However unthinkable it may seem, you can easily transform your kitchen cabinets with a tinge of something new! What else could be better than playing with some dark-color paints? You will be surprised to know how some accessories and colors can give an impeccable look to your kitchen cabinets. 

Many may hesitate to try such a bold, transformative idea because they fear that dark colors will make the kitchen look compact and dense or even block the natural light. But guess what? When you use the perfect complementary accessories or some contrasting light colors, your kitchen will be the dream of many.

If you’re wondering which combinations are the best, we will tell you all about it. Let’s start with the top ten dark kitchen cabinet ideas

10 Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

To give your cupboards a dark look, as a starter, you can give the ceiling a coat of emerald green paint, the walls a vermilion red color, and the cupboard a classic black color. Let’s try some combo: 

Black & White

No one can go wrong with this classic combo, where you can have black cabinets and white countertops. Let’s get this straight: this powerful duo can do wonders for your kitchen, and adding some accessories in the background can be the cherry on top.

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas, Black White

You can add some pastel color accessories, like a pink pastel table in the middle of a white & black kitchen. However, if the pink table seems too much for you, go for some brown shade stools. You can complete the design with some big frames on the back wall of the kitchen, and remember to put a fruit basket in the center of the table.

Large Windows & Black Cabinets

If you have made up your mind about the black cabinets, then it becomes necessary to maintain the no-fuss look. To do that, it is ideal that you keep an open kitchen interior with sliding doors and slightly bigger windows. 

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Large Windows Black Cabinets

The benefit, if you ask, is that the light coming out from the windows will balance out the bold black color that you have used on your cabinets. For an even standout look, you can opt to add bar stools on the side of the kitchen countertop. It is imperative that you add some greenery in the form of house plants or flowering ones. 

Natural Colors & Matte Black

You know, matt black is the new love for everyone, and having a kitchen with matt black cabinets can feel perfect to one’s eye. If it seems too loud, combine the matte black color with some natural color, and you are good to go. 

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas, Natural Colors Matte Black

You can have a white countertop and light brown furniture to complement the cabinets. The natural brown will make the area look more spacious and airy, whereas the white countertop will behave as a distracting accessory whenever you are bored of all things brown. 

Navy Blue Kitchen

What’s as bold and dark as black? You guessed it right, it’s navy blue! Soothing navy blue cabinets will surely set the bar high for your kitchen. A kitchen with white countertops and navy blue cabinets is something that you’ll love.

Navy Blue Kitchen

Besides that, some extra elements, for example, some flowerpots or a fruit basket, will only enhance the overall vibe. Yes, paint the lower and upper cabinets navy. Now, if you are wondering what to do with the walls, just keep them white and add some hanging lights to the ceiling. 

Dark Green Kitchen

There is another dark color that can provide a 360-degree transformation to your kitchen. And that color is emerald green. Well, it is a type of dark green color, but even better. However, the best combination with emerald green is white. 

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Dark Green Kitchen

So, you can paint the cabinets in emerald green and the rest of the kitchen in white. If you are worried about it being too boring, here is a twist of colorful accessories you can add. You can have some oranges in the form of fruits or veggies. Also, some purple flowers and gold color elements for the cabinets.

Espresso Cabinets

Nobody can think of having coffee-colored cabinets in the kitchen. It seems extra bold and dark. Well, if you really go with this color, you will have some warmth in your kitchen, and it will pair well with that marble countertop of yours. 

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Espresso Cabinets

Espresso cabinets are a rich and dark brown personification of perfectly brewed coffee. Each element will amalgamate and give a more organized vibe to your kitchen. Don’t forget to add ceiling lights for the nighttime.

Charcoal Gray Cabinets

Charcoal gray cabinets are a popular choice for many because of the sleek and aesthetic look they give to your kitchen. Having a contrasting color in the kitchen, for example, white or beige countertops, can make all the difference in the dark tone.

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas, Charcoal Gray Cabinets

If your countertop is in the center of the kitchen, add some off-white or cream-colored high chairs. Hanging ceiling lights can also add charm to the kitchen. Moreover, silver kitchen utensils make a great combination.

Aubergine Cabinets

Having eggplant color cabinets can seem intriguing, but at the same time, it is a bold choice. This deep-purple brown color has inspired so many to choose the satin finish look. You can balance the deep tones with light countertops.

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Aubergine Cabinets

White or light-colored marble countertops can be catchy. This can prevent your place from looking too dark. You can also add subway tiles, mosaic patterns, patterned tiles, etc, to your kitchen to complete the look. 

Chocolate Brown Cabinets

This combination must have crossed your mind because everyone loves chocolate. That is why semi-gloss chocolate brown cabinets in your kitchen will feel like the right choice. To add a lighter touch to the kitchen, you can have lighter countertops and walls.

