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Cabinet Hardware Trends: What’s Hot in 2024?

Stay up-to-date with the latest cabinet hardware trends for 2024. Explore with BK CIANDRE what's hot in kitchen and furniture hardware.

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When it comes to renovating our kitchen, cabinets play a big role. These are not only aesthetically functional but also help us with better-organizing things as well. We cannot ignore kitchen cabinets in this regard because of their benefits. 

Different categories present in the market for kitchen cabinets make choosing from them much easier for us. Due to this reason, you can easily find which cabinet suits your kitchen appropriately without any struggle. However, cabinets are useless without their hardware. 

As cabinets and their structure change, their hardware changes too. So what are the hot trends in cabinet hardware that you should know? Let’s discuss them in detail for you!

Cabinet Hardware Trends in 2024 by BK CIANDRE

  • Mixed Metals

The first trend is mixed metals. In these cabinets, you will find multi-metallic hardware and finishes as well. Unlike one-metal finish cabinets, these look more appealing to the eyes. 

Common metals in this regard are copper, chrome, and brass, which come together to give your cabinets a sharp, bold, and rustic look. The reason behind their fame is that they are flexible in design and craft. 

It makes them much more affordable for the buyers, and they don’t have to extend their budget as well. These are also reliable for quickly beautifying your kitchen with the least effort. We can find this hardware mostly present in appliances, knobs, and lighting fixtures as well. Due to this reason, owners find mixed metal hardware interesting to fit properly with their kitchen elements as well. 

Mixed Metals kitchen cabinets

  • Matte Black Finishes

Another option is a matte black finish, which is popular. It goes well with different kitchen orientations because of its sophisticated appeal. 

Other than this, you can rely on a versatile matte black finish regardless of your kitchen design. These are not glossy; you can also use their minimalistic look to beautify your kitchen space. 

When you are aiming for a modern feel, then a matte black finish will prove to be effective for you. These are also durable and withstand environmental damage at the same time. 

  • Sleek Minimalism

Sleek minimalism involves different shapes and lines, which set this trend of cabinet hardware apart from the others.

It has a special ornate vibe, and you cannot resist its sophisticated and minimalist look. For buyers who are into creating a modern and soft ambiance in their kitchen, sleek minimalism is an excellent choice. 

Choose from gray, white, and black color options, which are quite typical among the owners. It will streamline your kitchen, which looks completely elegant. 

  • Statement Hardware

Statement hardware can be your option for bold and intricate hardware if you are into it. It thoroughly revamps your kitchen and enhances its functionality at the same time. You can find different designs and colors without any hustle. These amazing oversized pull-outs and knobs can make your kitchen look somewhat dramatic, which catches the eyes instantly. When it comes to elegance and sophistication, this type of hardware can be your go-to choice. There is no doubt that due to their features and promising results, statement hardware is a common type that most buyers like to stick with.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

  • Integrated Lighting

We have integrated lighting to discuss. You can use it inside your cabinets, around the shelves, and corners for renovating your kitchen. These give an edge to your cabinets, and you can see them glowing whenever you want. 

Some are programmed, and others you can control with a remote. However, regardless of their type, their purpose is not only to beautify but also to bring luminance to your kitchen space. 

Integrated lighting setup proves to be handy for doing the kitchen chores in the evening. You can find this lighting in different colors, sizes, and shapes that fit well with your cabinets and kitchen elements successfully. 

  • Hidden Hardware

If you are going for intense minimalism in your kitchen, then use hidden hardware. Why? Because knobs and handles remain concealed even when you are using the cabinets. In this way, these add to the minimalism in your kitchen. 

There are different types of hidden hardware available out there. One of them is the touch latch system. You can just softly tap the cabinets to open them without using traditional knobs and handles. Other than this, edge pulls are also common. 

Normally placed at the corners and edges of the cabinets, these are for giving a streamlined appeal to your kitchen. Due to this reason, these quickly remarkably blend with your kitchen. 

  • Warm Metal Finishes

Next, we have warm metal finishes. Bronze, brass, and copper are common for this purpose. These are popular because they have a warm undertone, including golden and reddish appeal. Due to this reason, it suits your kitchen if it already has warm-toned elements and an overall rich interior. 

Available in different designs and shapes, you can choose from this type of hardware feasibly. These are basically for creating a luxurious ambiance in your kitchen. You can go for brass hardware since you can polish it with time so that it won’t dull and keep impressing you with its metallic brilliance in the long run. 

