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Reasons To Install A Ceramic Countertop In Kitchen

Discover the beauty and practicality of ceramic countertops with BK Ciandre. Explore reasons from durability to easy installation for your kitchen upgrade.

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Before, people only preferred tiles to make kitchen countertops. Tiles were affordable, easy to maintain and install, and found mostly in kitchens in the last three decades of the 20th century.

Today, economical homeowners see tiles as an inexpensive substitute for more costly countertop materials. Although it still acts as a creative method to give your kitchen an affordable and refreshing look.

ceramic kitchen countertops

The kitchen serves as the core of any home, where people make memorable memories during dinner.

Choosing an adequate type of countertop material is very important not only for aesthetic appeal but also for smooth functionality. However, people overlooked the idea of using ceramic countertops because of some traditional choices like quartz or granite. 

But Ceramic countertops present several benefits that significantly enhance the functionality of the kitchen. 

This article, BK CIANDRE, will help you navigate the several reasons to use ceramic tiles for the countertops of your kitchen, ranging from versatility and durability to custom designing and easy maintenance.

Reasons Why to Choose Ceramic Tile Countertop in Kitchen

  • Abundant Choice

When it comes to the countertop of ceramic tile, you encounter several possibilities. If you choose this countertop for your kitchen, you will probably have hundreds of options to choose from. 

They offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and satisfy your preferences. Therefore, there is no doubt that you will find the best ceramic tiles for your kitchen.

Ceramic Tile Countertop in Kitchen

  • A Customizable Design

The selection of ceramic tiles totally depends on you, which ultimately gives you an edge in choosing your design for the counter. 

Square, circle, small, big, rectangular, hexagonal, single patterned, or colored, it is entirely your choice what you want for your counters. 

Furthermore, the result may vary because of the installation. You can either go for a simple look using one colored tile or go for a modern look using different combinations of tiles. 

  • Convenient And Aesthetic Edges 

Schluter edges make the finishes of countertops much easier and more convenient and give an aesthetic look. 

Profiles are specially designed to fit the tiles perfectly, which do not need any additional pieces of finishing. Moreover, they allow you to choose from different finishing options that suit your tiles and kitchen best.

  • Simple And Effective Maintenance

Ceramic tiles do not have any top-notch maintenance measures. They can easily be cleaned by just using soapy water, enough to give the ceramic tile a clean look regularly.

However, for persistent stains, use adequate cleaning products based on the ceramic tiles’ nature and type of dirt or stain. Ceramic tile does not contain any porous material, which does not allow the penetration of dirt inside it. Thus making it effective for not catching stains easily.

Ceramic Countertop in Kitchen Maintenance

  • Withstand High Heat

Tile offers the feature of being heat-resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for use in a place of cooking. It allows you to place burning hot pans and pots on the ceramic tile countertop, and it won’t burn or crack. 

However, if you are thinking of using tile for your countertops in compact space, then know that tile is a better option as it can cut easily. 

  • Inexpensive

Ceramic tile does not cost much, which makes it a cost-efficient choice for your kitchen. It serves as a durable and long-lasting material. According to stats, the lifespan of countertops is almost 30 years. 

Moreover, you have the option to choose ceramic tile from different options like granite, marble, slate, or even glass. Furthermore, it is more likely possible to find durable, high-quality ceramic tile material at an affordable price.

  • Exceptional Durability

Whenever you think about kitchen countertops, the first thing that always hits first is durability. Ceramic countertops are made up of fired clay, which enhances their longevity and strength. Their high heat, stain, and scratch-resistant quality make them an ideal option for commercial kitchens. 

It allows you to put hot pans and pots right on the countertop without stressing about burning or damage. Moreover, the robust quality of ceramic tiles does not allow easy scratches or chips, which ensures that the new look of your countertops stays the same for years.

Durable Ceramic Countertop

  • Stain & Moisture Resistance

The kitchen is bound to get spills, no matter if it is a tomato sauce splash, a fall of red wine, or a mishap of coffee. Ceramic countertops provide exceptional stain-resistance quality because of their non-porous material.

Hence making it impossible for food and liquid particles to penetrate, ensuring easy cleaning without leaving a single visible trace of color or stain. Furthermore, ceramic countertops also offer moisture-resistant features, which makes them perfect for areas near sinks and places of frequent water exposure. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

Ceramic countertops provide a sustainable option, making them ideal for people looking for eco-friendly options for their kitchen. The ceramic material manufacturing process is much more eco-friendly than the manufacturing of synthetic materials, which requires intensive energy or the extraction of precious stones. 

Furthermore, because of the high durability and longevity of ceramic countertops, they reduce the need for replacements. Thus contributing to an eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen look.

  • Resistance to Fading And UV Damage

Natural light is the main essence of any kitchen. However, with longer sunlight exposure, UV light may fade the color or pattern of the countertop.

However, ceramic countertops have high resistance to decolorization and fading, assuring that patterns and colors remain even after sunlight exposure. These exceptional features give you an edge to use ceramic tile in places with high natural light, which takes your worries away from fading.

Ceramic Kitchen Countertop

  • Fast and Easy Installation

One of the most compelling reasons to choose ceramic for your kitchen countertop is its ease of installation.

Unlike the heavy slabs of granite, quartz, or marble, which require professional handling and installation, ceramic offers a lighter alternative. This not only simplifies the installation process but also opens up the possibility for DIY enthusiasts to take on the project themselves.

With ceramic, transforming your kitchen with a stylish and durable countertop becomes a less daunting and more achievable endeavor, promising a quick and efficient update to your space.

FAQs Related Ceramic Countertop Installation

Ceramic tiles are suitable for countertops. Damages on ceramic countertops can be repaired by filling or replacement. The best kitchen countertop depends on individual needs, with granite, quartz, and marble being top choices.

Yes, ceramic tiles can be used on countertops due to their durability and range of designs.

For chipped or cracked tiles, use ceramic filler. For broken tiles, remove the damaged tile, replace it, and re-grout.

The best countertop varies based on preferences but popular choices include granite, quartz, marble, and laminate.


Ceramic countertops are an affordable, practical, and appealing option when remodeling or renovating your kitchen. 

Ceramic tiles are easier to clean, maintain, and withstand harsh heat. However, most people fear using it because it might break, but they are more durable than other countertop materials. 


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