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Fenix Fantastically repairable and endlessly innovative flush Duoer doors! – Make your home forever new!

Doors are indispensable furniture for every household. The appearance of minimalist doors breaks people’s perception of traditional doors. The diversity of panels and rich colors inject natural vitality and an artistic atmosphere into the space. It is beautiful and unobtrusive. Young consumers deeply love the high-level sense.

Product introduction:

Door panel:

We are using the Hermes in the wood panel “Fenix,” FENIX. Founded in 2013, it is an innovative material used in interior design that can be used on any horizontal and vertical field. The manufacturer of FENIX is FORMICA (Formica), an Italian company, the inventor and leader of fire-resistant panels(HPL), and a leading global home furnishing brand materials provider.

FENIX has these characteristics by undergoing a particular series of processes, including a multilayer coating and using next-generation acrylic resins, which are hardened and fixed through an Electron Beam Curing process. Low light reflectivity makes their surface highly opaque, soft touch, and anti-fingerprint.

FENIX materials are highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents, and household reagents. Thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches is also possible. FENIX surfaces have a unique non-porous external layer, allowing the material to stay neat with simple, everyday care and cleaning methods. They are also suitable for contact with food. ( Data From FENIX )

Fenix Fantastically repairable and endlessly innovative flush Duoer doors

Lock body:

Have you ever seen that situation?

*Lock cylinder and lock beam do not jump, resulting in the door being locked and unable to open.

*Lock cylinder does not work frequently?

*The inflexibility of the vital extraction and insertion makes it challenging to open the door.

To create the best door-opening experience for users, as if it is easy to open the door in one step without unlocking, we are using the top lock body in the world, “AGB.”

It is the lock body and cylinder company with the largest market share in Europe since its founding in 1947. The lock body and cylinder of the AGB brand have been certified by strict European standards. Quality and environmental protection are in full compliance with EU standards. Regarding safety and functionality, it is among the best in the industry in the world. ( Data From FENIX )


Griffwerk was founded in 1999 with a corporate culture built on passion and innovation. Design excellence leads to high-quality, high-function, high-value hardware accessories crafted by German craftsmanship.

Many products of GRIFFWERK won RedDot (red dot) and GERMAN DESIGN awards.

This handle we are using is from Griffwerk. It features a Fingerprint touch sensor handle, which is safe and intelligent. The design, different from the common fingerprint recognition in the market, integrates fingerprint recognition with the handle. It is designed at a 45-degree angle according to artificial mechanics so that the hand is in a comfortable grip when unlocking. (Data from griffwerk )

Fenix Fantastically repairable and endlessly innovative flush Duoer doors


The structure is made of an Aluminum honeycomb. It is low weight and high strength, incombustible, mechanical stability, and anti-noise. The aluminum honeycomb provides a more consistent, greater power throughout the whole panel. Lightweight – The lightweight properties can reduce the cost of transport and potentially the labor required. Ease of installation – Easier and safer installation.


Combining ergonomics and aesthetics, we design this invisible flush door integrated with the wall and minimalist sleek, yet elegant design.


These invisible doors can enhance a living room’s overall design while blurring the door’s existence visually, blending with the wall and extending the space. For the color, we have numerous options, and after you buy, whenever you want a new design, you can paint it directly, whatever color you like. From the consumer insight, we design the door with these multiple functions to apply different applications and for the best user experience:

For the bedroom:

We always need quiet time to empty the brain, read, think, and have a good sleep, so we use the aluminum honeycomb as the core of the door, which is lightweight, sound absorption, and compression resistant. The rough penetration and dispersion of honeycomb holes block external sound, making sleep quieter and more comfortable.

For the Bathroom:

A bathroom is a place where a lot of water vapor gathers, so the requirements for moisture resistance and sealing of the door are relatively high. So we are using the Fenix panel series adopts a new generation of color-enhancing acrylic box nanoparticle formula. The surface is dense and non-porous and has highly waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-fouling functions, which is an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom space.

For the living room:

The design of the invisible door can not only make the overall shape of the living room more unified and pure but also blur the door’s existence visually, blending with the wall and extending the space.

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