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Top 15 Custom Walk-in Closet Companies in the USA

Explore the top 16 walk-in closet companies in the USA, including BK Ciandre and IKEA, known for stylish, efficient custom storage solutions.

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Custom-organized closet systems have become famous for homes as people own more clothing and accessories. Many companies now specialize in building beautiful customized walk-in closet systems.

The professionals from these world-renowned companies are skilled at organizing spaces and providing ideal storage solutions. When working with clients, reputable closet companies carefully measure the available area.

Designers use computer programs to create different layouts. This allows viewing storage placements that fully take advantage of the space. Companies also present cabinetry, shelving, and hanging rod selections in various wood finishes and colors. 

Listed below are some of the top 16 Custom Walkin Closet Companies:

BK Ciandre

Brest Minimalist Modular Island Walk in closet system wardrobe supplier

Main Products: Prefabricated walk-in organized closet systems, high-end kitchen cabinets, ceramic top tables.

As a vanguard in the furniture industry, BK Ciandre stands out for its innovative and customizable storage solutions. Recognized for their meticulous approach to design, BK Ciandre collaborates closely with clients to craft closet systems that not only meet but exceed storage requirements and style preferences. Leveraging advanced 3D design software, they offer personalized layouts that maximize space utility, marrying functional excellence with aesthetic appeal.


Walk in Closet Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Modular closet designs incorporating shelves, drawers, hanging rods.

IKEA has long been synonymous with affordable and stylish home solutions. Their custom walk-in closet offerings are no exception, providing homeowners with functional, yet beautiful storage options.

With a customer-centric approach, IKEA’s expert designers ensure that every closet is a testament to the homeowner’s lifestyle, combining practicality with the sleek Scandinavian design that has made IKEA a household name worldwide.

California Closets

Walk in Closet California Closets Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Customized walk-in closet systems using high-quality materials with various design options.

California Closets established in 1978 in California, is renowned for its custom walk-in closet systems, leveraging high-quality materials and offering diverse design options tailored to individual storage needs.

Renowned for professional consultation services, their designers conduct in-home assessments to strategize the best use of space, aided by 3D design software for visual planning.

Their organizing systems, featuring unique elements like drawers, adjustable racks, and shoe cabinets, streamline daily organization, underlining California Closets’ reputation as a leader in customized storage solutions.


Walk in Closet OPPEIN Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Luxurious walk-in closets, including systems with drawers and various materials like wood, mirrors, and lighting.

Founded in 1994, OPPEIN Custom Walkin Closet Company specializes in designing and installing luxurious walk-in closets, offering well-organized spaces for clothes and accessories tailored to each client’s needs.

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D design software, OPPEIN’s experts craft personalized walk-in closet systems with drawers, while their professional installers ensure meticulous fitting of shelves, drawers, hanging racks, and more.

Clients have a wide range of materials and styles to choose from, including wood, mirrors, lighting, California closets, and reach-in closets. Dedicated to quality and innovation, OPPEIN provides all projects with warranties and lifetime support, satisfying both residential and commercial customers by redefining closet spaces with their exceptional customer service.


Walk in Closet ClosetsbyDesign Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Customized closets tailored to clients’ needs and specifications with extensive expertise.

Since 1982, Closets by design has been a leader in custom closet solutions, praised for its exceptional service and craftsmanship. The company tailors each project to the client’s unique needs, employing design consultants to create optimized, functional layouts within budget.

They offer in-home consultations to align vision and utility, ensuring personalized storage systems that address any challenge. With over four decades of enhancing home organization, their approach has significantly improved household livability.


Walk in Closet ClosetMaid Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Custom closet organization solutions, featuring durable wood, mirrors, and lighting selections.

Founded in 1965, ClosetMaid Custom Walkin Closet Company excels in providing custom closet solutions, focusing on maximizing space with high-quality, durable materials. Offering a variety of finishes and styles, their design consultants work closely with clients to create personalized, efficient walk-in closets.

ClosetMaid emphasizes client satisfaction, offering a seamless process from design to post-installation support. With options for wood, mirrors, and lighting, they cater to both residential and commercial clients, aiming to innovate and enhance storage spaces through exceptional service.

Closet Factory

Walk in Closet, Closet Factory, Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Closet Factory stands out for its custom walk-in closet solutions, offering prefabricated systems known for transforming bedroom storage. Their modular design maximizes space, supported by services like professional space analysis, 3D modeling, and high-quality fabrication and installation.

With features like adjustable shelves and specialized racks, their systems streamline the organization process, ensuring a quick, hassle-free setup. Recognized for reliability and customer satisfaction, Closet Factory’s innovative solutions address storage challenges across households, enhancing small space utility.

