Imagine the perfect dinner party: delicious food, great company, and a beautiful setting. But what if your dining table throws the whole ambiance off? 

Don’t be concerned. It can be incredibly easy to transform your dining space from drab to fab.

It’s all about what you desire in the end. Do you crave old-world charm or a modern twist? We’ll explore popular styles like farmhouse and industrial. 

This article’s central idea is to help you find the perfect fit for your taste and needs.

But there’s more! We’ll also delve into the best shapes and materials to consider. We want to ensure that your dream table is not only stylish but functional, too.

Are you ready to create a dining area that your heart and soul are in? Let’s get started! Dive into our guide and discover the complete guide to dining table styles!

Understanding Your Dining Requirements

To begin with, it is important to understand your dining space. Below mentioned are some parameters to keep in mind.

Space is Key

First, we need to grab a measuring tape. The idea is to have a thorough grasp of the dimensions of your dining area because it is significant. Think about how people move around the space.  

How much would you require to push back chairs comfortably? Imagine where the table will go and how it will affect the affect the room.

Shape Up!

Now, let’s talk tables! Rectangular tables are great for maximizing seating. They are perfect for long, narrow spaces. Square tables offer a cozy feel and work well in smaller areas.

Round tables promote conversation and avoid head-of-the-table dominance. Such tables are ideal for open spaces. These tables create a more intimate setting.  

Oval tables combine some of the benefits of both rectangular and round shapes. They offer good seating capacity with a softer look.

Functionality Matters

Do you eat meals at your dining table every day or only on rare occasions? If the usage is regular, longevity and ease of cleaning are significant.

While solid wood is elegant, it needs more maintenance. On the other hand laminate provides an inexpensive and low-maintenance choice.

You can always think about getting a glass or high-gloss table. This will be suitable for an elegant appearance and infrequent use.

Extend Your Options

Do we need to seat more people sometimes? Extendable tables serve as lifesavers.  

In fact, BKCIANDRE’s extendable tables are a great option. They come in various styles and mechanisms, allowing you to alter the size based on your needs.

Style it Up!

Don’t forget about aesthetics! Your dining table should complement your existing decor.  

You’ll have to keep the overall theme at the back of your mind while considering. What would suit you better-modern, rustic, or something else?  

The final look is affected by several factors. They can be wood tones, glass finishes, and even table leg styles.

Popular Dining Table Styles

There are numerous dining table-style options to choose from. A few of these are elaborated below. 

This will help you attain a broader essence of the style of the table. This can ultimately aid you to make your choice accordingly.

Classic Styles

The two most common dining table classic styles are traditional and farmhouse.

Mid century classic style dining table set with matching chairs elegantly laid out with tea set and fruits in a retro styled room


The classic style is defined by rich wood, yet there is still an opportunity for individuality. 

The question that becomes relevant here is which color appeals to you more? 

You get a plethora of options, which can be lighter, airier cherry tones or rich, opulent mahogany.

The overall formality of the room may be affected by this decision. Darker woods are generally more formal in style, making them ideal for hosting classy dinner parties. 

For regular dinners with loved ones, lighter woods might create a more welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.


The farmhouse aesthetic celebrates a warm, worn-in vibe. A hint of history is added by distressed wood treatments.

Simultaneously, the minimalistic lines of pedestal bases keep the design from seeming crowded.

Hardware and leg features, for example, provide an industrial chic edge to the rustic appeal of the piece, for people who long for a cozy and welcoming setting for regular meals and family get-togethers, this design is perfect.  

Does your dining room already feature components like antique lighting or shiplap paneling? These can go really well with the farmhouse style.

Modern Styles

Let’s explore the subject of contemporary dining tables!

Modern alternatives, in contrast to classic styles, emphasize utility, simplicity, and a dash of flair. Here are a few styles.

Modern style black dining table with a minimalist design featuring sleek lines and a geometric base set against a neutral backdrop

Midcentury Megastars

Imagine a table that embodies mid-century modern design: it is elegant and ageless. There can be a consideration of streamlined lines, tapering legs, and an emphasis on functionality.  

To create a clean and airy vibe, these tables frequently blend glass, metal, and wood. It looks great in environments that are hugely complementary to modern environments.

Whichever style you choose, the sleek, mid-century modern look with its clean lines or the cozy, wood-toned look? The solution can significantly change the atmosphere of your dining room.

Industrial Motive

Are you feeling brave? Put the industrial look while being raw and edgy! 

Important details include exposed rivets, bolts, and repurposed materials like worn metal or wood. Industrial tables frequently feature a large, visually striking base.

Lofts and open-concept rooms are ideal for this design, as are those who enjoy an industrial-chic aesthetic. 

To finish the concept, though, would you go all out and add more industrial components like metal chairs or pendant lighting?

Minimalist Magic

The minimalist dining tables are beckoning to people who think “less is more”! 

Here, form and functionality are prioritized, and simplicity and clean lines rule supreme. Consider simple, elegant glass or polished stone tables.

Simple tables look well in modern, Scandinavian, or even Asian-inspired interior design styles. The exciting part is about to begin: would you go for a sleek look throughout or match your minimalist table with striking statement chairs? You have the option!

Other Styles

There are a few other evergreen styles. Let’s shed light on those, too.

Scandinavian serenity style dining table in natural wood finish with simple lines paired with a sleek tan leather chair

Scandinavian Serenity

Imagine a dining room bathed in sunlight, with a light wood table that seems to invite warmth and togetherness. That’s the essence of Scandinavian style. 

This approach prioritizes light and functionality. Think clean lines, light wood finishes (think beech or light oak), and a focus on creating a bright, airy space.

