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Mattone Modern Walk-in Closet

Experience the sleek sophistication of BK Ciandre’s modern walk-in closets. Tailored to your personal or business needs, our expert team ensures each closet, from single units to bulk orders, perfectly aligns with your vision. Embrace effortless style and functionality with our streamlined design and manufacturing process, ideal for modern walk-in closet solutions.

Embrace the freedom of personalization with the Mattone Modern Walk-in Closet by BK CIANDRE. Design, curate, and express your unique style. This system offers the flexibility to select wall styles that complement your home’s space, allowing you to craft a functional and expressive walk-in closet that truly reflects your individuality.

Modern Walk-in Closet Accessories

- What Makes You Convenient

Considering a modern walk-in closet but need more persuasion? Explore why investing in a modern walk-in closet can revolutionize your daily routine and elevate your home’s aesthetics, making it a transformative addition to your lifestyle and living space.

Select Materials For Your Expected Closet

- Custom Your Own Walk-in Closet

OEM & ODM Modern Walk-in Closet for Your Project
- Custom From Dimension, Size, Style

Securing the perfect size for your modern walk-in closet is crucial. It smartly utilizes your space, streamlines clothing organization, and introduces elegance into your daily routine. We make certain there’s ample room for every piece of your wardrobe and every accessory.

Know Who We Are

BK Ciandre, Your Trusted Manufacturing Partner
Bringing Your Design Dreams to Life

A Malaysian customer in search of a custom home faced challenges with local factories meeting his design and cost criteria. Turning to our team, he found our designs met his needs impeccably. Collaborating with our designers and engineers, we fine-tuned the design and adjustments. Our expert team and state-of-the-art production delivered products that exceeded his expectations.

Explore BK Ciandre’s Advanced Manufacting Facilities

Visit Our state-of-the-art strength equipment factories in person or on a virtual tour

At BK Ciandre, we specialize in crafting modern walk-in closets with precision and style. Our advanced manufacturing facilities, encompassing 30,000 square meters and housing 10 production lines, are a testament to our commitment to quality. We invite you to explore our two factories, either in person or through virtual tours, to witness the meticulous care and expertise that go into creating our modern walk-in closets. Experience the blend of artistry and technical precision that defines our approach to manufacturing these elegant and functional storage solutions. Choose BK Ciandre for a modern walk-in closet that is personalized and exemplifies high-quality craftsmanship.

Quality Control and Safe Shipping Solutions for Your Walk-in Closet

At BK Ciandre, quality control is at the forefront of our operations. Each of our products, including our modern walk-in closets, is meticulously pre-assembled and inspected at our professional center before shipping. We’ve enhanced our packaging methods, reinforcing box structures and adding extra foam, to prevent any damage during transit. Our skilled logistics team is committed to delivering your items safely and on time, whether to ports or directly to your home. Rely on BK Ciandre for reliable, secure delivery of your minimalist furniture solutions.

Why You Need Modern Walk-in Closet?

At BK Ciandre, quality control for our modern walk-in closets is paramount. Each unit is thoroughly pre-assembled and inspected before shipping, ensuring top-notch quality and flawless condition upon arrival.

Enhanced Organization

Modern walk-in closets offer tailored storage solutions, keeping your wardrobe systematically organized and easily accessible.

Space Efficiency

These closets maximize your available space with smart design, making the most of every inch.

Aesthetic Appeal

A modern walk-in closet adds a sleek, contemporary look to your home, elevating its overall design.

Customization Options

Tailor every detail to your preferences, from materials to shelving styles, for a truly personalized space.

Increased Property Value

Adding a modern walk-in closet can boost your home's market value, appealing to future buyers.

Better Clothing Preservation

Properly organized and spaced, your clothes stay in better condition, reducing wear and tear.

Innovative Features

Incorporate modern amenities like built-in lighting, mirrors, and advanced storage systems for added functionality.

What are You Waiting for?

FAQs About Modern Walk-in Closet

What are the cons of a morden walk-in closet?

Modern walk-in closets can be costly, require substantial space, and may lead to unused areas if not well-designed. They also need regular maintenance to keep them looking contemporary and organized.

What to consider when building a morden walk-in closet?

When building a modern walk-in closet, consider the size of your space, storage needs, personal style, and budget. Plan an efficient layout with appropriate lighting, high-quality materials, and essential accessories like shelves and drawers. Think about long-term use, potential for customization, and how the design complements the overall aesthetics of your home.

How much clearance do you need in a morden walk-in closet?

In a modern walk-in closet, you should aim for at least 24-30 inches of clearance in front of storage areas for comfortable movement and access. Ensure enough room for doors and drawers to open easily and provide additional space for dressing and trying on clothes.

What are the dimensions of a modern walk-in closet?

The dimensions of a modern walk-in closet vary, but a standard size is typically around 6×10 feet. However, dimensions can range from a compact 4×4 feet for smaller spaces to expansive 12×12 feet or more for luxurious setups, depending on the available space and desired features.

Is it OK to have a walk-in closet in the bathroom?

Integrating a walk-in closet in a bathroom can be practical, especially in master suites. However, it’s crucial to ensure proper ventilation to prevent moisture and humidity from damaging clothing and accessories. Also, consider privacy and how the space will flow between the closet and bathroom areas.

How do you organize a standard walk-in closet?

Organize a standard walk-in closet by categorizing clothes by type and frequency of use. Utilize vertical space with shelves and hanging rods, and incorporate drawers for smaller items. Use dividers and baskets to keep things orderly, and consider adding a dressing area with a mirror and seating. Regular decluttering is also key to maintaining organization.

Are morden walk-in closets a waste of space?

Modern walk-in closets are not inherently a waste of space; they can significantly enhance organization and add value to your home. However, their efficiency depends on thoughtful design tailored to your needs. In smaller homes, it’s important to balance the desire for a walk-in closet with the practical use of available space.

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