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30+ of the BEST DIY Dining Table Plans

Discover DIY dining table inspirations on BK Ciandre. Find the perfect blend of style and functionality for your home with our expert guide.

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Dinner parties with loved ones, cozy breakfasts, or simply a place to relax after a long day – our dining tables. These tables hold a special place in our homes. But finding the perfect one that fits your style and budget can feel like a tedious task.  

How about being creative and DIYing your dining table? Building your own table offers a unique opportunity to create a piece that is a representation of your personality. From modern and minimal to rustic and reclaimed wood, we’ll unveil a range of stunning styles to inspire you.  

We’ll guide you through the process, from choosing the perfect plan to finding the best resources and materials. 

DIY Dining Table Plans 

The plans for you to DIY the dining table that suits your requirements are given below.

1. Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

Outdoor setup with a rustic farmhouse dining table elegantly set for a meal under the trees

Consider a rustic farmhouse dining table for the ideal accent to your comfortable farmhouse kitchen or dining area. For a genuine touch, start by choosing durable wood planks like reclaimed oak or pine.

Once you’ve cut them to the right size, attach them using sturdy screws for stability. Use sandpaper or a hammer to gradually damage the wood to give it a charmingly aged appearance. You can use a rich wood stain like old oak or dark walnut to finish it all off.

2. Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

Chic dining room featuring a mid century modern table with green upholstered chairs and elegant decor

Use premium plywood for the mid-century modern dining table. It will ensure a flawless surface. For a smooth installation that guarantees solidity and clean lines, use wood glue and dowels.

To go with the minimalist style, use a light, natural stain. It can be a birch or maple to bring out the inherent beauty of the plywood.

3. Industrial Pipe Dining Table

Industrial style dining table with wooden top and pipe legs paired with metal chairs

For the industrial pipe dining table, select sturdy wood planks such as reclaimed pine or oak. These woods will work wonders for an authentic industrial look. Use black iron pipes and fittings for the frame to make sure of durability and maintenance of modern aesthetics. No stain is necessary for this design; instead, embrace the raw, rugged appeal of the wood and metal.

4. Convertible Dining Table 

Convertible coffee table in a living room extended to dining height with storage compartments visible

Select adaptable wood planks for the convertible dining table. These planks have to be the ones that are resilient to repeated movement.

Put strong hinges and screws to use in this scenario. This will facilitate a stable fit and effortless conversion from a small console to a roomy eating area.

You can add a beautiful touch to this amazing space-saving device. It is possible by staining it with a sleek, dark color like espresso or mahogany.

5. Live Edge Slab Dining Table

Live edge slab dining table with natural wood contours and a unique organic shape

For the live edge slab dining table, showcase the inherent beauty of a live edge wood slab. You will be able to do that by opting for a species like walnut or maple for warmth. 

Pair it with sleek steel legs for a modern twist. You can also sand the slab for a smooth finish and choose a clear sealant to protect its raw beauty.

6. Pallet Dining Table

Pallet dining table with a reclaimed wood top and modern metal legs in a bright airy space

Craft a rustic masterpiece with the pallet dining table. It becomes easier by utilizing reclaimed pallet wood for a sustainable and unique look. 

You’ll need to sand rough edges for safety and comfort, then assemble the pallets into a sturdy table frame. Enhance its charm with a weathered wood stain like driftwood or chestnut.

7. Glass Top Dining Table

Minimalist glass top dining table with a sculptural black base in a modern monochromatic setting

With its sleek metal frame and transparent glass top, the glass-top dining table signifies modern elegance. 

Use suction cups underneath the glass to provide stability, and choose a frame finish. It can be matte black or brushed nickel, whichever goes well with your interior design.

8. Trestle Dining Table

Sleek trestle dining table with a rich wooden top and elegant curved metal legs

For the timeless appeal of a trestle dining table, choose durable wood planks like oak or pine. Construct sturdy trestle legs and secure them to the tabletop with screws for stability. Add to its natural beauty with a rich, warm stain like cherry or walnut.

9. Pedestal Dining Table

Modern pedestal dining table with a rectangular top and a sturdy flared wooden base

The pedestal dining table exudes style with its elegant wood or metal pedestal base. This kind of table holds up a circular surface. 

For stability, screw the tabletop into the base. A more refined look can be achieved by going with a glossy pedestal finish. You can also go with a matte surface for subtler beautification.

10. Concrete Dining Table

Oval concrete dining table with a minimalist black metal base for a modern industrial look

A concrete dining table will help you create a contemporary, industrial look. For a smooth finish, build a shape out of solid plywood and melamine. 

Start by evenly distributing the concrete mix as you pour it into the form. Post that, let it dry completely. After curing, remove the shape carefully to expose the smooth concrete tabletop.

11. Hexagonal Dining Set-Up

Hexagonal wooden table with sleek golden legs a unique addition to a modern dining set up

Create a focal point in your dining area by showcasing a geometric marvel with a hexagonal dining table.

To ensure accuracy during construction, cut the wood planks using a hexagon-shaped template. For stability, we suggest you attach legs to display contemporary elegance from all sides.

12. Classic Bistro-style Folding Table

For outdoor meals or snug nooks, make the most of your available space with a classic bistro-style folding table. 

To enable simple storage, cut wood boards to the appropriate size. After that, you will need to fasten folding brackets. Provide stability by adding support bars, which will guarantee the tiny design’s ageless attractiveness.

13. Concrete Block Centre Table

Welcome the unabashed appeal of an industrial concrete block dining table. This table kind is considered to be a modern minimalist masterpiece.