But it’s not all about aesthetics! Scandinavian design champions functionality. 

Would you prefer a dining table that extends for larger gatherings or perhaps one with built-in storage for a clutter-free look?

Coastal Escape

Close your eyes and picture yourself surrounded by the calming presence of the ocean. That’s the magic of coastal style! Here, the focus is on evoking a beachy vibe. 

Think weathered wood finishes that whisper tales of salty breezes, woven accents like wicker or seagrass that bring a touch of texture, and perhaps even a touch of glass for a light and airy feel.

The ultimate goal? To create a relaxed, casual atmosphere.  

Would you pair your coastal table with light, breezy curtains to enhance the beachy feel, or opt for some pops of blue or turquoise to mimic the ocean’s hues?

Rustic Retreat

Craving a connection to the earth? Rustic style embraces all things natural and organic. 

Think rough-hewn wood tables that showcase the beauty of nature’s imperfections, perhaps paired with stone accents that add a touch of solidity.

The aim here is to create a warm, inviting space that seems like a cozy cabin in the woods. But rustic doesn’t have to mean rough around the edges!  

Would you incorporate some wrought iron details for a touch of industrial chic, or perhaps a centerpiece crafted from natural elements like pinecones and moss?

Dining Table Materials

There are many options for dining table materials. You can select according to your tastes. Here, they are mentioned.

Material Pros Cons
Solid Wood Timeless, durable High cost, needs maintenance
Engineered Wood Affordable, varied designs Moisture sensitive, can deform
Glass Airy, showcases below Scratches easily, fingerprints
Metal Sturdy, modern Cold touch, less cozy
Stone Luxurious, grand Expensive, heavy, needs care

Accompanying Chairs

Ah, chairs! They might seem like an afterthought, but trust me, comfortable and stylish chairs are the secret sauce to a complete dining experience. Imagine lingering over a delicious meal on chairs that dig into your back – not exactly ideal for fostering good conversation, right?

Here’s the thing: chair style should complement your table choice. A sleek glass table might pair beautifully with modern, upholstered chairs, while a rustic wooden table could be complemented by comfy armchairs. The key is to create an immersive look that feels intentional.

But style isn’t everything! Comfort reigns supreme. Think about how long you typically spend at the table. Short meals might allow for more minimalist chairs, but for those who love long dinners and conversations, back support and a comfortable seat are crucial.  

Consider factors like seat height (should fit comfortably under the table), back support (important for good posture), and armrests (can add comfort but might limit the number of chairs around the table). Don’t forget about the material – plush upholstery might feel divine, but is it easy to clean for those inevitable spills?

Maintenance and Care for Different Dining Table Styles

Each dining table has a different maintenance and care routine. Let’s discuss it.

Cleaning Advice for Diverse Materials

Material Cleaning Instructions
Wooden Tables Clean regularly with mild soap and water; avoid strong chemicals. Polish periodically with a wood cleaner.
Glass Tables Wipe with a soft cloth and glass cleaner to avoid streaks; avoid abrasives. Spot spills quickly to prevent stains.
Metal Tables Dust often and clean with a mild detergent solution; avoid harsh cleansers that could damage the finish.

Maintenance Guidelines to Prolong the Lifespan of Dining Tables

Care Tips Description
Protective Coating Apply a protective wax or sealer to shield hardwood tables from dents and moisture damage.
Use Placemats and Coasters Place placemats and coasters to prevent heat damage, water rings, and scratches.
Avoid Direct Sunlight Keep tables away from sunlight to prevent warping and fading, especially for upholstered and hardwood tables.
Frequent Inspections Regularly check for loose joints or screws and repair immediately to prevent further damage.
Rotate Accessories Rotate dinnerware and decorative items to prevent uneven surface wear.

The Verdict

With all you’ve learned, you should have no trouble selecting the ideal table to enhance your eating experience. Recall to pick a style that expresses your individuality and gives your area top priority in terms of practicality. 

Remember that the proper seats finish the ensemble! So go ahead and embrace your inner decorator and build a dining space you’ll love.

The extendable dining table by BKCIANDRE is the perfect option for anybody looking for a flexible solution. Topped with ceramics and a gorgeous design, it transitions well from small parties to large feasts. Discover your ideal table by visiting our website right now!

FAQs Related to Dining Table Styles

What are the different types of table for dining room?

Dining room tables come in a variety of styles including traditional, modern, contemporary, farmhouse, rustic, and industrial. Materials range from solid wood, glass, metal, to engineered wood, each offering unique aesthetic and functional benefits. The choice of style often depends on the overall decor of the home and personal preference.

What is the shape of tables used in dining area?

Dining tables are available in several shapes, with the most common being rectangular, round, oval, and square. The choice of shape can depend on the size of the room, the number of people to accommodate, and the desired aesthetic. Rectangular tables suit larger spaces and gatherings, while round tables work well in smaller spaces, encouraging more intimate dining experiences.

How do you style a dining table for dinner?

Styling a dining table for dinner involves selecting tableware that matches the occasion, using table linens for a touch of elegance, incorporating centerpieces such as flowers or candles for ambiance, and arranging flatware and glassware appropriately for the meal being served. Layering textures and adding personal touches can create a welcoming and festive atmosphere.

What is a farmhouse style table?

A farmhouse style table is characterized by its rustic and cozy aesthetic, often featuring a sturdy wooden construction with a natural or distressed finish. These tables usually have a simple, robust design, sometimes with chunky legs or a trestle base, embodying a warm, inviting look that’s reminiscent of traditional country living. Farmhouse tables are versatile and can blend with various decor styles, making them popular for both dining and gathering spaces.