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How To Add a Walk-in Closet To a Small Bedroom

Discover practical solutions to incorporate a spacious walk-in closet into a small bedroom, enhancing functionality and style with BK Ciandre.

In the realm of space optimization, the concept of integrating a walk-in closet into a small bedroom might seem a challenging task. However, with a touch of creativity and precise planning, it is absolutely achievable. Despite the common perception that walk-in closets are exclusive to large, luxurious rooms, they can be designed to fit into smaller spaces while maintaining their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here’s how you can add a walk-in closet to your small bedroom.

Maximizing a Single Wall:

Even a solitary unoccupied wall can serve as the backbone of your walk-in closet. In small bedrooms, single-wall walk-in closets present an innovative solution. A smart layout can accommodate all your clothing and shoes on a single wall. Center the primary clothes storage area on the wall, then add shoe racks and additional shelves or cabinets along the sides.

Integrating Mirrored Wardrobe Doors:

If you prefer a wider space for your bed but still require substantial storage, mirrored wardrobe doors can be a practical choice. Mirrors not only contribute an elegant touch to your walk-in closet but also make small spaces seem larger. Customize your closet with the desired number of drawers and hanging racks for your clothing, shoes, and bags.

walk-in closet

Sliding Closet Doors:

When dealing with a small walk-in closet, sliding doors are advantageous as they do not require additional swing space. They also provide the option of concealing your clothing when desired, contributing to a more streamlined and simplistic bedroom design.

Incorporating an Accent Color:

Making the most out of a small space sometimes requires bold decisions. By painting your small walk-in closet in a vibrant, contemporary color, you can turn it into a unique design element. Once again, sliding doors are a great choice to save space.

Summing it Up:

Key elements to effectively utilize your compact walk-in closet include hanging space, a full-length mirror, hooks or shelves for bags and hats, drawers for clothing and accessories, and ample lighting. To help with your budgeting, understanding the costs of fitted wardrobes can be beneficial.

For a truly practical and aesthetically pleasing walk-in closet solution, BK Ciandre is a top choice. With BK Ciandre’s elegant, doorless designs, you have a myriad of finishes (lacquered, aluminum, glass, wood, pewter, and more) and configurations to choose from, including hanging drawer units, drawers with dividers, shoe shelves, and extractable trays. Even in a small space, you can have the walk-in closet of your dreams.

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