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Fenix Fantastically repairable and endlessly innovative flush Duoer doors! – Make your home forever new!

Discover Duoer Doors - a blend of Fenix panels, AGB lock system, Griffwerk handle, and Aluminum honeycomb structure. Experience innovation, elegance, and durability in every room.

Starting with the door panel, we utilize “Fenix,” the Hermes of wood panels. Originated in 2013 by the Italian giant, FORMICA, Fenix panels are pioneers in fire-resistant materials and household furnishing. This next-generation material goes through multilayer coatings and an Electron Beam Curing process, resulting in an opaque, soft-touch surface that’s resistant to scratches, heat, and household chemicals. Cleaning is effortless, and micro-scratch healing keeps it looking like new.

The lock system of our doors is from “AGB,” the leading lock body and cylinder brand in Europe. Since 1947, AGB has been ensuring our doors not only look good but work smoothly, providing a hassle-free experience that puts a smile on your face every time you turn the handle.

Fenix Fantastically repairable and endlessly innovative flush Duoer doors

Speaking of the handle, we incorporate a Griffwerk handle into our design. It’s not just a handle; it’s an intelligent, safe, and comfortable-to-use Fingerprint touch sensor. Griffwerk, a German brand established in 1999, has been recognized for their design excellence and high-quality hardware accessories.

Fenix Fantastically repairable and endlessly innovative flush Duoer doors

The secret to the lightness and strength of our Duoer Doors is an Aluminum honeycomb structure. It provides robust stability while maintaining a low weight, which makes it easier to install and transport. The bonus? It’s a fantastic noise barrier, making your room a tranquil oasis.

Our minimalist design concept integrates the door seamlessly into the wall, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room. The color options are extensive, and you can repaint the door to match your evolving tastes. We’ve designed our doors to cater to different room requirements—sound absorption for bedrooms, moisture resistance for bathrooms, and seamless blending for living rooms.

In essence, our Duoer Doors provide an unmatched blend of elegance, durability, and versatility. They’re not just doors; they’re a statement of your exquisite taste and love for innovative design.

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