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How to Style a Round Coffee Table

Discover creative ways to style your round coffee table with our expert tips. Elevate your living room décor with unique arrangements and chic accessories.

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To have a coffee table in the middle of your couches and sofas is just perfect. You can put snacks on it and watch your favorite show. Without it, however, you will not have a place to put down your coffee. Your living room is incomplete without adding a table to your home decor

Now is the time to buy a coffee table for your living room. Make it round to make it more interesting. Set it up perfectly and decorate it.

In this article, let’s dive into the ways to style and decorate your round coffee table.

6 Ways to Style A Round Coffee Table

BK CIANDRE Italian style rectangle square marble outdoor coffee table

A round coffee table is extremely important to your home. It is a centerpiece of your seating area and your entire living room. It is the first thing that your guests will see when they come into your living room.

So, make sure you decorate it in a way that it complements all the other rooms in your house too.

A Cute Tray for The Coffee Table

You know how useful trays are. You can place anything on a tray and it works. The plus side is, they are also a very adorable piece to decorate your table with. You can add books, trinkets, flowers, fruit, plants, candles, etc. to your tray and make your coffee table attractive.

You can also get a bright and patterned tray without adding any decorations or ornaments. You can buy the tray of any type or color that you like. Or, you can paint and add texture on your own to give it a rustic look. Also, keep in mind to not overstuff your tray.

Books Are Always A Great Option

Innovation T Marble combination square Minimalist marble coffee table BK CIANDRE

What’s a table without a few books? Take a few books out of your bookshelf and put it on your coffee table. You can place magazines if you’d like. And, if you are a bookworm, you can certainly put some of your favorite books on the table.

But the question is, how many books are enough? You might be tempted to stack thin books on the table.

It is common for people to keep encyclopedias, books by celebrities, or books on famous paintings. But you can choose the book that you love so much that it can spark a conversation. It will also show your tastes and interests.

Display Cute and Attractive Coasters

It’s not only clean and hygienic but also decorative to use coasters on your round coffee table. When you get a new coffee table, you want to keep it clean and tidy.

The best part is you don’t have to get grandma coasters. You can get ones with different colors, textures, or paintings on them to make them eye-catching.

To personalize the coasters even more, you can make it a kids’ activity and ask your children to paint them as they want.

Plants or a Bunch of Flowers

You might not admit it, but a bunch of fresh flowers can change the entire atmosphere of your living room. If you’ve never put flowers in your living room, you need to try once and see the difference.

The best part of a change in season is the blooming of different kinds of flowers. You can buy a vase and keep a single strand of rose or a bunch of the same flowers like lilies, chrysanthemums, poppies, etc. depending which one is in the season.

You can also make a custom floral arrangement that color coordinates with your room or an occasion. The different colors of flowers the psychological and physiological state of individuals.

Do Not Overcrowd Your Round Coffee Table

Keep in mind that you should add things that blend seamlessly with your home decor. Acknowledge the surface area and remember to keep your table decor minimal and aesthetic. 

A round coffee table is the centerpiece of the room. Everything on it should belong and not be out of place. If the coffee table is overcrowded or unorganized, it will lose its charm.

Always personalize your table decor. Add your favorite books, your favorite scented candle, or a sculpture that was given to you by someone special. But try to keep it simple and minimal.

Remember the Color Scheme of The Living Room

Innovation T Marble combination square Minimalist marble coffee table BK CIANDRE

Subtly coordinate the living room color scheme and the round coffee table decor. Whether you add books, flowers, plants, or coasters, keep them similar to your interior design of flooring and seating.

Add colors and materials in such a way that they complement your entire color scheme of the living room. It should be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.


A round coffee table has endless styling possibilities. No matter what advice you read or choose, keep in mind to always customize the decor. The personal feel of your creation will only make you happy.If you are looking for a professional furniture manufacturer for a round coffee table in your home, look no further than BK Ciandre.

FAQs Related to Round Coffee Table

How do you arrange things on a round coffee table?

Arrange items in groups of threes or fives for visual interest. Use varying heights and textures, such as books, candles, and small plants. Keep it balanced but not overly symmetrical.

What do you put in the middle of a round coffee table?

Place a focal item like a decorative bowl, vase with flowers, or a sculptural piece in the middle of a round coffee table to draw attention and anchor the arrangement.

What shape tray looks best on a round coffee table?

A round tray complements the shape of a round coffee table best, maintaining a cohesive look. However, square or rectangular trays can also work if balanced with other decor elements.

Are round coffee tables in style?

Yes, round coffee tables are in style. They offer a softer look, improve flow in a room, and are great for small spaces or areas with heavy foot traffic.

How to decorate a round center table?

Decorate a round center table with a mix of functional and decorative items. Use a tray to organize items, add books for height, a plant for greenery, and a candle for ambiance. Balance the arrangement without overcrowding.


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