To build legs, stack sturdy concrete blocks, securing them firmly in place. Attach wooden boards on top for a useful tabletop that combines use and industrial style.

14. Mosaic Dining Experience 

Use the brilliantly colored tile mosaic dining table to add vivid vibrancy to your dining space.

Install the mosaic tiles on the wood tabletop by arranging them in the design of your choice. Grout should be used for a smooth finish that preserves the mosaic’s unique appeal.

15. Farmhouse Trestle Dining Srt-Up

With its combination of design and usefulness, the farmhouse trestle dining table with Bench takes an edge. This setup will transport you to the coziness of a rustic farmhouse. 

Through this setup, you can create a warm and inviting meeting place for family and friends. You’ll be required to build sturdy trestle legs and fasten wood boards for the tables and bench.

16. Reclaimed Door Dining

A reclaimed door dining table upcycles a reclaimed door into a distinctive conversation piece. This specifically adds a hint of retro appeal. 

Admire the seamless blend of history and skillful craftsmanship in your dining area. It becomes possible by attaching legs to the underside of the door and supporting it if needed.

17. Wood and Concrete Fusion

A concrete and wood dining table has the ability to create a dramatic fusion of industrial charm and modernism. Build a melamine shape and fill it with a concrete mixture to create a stylish tabletop. 

You will need to create a perfect integration of elements. To do that, you’ll need to attach wood planks to produce a stable base and steel legs for support.

18. Outdoor dining with Built-In Cooler

With its built-in cooler, this outdoor dining table will take your outdoor events up a notch. Assemble legs for stability and build a tabletop with a cooler insert cutout. For longevity and to ensure many happy parties in the future, treat it with outdoor sealer.

19. Foldable Dining Table

Maximize your space with a foldable dining table. This table offers versatility without compromising style. 

Craft two hinged tabletops, attaching legs and support bars for stability. Simply fold away when not in use. This ultimately makes it an ideal solution for smaller dining areas or multifunctional spaces.

If you find it hard to build it, there’s a version available at BKCIANDRE. Their expandable ceramic tables are what we talk of here.

20. Epoxy Resin River Dining Table

An epoxy resin river dining table with a captivating river-like element will make a statement. You can get an amazing visual effect with this table.

Start by arranging wood slabs to form a gap that resembles a river. Moving ahead, pour epoxy resin mixed with color dye into it. Sand to a smooth finish, admiring its distinct and contemporary appeal.

21. Boat-shaped Dining Table

Bring a touch of the ocean into your dining space with a boat-shaped dining table. Attach legs securely to the underside of the boat-shaped tabletop. This will ensure stability while enjoying its unique nautical flair.

22. Convertible Picnic Table/Bench

Enjoy the versatility of an outdoor-friendly convertible picnic table/bench perfect for alfresco dining or casual gatherings.

Construct two hinged tabletops, attaching bench seats for flexible seating options. Along with that, they’ll favor folding for a picnic table or unfolding for benches as needed.

23. Sawhorse Dining Table

Discover the sturdy simplicity of a dining table made of industrial sawhorses. Using strong screws, join wood boards to the sawhorse legs to provide stability and longevity.

24. Concrete Topped Dining Table

A dining table with a concrete top and a wooden base will perfectly combine modern and industrial design elements. Using strong glue, attach the concrete slab to the hardwood foundation. Post that, let it dry to forma modern and durable center for your room.

25. Concrete Table with Embedded LED Lights

A contemporary concrete dining table with embedded LED lights will bring a bit of modern flare to your eating space. Build a frame out of plywood and melamine, and insert LED strip lights into it.

It has to be done before adding concrete mix; let it set. After that, wire the LED lights for eye-catching lighting.

26. Round Pedestal Dining table

A round pedestal dining table, which embodies traditional elegance, is a classic centerpiece. Screws are a secure way to fasten the circular tabletop to the pedestal base, adding solidity and refinement.

27. Marble Top Dining Table

Savor luxury with a marble top dining table, a cutting-edge design that elevates any area. Using a strong glue, attach the marble slab to a solid metal or wooden base. This is to provide the necessary stability to this beauty.

28. Concrete Block and Wood Plank Dining Table

With a concrete block and wood plank dining table, you can embrace industrial simplicity and showcase raw materials in a streamlined design. 

Create a visually arresting yet understated centerpiece by stacking concrete blocks for the table’s legs and fastening wood boards for the top. 

29. Round glass dining table

With a round glass dining table, you can fully embrace sleek refinement in your dining space. Using suction cups, firmly and smoothly attach the circular glass top to the base for a contemporary look.

30. Butcher Block Table

A butcher block dining table, with a sturdy butcher block tabletop resting on traditional legs, exudes the coziness of rustic appeal. Using screws, fasten the legs to the butcher block’s bottom. This way, you can create a hospitable and useful focal point for family get-togethers.

Apart from these 30, you can go for a few others like: 





Barrel lid dining table

Rustic, natural

Large tree trunk slice, hairpin legs, screws.

Sand and finish the tree trunk slice, and attach hairpin legs using screws.

Metal frame dining table with reclaimed wood top

Industrial, rustic

Metal frame, reclaimed wood planks, screws.

Construct a metal frame. Attach reclaimed wood planks to create the tabletop.

With 30 unique DIY dining table ideas, this article aims to empower you to craft the perfect centerpiece for your home. From classic trestle styles to modern marvels with built-in coolers or river-like epoxy accents, there’s a project for every taste and skill level. 

Don’t let your dream dining table stay a dream. Visit BKCIANDRE to explore premade options, or follow the guide above to find inspiration to bring your DIY table.


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