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Turn an Unfinished Attic into a Walk-in Closet

Transform unfinished attic into a stylish walk-in closet with step by step guide. Discover practical tips, design ideas, and expert advice for perfect makeover.

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Ever feel like your clothes are taking over your bedroom? We understand. Stuffing clothes in jam-packed drawers and cupboards can be really annoying. 

Most of all, a huge time-consuming ritual every morning. However, what if we tell you there’s a secret storage treasure hidden above your head?

Correct, your stagnant, neglected attic could easily turn into your very own, lavish walk-in closet. A separate area for all your garments, shoes and handbags, neatly organized and accessible. Tempting, no?

In this article, we will walk you through every step needed to convert your raw attic space into your dream walk-in closet.

Evaluate the Attic Area

Attic space with wooden beams and shelving ideal for a walk in closet

Before you go ahead and order all the limber, you need to evaluate the attic area and verify if it’s even feasible to create a walk-in closet up there.

  • Safety First!

Your attic should be adequately constructed to withstand the weight of your clothes and storage units. Have a professional check the floor joists and verify if they can support the extra weight.

  • Mind Your Head

 Since attics usually feature slanted ceilings, they can give a lovely, rustic look. 

However, verify if there’s sufficient headroom for you to move around freely. You wouldn’t want to hit your head every time you take out a sweater!

  • Permits and Regulations

Depending on where you live, you may need to get permits for any work you do on the attic area. So, it’s better to check with your local building authority to be on the safe side.

Put the Floor Down

Attic space with furniture ideal for conversion to a walk in closet

Next, you’ll need a strong flooring option for your walk-in closet. Laminate flooring, hardwood, oriented strand board (OSB) or tile are all great options and can easily bear the weight of clothes and accessories. 

Before putting the floor down, you need to check if the attic floor. It has to be even and you should smooth out any dents, so that your final finish is seamless.

Framing the Walls

Now it’s time to have some fun and build your closet walls! You will be using what are called studs, or 2x4s, to frame the walls of your closet.

If your ceilings are slanted, no worries! Just use a saw and adjust the top of the studs to fit the angle of the ceiling. 

Once you’ve framed the walls of your closet, it’s time to add another layer of insulation. This will regulate the temperature and also help in sound insulation. Finally, install drywall sheets to give your walls a smooth and finished appearance.

Build the Closet System

Shelving solutions in an attic converted to a walk in closet

So now you’ve got a well insulated, sturdy place; its time to get creative with organization!

  • Shelving Solutions

There are several pre-built shelving systems that you can purchase that work well if you want a quick and simple closet. However, if you are up for the challenge, designing your own shelving is a good idea.

It can help you make the most out of every inch of space – particularly in those angled corners. Be sure to make use of the sloped ceiling areas with creative use of hat boxes, decorative baskets or bins.

  • Hanging High (and Low)

This option depends on your wardrobe selection, but you can choose between single or double hanging rods for your closet space. Double hanging rods help you utilize the height of the closet by hanging shirts above pants or long dresses.

  • Space for Shoes

Let’s be honest, shoes are the worst when it comes to storage. Dedicate a specific area for storing your precious footwear with built in shelves, shoe organizers or even over-the-door shoe racks.

  • Light It Up

No one likes to dig around in a dark closet. Be sure to install proper lighting so that you can easily view all of your clothing and accessories. 

Recessed lighting or a well placed light fixture can make all the difference in locating that perfect outfit in a timely manner.

Add Finishing Touches

After you’ve installed the closet system, it’s time to think about some accessories to personalize the closet and make it even more attractive. A new coat of paint works wonders! 

Choose a light color to brighten up the closet space. You can put carpet or rugs to give it a warmer feeling or you can install laminate flooring for a more finished look.

Whichever fits your needs and budget, you’ll be able to find something that suits you. You can purchase an ottoman to sit on while tying your shoes or you can buy a chair if you have the space. This will give you a special area to use while you’re dressing.

Install a mirror in the closet to make the space appear larger and more open, while also serving a practical purpose.


Converting an unfinished attic into a walk-in closet is a fantastic way. It’ll  add valuable storage space and increase the overall value of your home. 

If you’re unsure about any aspect of the renovation process or want to ensure your walk-in closet is designed to perfection, consider consulting with BK Ciandre. They can create a functional and stylish walk-in closet with their expertise. 


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