Chocolate Brown Cabinets

Maybe you can add textures to walls or some accessories to the cabinets. These finishing touches will provide a warm contrast to the dark tones. Get some pendant lights or recessed lights to brighten the kitchen.

Graphite Cabinets

Graphite cabinets are going to steal all the attention of your guests in your kitchen when they see your kitchen. This is possible when you have dark, graphite-colored cabinets, some bar stools, and classic decorative containers to show off.

You can also hang some art in your kitchen and a tech-savvy lighting system. Consider having gold, brass, or chrome finishes in faucets, lights, decor items, etc. On top of everything, have glass-front cabins or open shelves only. 

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Graphite Cabinets

Why Dark Tone Kitchen Cabinets?

Although it seems daring and too much, there are some very good reasons to have dark-theme kitchen cabinets in your kitchen. They are:

Timeless Elegance

Let’s imagine you already have a kitchen with dark cabinets, maybe dark matt black cabinets. Now, you can see how every guest is going to be in awe of your kitchen’s look. The dark cabinets will radiate a classic and timeless charm. 

However, it is totally your choice whether you want dark brown or matt black; these dark-theme cabinets are only going to scream luxury. They will upscale the atmosphere, and you can have a trendy kitchen with just one makeover.

Versatility in Design

Another possible reason to have dark cabinets is that you can have such a versatile kitchen with this theme. Even if you choose a traditional, modern, or eclectic kitchen, dark cabinets can go with just any style. To have more trust, you can always ask your interior designer. It is better to trust the process and go by the latest trends.

Drama & Depth

Everyone likes to have a kitchen that others are talking about. Dark cabinets will add a sense of drama to your kitchen, and the next guests you have over are not going to stop talking about it for months. It is a rich idea with such strong visuals. You can have the boldest kitchen with the darkest cabinets ever.

Showcases the Lighter Elements

When you have a kitchen in one color, not every element can get attention. So, with a dark cabinet kitchen theme, you can possibly make this happen. The hidden gems of your kitchen can finally have the limelight. Light kitchen countertops, backsplashes, appliances in the kitchen, etc., against the dark backdrop can create an interesting look. 

Conceals Wear & Tear

Now, the best possible reason to have dark cabinets is that you can hide every wear and tear in your kitchen. If you have kids, then this is definitely your style. You can hide just anything with dark furniture. For example, scratches, stains, broken corners, etc, are all hidden away with dark cabinets.

Sophisticated Atmosphere

The deep and rich tones are also good for creating a more sophisticated environment in your house. You can always feel elevated with this exotic-looking furniture in your kitchen. The overall ambiance speaks louder to everyone when you have such statement pieces in your home for display. 

Pairs Well With Metallic Finishes

In case you have some metallic finishes in your kitchen, then dark-tone cabinets are a good option to introduce them. You can buy hardware in gold, brass, chrome, etc. They do stand out in a better way with dark cabinets rather than lighter ones. This way, you can have an elegant-looking kitchen in your house.  

Warm & Cozy Feel

One significant reason is that dark colors give away warm and cozy vibes. You can have a more inviting home when you have warm furniture. People are going to get attracted to such a setting. This can be even better if you have an open or large kitchen. You can have any party just a little extra exciting and welcoming because of the interiors you have in your kitchen. Your friends can get inspired by you and may choose to be more open-minded & daring.

Creates a Focal Point

Dark cabinets can be the focal point of your kitchen. Basically, you can have a lighter tone kitchen island and place the cabinets in your favorite place, and nobody will miss them. In fact, you can have the cabinets just anywhere in the kitchen; they will draw a lot of attention from every visitor you have in your house. 

Allows Yourself to be Creative

If you are a housewife, then you will understand how important this craft can be. It can become your personal project, and you can surely play around with some color combinations. Until you have the final look, you can keep trying. You can have vibrant complementary elements in your kitchen with these dark-tone cabinets. For example, a turquoise flower vase on a white countertop with dark cabinets.

Hides Kitchen Spills

You know these dark cabinets can be your secret weapon against spills and stains. Unlike lighter surfaces that show every mark in the kitchen, dark cabinets can hide them very well. They are practically low maintenance, and you don’t have to clean them daily. So, they are both practical and elegant for your house. 

Tips & Tricks for Dark Kitchen Cabinets

It is definitely not easy to feel safe about having dark kitchen cabinets; that is why here are some tips & tricks.

  • Have adequate lighting
  • Contrast with light countertops
  • Choose the right backsplash
  • Include metallic accents
  • Have open shelves or glass front cabinets
  • Choose compliment flooring

It’s Time to Wrap it Up!

You must have gone through the entire list, and one of the combinations must have intrigued you. However, always remember that while choosing the color combination or a dark-tone theme for your kitchen, make sure you are receiving a great amount of natural light in your kitchen. Otherwise, the entire kitchen can seem dull or melancholic. If you are having a hard time figuring out the right combo for your kitchen, get in touch with us right away!