  • Mix And Matching Hardware

You can also mix and match hardware. Creating contrast between your kitchen and the cabinet hardware is possible. It is also a witty way to use this trend as you like because the range of customization is impressive. 

This trend is for giving a rustic look to your kitchen. It also goes well with the single-style cabinets and drawers if you consider it. There is no doubt that such a trend is unique and enhances the appeal of your kitchen at the same time. From nickel, brass, and matte black finishes, you can expect nothing but perfection with mix-and-match hardware. 

It is an affordable trend, and due to this reason, many owners can find them easier to install. You can also choose from different shapes and sizes as per your kitchen dimensions. 

the single-style cabinets with matching hardware

  • Pot Fillers 

Pot fillers are also trendy among buyers. Also, these go well with the countertops and stoves. The purpose of pot fillers is to add to your ease so that you can fill up water easily whenever you need while cooking. These also make you productive and save a lot of time. Thus, better time management is possible with the pot fillers.

You also don’t have to carry bulky water-filled pots and get exhausted in the kitchen. This was about their functionality, but do they enhance the appeal of your kitchen, too? Yes, they do! These are a perfect style statement for your kitchen. 

Choose from brass, chrome, and stainless steel options. These are also available at different prices. Make sure to choose an affordable pot filler for yourself without disturbing your budget at all. 

There are also small-to-big pot fillers available. If you have a spacious kitchen and you often cook in large pots, then buying a large pot filler will prove to be effective and vice versa. In this way, you will be able to find the perfect pot filler for yourself on all counts. 

  • Cup Cabinet Pulls

Last, we have cup cabinet pulls, which you can consider for revamping your kitchen aesthetics. 

Bin pulls are also common because these are easy to grip and move wherever you like. If you are into creating a retro look in your kitchen, the cup cabinet pulls are just for you. 

These are versatile and adapt well to different kitchen types. From modern to contemporary and rustic kitchens, cup cabinet pulls serve their purposes with the same excellence. You can use oil-rubbed bronze, brass, and nickel as per your preference. 

These are easier to use as compared to others because you can open and close them with ease as well. Since these have metallic finishes, they are durable. You don’t have to struggle with repairing them often. These serve you well in the long run and thus save your money going down the drain at the same time. 

kitchen cabinets with Cup Cabinet Pulls

FAQs Related Cabinet Hardware Trends

While specifics for 2023 remain unknown, cabinet hardware trends have historically leaned towards a blend of modern and vintage styles, with matte finishes, mixed materials, and sustainability taking center stage. Such details, while functional, also play a significant role in defining the overall aesthetics of kitchen spaces.

While I cannot provide specific 2024 trends, past years have seen a shift towards minimalistic designs, mixed materials, and matte finishes. There’s also been an interest in vintage-inspired hardware, signaling a blend of old-world charm with modern functionality.

Again, specific 2024 styles are unknown to me, but knobs with geometric shapes, matte black or brass finishes, and natural textures (like leather or wood) have been gaining traction in previous years.

As of my last update, mixed materials (combining metal with ceramic or wood), earthy tones, and oversized pulls were gaining popularity. Sustainable materials were also on the rise due to increasing eco-consciousness among consumers.

Cabinet hardware is essential as it not only provides functionality, helping in the opening and closing of cabinet doors and drawers, but also acts as a finishing touch, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and overall design theme of a space.

Past trends have seen an increase in elongated pulls that span a larger portion of the cabinet door or drawer. Matte finishes, especially in neutral or black tones, and the incorporation of natural materials have also been popular.


We cannot deny the fact that smart kitchen appliances reduce our workload in the kitchen and save us time. We can easily rely on them and replace human involvement with programmed functions that mimic the same precision even though these appliances were not common before. People are inclined towards these smart kitchen solutions for their regular usage. Nothing can beat a smart fridge or automated lighting for your kitchen these days.

kitchen cabinets with proper kitchen dimensions

Due to the precise incorporation of tech in such appliances, doing your everyday kitchen chores seems more fun and exciting as well. In this post, you were able to see what are the common kitchen appliances that you can use. 

Make sure to get proper kitchen dimensions, check your kitchen’s ambiance and elements, look for affordable appliances, compare their features, and then make a choice for yourself. In this way, you will be able to get the perfect fit for yourself successfully. 


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