Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary of comfort. This is the only space where you can customize it to your needs. Adding little elements like a personalized wardrobe or dining table is a great place to start from.

These additions might seem odd if you have limited space. It does not matter if you have less space; with the power of effective interior design, you can add whatever you like.

Talking of a dining table for a small space, you’ll require the right shape. Here in this article, we will explore the shapes of the dining tables for small spaces.

Round Dining Tables

Innovation Round Simple Design Living room Table With Ceramic Table Top Bk Ciandre

A round dining table can be a perfect option for your small living space. Here are a few reasons why.

Space Efficiency

A round table’s circular shape makes the most use of available space. A round table thus becomes an ideal fit for constrained eating spaces. 

A round table is simple to go around because there are no projecting corners.

Seamless Flow

The absence of sharp edges makes the space flow smoothly. The seamless flow aids in creating a peaceful atmosphere. 

The ease of movement also adds to a room’s feeling of fluidity and openness.

Intimate Talks

The rounded curvature of the table naturally promotes private chats during dinnertime. Communication is easy when everybody is placed equally out from the center. This promotes a feeling of unity and friendship.

Aesthetic Appeal

A round dining table’s graceful curve lends a sense of refinement to any space. Ultimately, this makes it visually appealing. 

Its visual appeal can blend in with a variety of interior designs. The table can be topped with a modern glass-topper or kept with its traditional wooden design.

Functional Design

Pedestal bases are a common component of circular tables. These help in providing greater legroom.

Along with that, there is a great seating arrangement that is versatile. The round design feature gives the eating room more use and aesthetic appeal.

Square Tables

NEW Minimalist extendable multifunctional folding square table BK Ciandre

A square dining table presents a practical solution for optimizing space utilization and accommodating guests efficiently. Here’s why it’s a savvy choice:

Compact Design

Its square form makes effective use of available space. The compactness it provides makes it a great choice for flats. It is very important to remember that in smaller spaces, every square inch matters.

Maximum Seating Capacity

A square table is perfect for small family meals. It can accommodate more people than some other table of comparable size because of its equal sides.


The square shape is space-efficient and allows for smooth integration into the room’s arrangement. This table does that without wasting any space because it fits snugly into corners.

Placement Flexibility

The square table can be arranged to fit the demands of the room. It can be for daily usage or entertaining guests. This type of table can be pushed up against walls or placed in the center.

Modern Aesthetics

Square tables frequently give off a sleek, contemporary vibe. This vibe goes perfectly well with modern interior design motifs while also giving the dining room a hint of refinement.

Rectangular Table 

Inés Minimalist Extendable Multifunctional Folding Rectangle Table BK CIANDRE

A rectangular dining table stands out as a versatile option. This is particularly suited for compact spaces. Here’s why it’s an ideal choice:

Space Optimization

This table’s elongated design increases surface area while reducing footprint. This feature makes it ideal for compact spaces like flats or smaller dining rooms.

Effective Traffic Flow

A rectangular table’s limited width promotes effective traffic flow throughout the eating. Hence, it becomes simple to move about, even in small areas.

Placement Flexibility

It may be tucked into corners or lined up against walls. This is how it is easily adjusts to different room configurations without taking up too much area.

Guest Accommodation

A rectangular table can accommodate a lot of people despite its small size. With such a table, you can host parties or family dinners without compromising comfort.

Functional Design

A lot of rectangular tables include folding or extensible leaves. These leaves provide you more flexibility to change the size of the table according to how many people are using it.

Oval Tables

black oval ceramic table

An oval dining table presents a harmonious blend of features from both round and rectangular tables. This is one reason that it is an excellent choice for compact spaces. Here are a few other reasons for making this a perfect fit:

Space Efficiency

An oval table’s extended design optimizes seating capacity. This oval table requires the least amount of space. 

Smooth Curves

An oval table adds visual appeal to the dining area without overpowering. Thanks to its smooth, flowing curves, which radiate elegance and class.

Easy Traffic Flow

The table’s fluid travel is ensured by its rounded edges. This feature, in particular, makes it easier to maneuver in confined situations.

Expanded Seating Capacity

An oval table, like a rectangular table, has an expanded seating capacity. This table also allows you to expand seating when required.

Versatile Placement

Its adaptable design makes it possible to place it wherever in the room. Whether you put it in the middle or tuck it away into a corner, it also fits in well with a variety of space layouts.

Drop-Leaf Table

A drop-leaf dining table is proven to be an efficient space-saving solution. Here’s why it’s a perfect fit for compact environments:

Space Optimization

A drop-leaf table’s unique design enables its leaves to be folded down when not in use. This greatly lowers its footprint and frees up much-needed floor space. 


The dining surface area may be adjusted thanks to its movable leaves. When it is completely extended, there is plenty of room for eating, and it can comfortably seat people. 

On the other hand, when the leaves are folded down, it becomes a little piece of furniture that is perfect for daily usage or small spaces.


Drop-leaf tables perform well in areas that have several uses. They may be used as a dining table or as an adaptable surface for homework, crafts, or remote work.

Simple Storage

The table can be easily stored by folding down the leaves. You can easily and neatly tuck it away when not in use.

Attractive Design

Drop-leaf tables are incredibly utilitarian, but they also come in a variety of shapes and finishes. This attractive design diversity enhances visual attractiveness of any area while meeting practical demands.

The Verdict

A dining table can be just the addition you need to amplify your living space. You can use any of the shapes mentioned above per your space and requirements.

You can get the table that can fulfill your requirements while giving you the premiums that you desire. 

BKCIANDRE offers a variety of options for your living space. They have ceramic tables, as well as tables that are expandable, making them a fit for your compact space.

To get your dining table, reach out to BKCIANDRE now.

FAQs Related to Dining Table Shapes for Small Place

Is a round or rectangle table better for a small space?

A round table is often better for small spaces as it eliminates corners, creating more room to move around and can accommodate more people in a tighter space. Its shape promotes easier conversation, making it ideal for smaller, intimate gatherings.

What shape table saves space?

Round tables save space due to their lack of corners, which makes them ideal for small dining areas. Additionally, drop-leaf or extendable tables, regardless of their shape, can also be space-saving solutions as they can be adjusted according to need.

How do you choose a dining table for a small space?

When choosing a dining table for a small space, consider the table’s size and shape that best fits the room’s dimensions without overcrowding it. Opt for round or oval tables to improve traffic flow, or consider extendable tables that can be adjusted based on your needs. Materials and colors can also impact the perception of space, with lighter materials and colors making a room feel more open.

Is round or square table better for small kitchen?

A round table is typically better for a small kitchen as it can make the space feel larger and facilitate easier movement around the area. Round tables also encourage a more communal and cozy dining experience, which is a bonus in a smaller setting.