage and enhance the look of interior spaces, making them more beautiful.

The Container Store 

The Container Store 

The Container Store is a famous company known for its custom walk-in closets. It helps people efficiently organize their clothing and accessories. The store offers customized closet systems for each client’s space and needs. Professional organizers visit homes and take exact measurements to plan the best layout. Clients appreciate how well-designed closets from The Container Store maximize usable space. Shelving, drawers, and hanging racks are arranged logically based on a person’s individual clothes and item types. The Container Store is famous because it ensures closets are tailored to each client. 

Professional organizers take care of installation, too, so the space is optimized. Many clients see their new organized closet systems as an investment that makes daily routines easier. Walk-in closets from The Container Store bring order and convenience to how people manage their everyday clothing and accessories needs. Their custom approach makes their customers very satisfied. The Container Store operates physical and online stores, providing customers with convenient shopping options.


EasyClosets-Closet Company

EasyClosets Custom Walkin Closet Company is a popular choice for custom closets. Founded in 1992, the company designs and installs customized closet systems for homeowners. They aim to provide efficient and well-organized walk-in custom closet solutions within the limited space of a walk-in closet. EasyClosets offers a unique service where customers can build their dream closets online. Their website features two-dimensional and three-dimensional design tools to help visualize different configuration ideas. 

Customers select the perfect layout, shelving, and drawer options. For those needing extra help, experienced designers are available to refine designs. EasyClosets fills a niche for personalized closet solutions. Their customizable online design platform and quality craftsmanship deliver uniquely tailored closets within most budgets. This allows people to maximize storage capacity while keeping belongings neatly organized for years.

Closet America

Closet America

Closet America is a well-established and highly regarded company specializing in custom home-organized closet systems. They are known for their high-quality designs and installations. Many homeowners appreciate the services provided by Closet America. Their experts carefully analyze each client’s clothes, shoes, and accessories to design a closet that makes everything easy to find and access. They use premium materials in their projects that stand the test of time. 

Closet America’s professional installers precisely implement the design. They ensure everything functions smoothly and looks great. Closet America is a trusted name for custom closets because it focuses on client’s needs and delivers high-quality results. Whether designing walk-in closets or other storage spaces, they always ensure complete satisfaction. 

Inspired Closets

Inspired Closets

Inspired Closets is a leading walk-in custom closet company specializing in custom closet systems and home organization solutions. The company aims to provide maximum space utility through professional consultation and precise measurement of each client’s closet area. Designers then create custom plans considering the client’s needs, budget, and aesthetic preferences. Storage elements like shelves, drawers, hanging rails, and floors are tailored to fit each unique space. Modular components allow for flexible organization of accessories, shoes, and out-of-season items.

Clients appreciate the personalized attention and quality construction of Inspired Closets projects. Tailor-made designs within standard or oddly shaped areas optimize using every square inch. The neat organization helps clients find what they need quickly and reduces clutter. The company prides itself on attention to detail, from sketching plans to installation and after-sales support. Their growing customer base speaks to practical solutions that transform otherwise wasted spaces into fully functional additions to the home.


Walk-in custom closet companies have recently gained immense popularity as people strive for organized closet systems and clutter-free storage solutions. With evolving needs and preferences, more than standard closets are needed to suffice modern homeowners’ demands. Their trained designers utilize cutting-edge storage systems and organization ideas to maximize usable space without visual clutter. 

Custom walk-in closet companies have thus streamlined a process that was traditionally more complicated to complete. Clients receive a high-quality, long-lasting custom storage solution tailored to their requirements through their consultative design services and polished installation work. The transition to the new system is smooth, and users can immediately appreciate the benefits of an efficiently configured, professionally assembled walk-in closet.


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