Lema Mobili

Walk in Closet Lema Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Lema Mobili elevates home storage with its custom, high-quality walk-in closet systems, celebrated for Italian craftsmanship and elegant designs. Offering customizable solutions tailored to individual spatial and aesthetic preferences, their service includes professional guidance on dimensions and materials, ensuring a perfect integration with home décor through various finishes and colors.

The modular construction not only facilitates easy self-installation and future adjustments but also enhances functionality with adjustable shelves, racks, and drawers for systematic storage. Prioritizing quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Lema Mobili’s closets stand as a premium choice for those seeking to optimize their living spaces with style and efficiency.

The Closet Works

Walk in Closet The Closet Works Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA 1

Main Products: Customized closets designed to maximize storage capacities with innovative materials and methods.

The Closet Works Custom Walk-In Closet Company has made a name for itself by offering tailored, efficient closet solutions to homeowners grappling with disorganized spaces. With over three decades of experience, they excel in enhancing closet storage through designs customized to each client’s unique needs.

Their approach combines skilled craftsmanship with cutting-edge materials and organization techniques to create systems that maximize space utility. Offering a range of configurations like drawers, cabinets, and versatile shelving, The Closet Works ensures each closet is a perfect blend of form and function, leaving clients with lasting, organized storage solutions.


Walk in Closet Boffi Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Walk-in custom closets offering personalized storage solutions with high-quality materials.

Boffi has evolved from an artisan workshop into a globally recognized brand, renowned for its high-quality, custom walk-in closets. Offering personalized storage solutions that cater to any space, Boffi’s closets are celebrated for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

With an expansive presence across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Boffi has adorned high-end homes with closets that not only optimize storage but also elevate interior designs, embodying a perfect blend of functionality and beauty.

The Container Store 

Walk in Closet The Container Store Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Elfa customizable closet systems, TCS Closets for premium spaces, and various storage accessories.

The Container Store, stands out for its wide range of customizable storage solutions and organizational products. Offering everything from simple DIY options to fully custom installations, they cater to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences. Their emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction has made them a go-to for homeowners looking to optimize their storage without compromising on style.


Walk in Closet EasyClosets Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Customizable closet solutions with an online design platform.

Founded in 1992, EasyClosets has become a go-to for custom closet systems, offering homeowners efficient, organized solutions for walk-in closets. They stand out with an online design service, enabling customers to create and visualize their ideal closets using 2D and 3D tools.

This platform allows for selecting layouts and storage options, with professional designers on hand to fine-tune plans. EasyClosets combines this innovative approach with quality craftsmanship, providing customizable solutions that fit various budgets and enhance storage capacity and organization.

Closet America

Walk in Closet, Closet America, Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Custom-designed walk-in closets, home offices, garages, and more.

Closet America is renowned for its bespoke organizational solutions that transform ordinary spaces into meticulously organized areas. With a focus on personalized service, they offer in-home consultations to tailor each project to the client’s specific needs.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Closet America designs storage systems that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, ensuring each installation complements the home’s interior design.

Inspired Closets

Walk in Closet Inspired Closets Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Walk-in closets, reach-in closets, home offices, garages, and laundry room solutions.

Inspired Closets specializes in custom organizational systems designed to meet the unique challenges of your home. By emphasizing adaptable and intuitive storage solutions, they aim to streamline your daily routine and enhance your living space.

Their expert team works closely with you to understand your lifestyle and storage needs, delivering a customized solution that perfectly blends form and function.

Modular Closets

Walk in Closet Modular Closets Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: DIY Modular Closet.

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, Modular Closets offers pre-designed units for customizable combinations, saving installation fees, and providing personal assistance for creating unique closet setups.


Walk in Closet Sharps Custom Walk in Closet Companies in the USA

Main Products: Fitted Wardrobe; Walk-in Wardrobe; Sliding Wardrobe.

Based in the UK, Sharps maximizes storage with fitted wardrobes stretching wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, offering 10 collections in various styles and finishes, including customizable sliding door options.


Walk-in custom closet companies have recently gained immense popularity as people strive for organized closet systems and clutter-free storage solutions. With evolving needs and preferences, more than standard closets are needed to suffice modern homeowners’ demands. Their trained designers utilize cutting-edge storage systems and organization ideas to maximize usable space without visual clutter. 

Custom walk-in closet companies have thus streamlined a process that was traditionally more complicated to complete. Clients receive a high-quality, long-lasting custom storage solution tailored to their requirements through their consultative design services and polished installation work. The transition to the new system is smooth, and users can immediately appreciate the benefits of an efficiently configured, professionally assembled walk-in closet.


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