Who doesn’t want a perfect, aesthetically pleasing kitchen for their new home? And what is more visible in a kitchen than its cabinetry? Barely much. Naturally, if you have a liking for bold and beautiful kitchen cabinets, you know it’s not a common choice. 

Therefore, it is understandable that you are looking for ideas to make blue kitchen cabinets add the perfect charm to your favorite space in the house. Here, we have some of the most unique and brilliant design inspirations to ace the blues. 

Inspiring Blue Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Never compromise on the ultimate (blue) vibe that you intend to build. Here are a few design inspirations for the perfect blue kitchen cabinets.

Pair With Contrast Colors

Blue comes in a variety of shades, but most of them go perfectly with the whites. But it can also be paired with many other contrasting shades for a two-tone kitchen cabinet. Peach, pink, gold, mauve, gray, and orange are some fine examples.

Two-tone kitchen cabinets-blue and gray

If you prefer darker shades of blue, pair it with stark white, peach pink, or even gold. For lighter shades of blue, white seems like the only best match. The color contrast can be executed through hardware, electrical appliances, or even the backsplash and other decor items. 

For the island top and fridge, you could opt for shades of gray to let your blue and white contrasts shine. You could also use some under-cabinet white lighting to add more drama to your modern kitchen.

Turquoise Wonder

Turquoise is a trending shade that is actually a combination of green and blue. Opting for a darker shade of turquoise and pairing it with warm woods will give your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing look. You can go for both solid and textured looks; solid colors will streamline everything, while textures will provide a dimensional edge.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Design, Turquoise Wonder

Add indoor plants to create an organic vibe. You can consider steel gray as the color for your stovetop, faucets, and planters. This will be the perfect fit for the vibe you are creating.

Try The Powder Blue

When we discuss the current trends, pastels top the charts in every aspect. So, for a more soothing vibe, powder blue might be the right kind of blue for your kitchen cabinets. In fact, baby blue, when combined with the calmer tones of white, shines wonderfully. 

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Design Powder Blue

What greatly matters when you go for a vibrant choice like powder blue is the style of the cabinet. For a vintage and shabby-chic feel, choose bed-board detailing and glass-fronted cabinets. If you wish to go with a modern and sophisticated look, go with flat-paneled cabinets with hidden pulls.

Steel gray refrigerator and stove make perfect accompaniments for powder blue cabinets. For contrast, you can also add a striking dark-colored wooden kitchen island. On the other hand, golden cabinet hardware and faucets would give your kitchen a more trendy outlook.

Matte Hardware

The selection of hardware impacts the overall look of the kitchen grandly; matte hardware pairs greatly with shades of blue. The important thing to consider while choosing the perfect matte hardware is the overall feel that you are going for.

Brass and gold hardware complements deep navy blue or cobalt blue cabinets. When this is paired with white and gold ceiling decor, your kitchen will have a rich and sophisticated look.

If you are leaning towards creating a vintage vibe, then antique copper and rose gold are to be used with medium blue shades. Matte copper cabinet pulls or an antique copper faucet can become the center of attraction.

To let your cabinets shine, you can always go for neutral hardware. The matte black, white, or silver can add a touch of minimalism that balances the blue. Other than colors, the shapes and sizes of the hardware also make a great impact.

Warm Decor

As blue shades are generally said to be on the cool side of the color palette, they can be easily balanced with warmer decor. Accent colors like honey yellow, terracotta, ochre, or burnt orange add a feel of sunshine, making the place more inviting. These hues can be included in countertops, cookware, curtains, artwork, accessories, and more.

Opting for wooden flooring and warm lighting is also a great way to achieve a cozy vibe. You may also place some natural plants in pots of warmer shades. Ambient pendant lighting and chandeliers also add great personality to your cool blue kitchen cabinets.

Matching Cookware and Cutlery

To match the cabinets along with countertops and stoves, cookware and cutlery also play a significant role. Though it requires a lot of hard work to find the right quality cookware in matching color, we promise that it will be worth it. 

Monochrome is the current trend when it comes to pairing cookware with the kitchen. For bright blue cabinets, a powder blue coffee maker, royal blue glasses, and a baby blue grater are the perfect accompaniments. 

If you intend to go for a warm autumn-inspired vibe for your kitchen, copper and brass cookware and utensils are the way to go. If you are able to find cookware that’s hand-mended and vintage-inspired, that will be like the cherry on the cake.

Blend the Blues with Mosaic

Moroccan mosaic tiles are known for their brilliant blue and white colors, as well as intricate patterns. Just get them in the right tone of blue that complements the blue cabinets, and install them as the backsplash. 

Blue Kitchen Cabinets Design, Blend the Blues with Mosaic

However, these days, Moroccan mosaic tiles are available in more color combinations than the traditional white and blue. So, be sure to pick the right mix of colors. 

Also, since a Moroccan backsplash and blue cabinets can seem too overwhelming, it’s advisable to go for plain countertops with this combination. Among plain colors, white or wooden countertops will look the best. 

Merge Rustic and Modern

Blue is a versatile color associated with royals in the past and freedom and trust in modern times. So, you have a choice of making the most of both worlds. 

To start with, pair royal blue cabinets with copper or brass hardware, and go for lighter granite countertops. Or else you may also install a kitchen island with a rustic wooden overlay for a farmhouse look.

You may also decorate with brass cookware and cutlery. Use hardware matching the aesthetics of the cabinets. Leather might also be a good option for hardware, if available.

Vintage-Themed Wallpaper 

As a fan of classics, choosing a vintage wallpaper to complement your blue cabinets could be the right choice. Different vintage designs and patterns pair well with different shades of blue.

Groovy florals in shades of teal, sapphire, and cerulean are reminiscent of 1960s psychedelia. Mod stripes of dusky blue, seafoam, and navy can elongate your kitchen. Shabby-chic florals in shades of lavender or sage also pair well with the darker hues of blues.

Warm woods pair well with the wallpapers with vintage aesthetics. Use gold hardware on the cabinets along with the gold faucets to add to the vintage glam. Get decor pieces to match the shabby-chic old country feel you’re creating.

Combine Different Shades of Blue 

No design rulebook says you can not mix and match different shades of a single color. Moreover, when shades of blue are placed together strategically, they can create the perfect fusion of modern and chic.

You may pair different shades across different levels of the cabinet. Or across the front paneling and sideboards. Just be sure that they have the right shade difference and must not be too close to the color palette. 

Moreover, you must also see the finish of the different shades; for example, they must be either equally glossy or equally matte to bring out the best of different shades. 

All Neutral Above the Island

Being predominantly found in nature, the blue color can be a good contrast for light and dark natural woods. Therefore, an all-neutral section above the kitchen island can be a good option.

Darker blues like navy and sapphire create a great contrast with beige or tan brown. Pairing blue with undertones of gray with neutral woods could also work like magic. Keeping the upper cabinets neutral also helps blue take center stage.

Keep the kitchen island a black-gray granite to complement the combinations. To serve the same purpose, chimneys and faucets can be gray-colored.


To sum it up, diving into the world of blue kitchen cabinets is like discovering a hidden gem for your home design. These cabinets bring a timeless charm and flexibility that can jazz up any kitchen.

Whether you’re leaning towards a deep navy for a bold vibe or a calming sky blue for a more serene atmosphere, the options are endless. Just ensure that you get your blue kitchen cabinets from a professional furniture manufacturer. This will ensure that you get quality cabinets that are functional and last for a long time.