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NameEstablished TimeProducts
BK Ciandre1996
Walk-In Closets, Kitchen Cabinets, Dining Tables, Ceramic Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Display Cabinets, Frameless Doors, Sliding Doors, Sideboard Cabinets
Canadiana Kitchens1980
Kitchens, Bathroom Cabinets
Crystal Cabinet Works1947
Cabinets, Countertops, Door Styles
Downsview Kitchens1967
Kitchens, Closets, Hardware
Cuisines Ambiance2006
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Furniture
Kitchen, Bath, Closet
Highland Cabinetry1985
Varied Cabinet Products
Kitchen Craft1972
Door Styles, Cabinet Interiors, Hardware
Finishes, Doors, Cabinets
Basaltic Kitchens2003
Cabinet Doors, Hardware, Countertops, Custom-Cabinets
Dynamic Kitchens2000
Kitchens, Closets
All Kinds of Furniture

A kitchen is the core of any home, whether it’s new or remodeled. It needs to be functional and stylish, and above all, it needs great cabinets.

Cabinets provide essential storage for your dishes, appliances, and food while serving as the central design feature of the room. In Canada, kitchen cabinets are more than just a necessity; homeowners are looking for quality cabinets that are durable and functional. And above all, it looks amazing. 

In this guide, we touch on the 12 best kitchen cabinet manufacturers in Canada. We will help you understand what is available so you can create the kitchen you have always wanted. 

Legacy brands with a history of quality craftsmanship are examined, as well as some up-and-coming companies that are making impressive cabinets.

We look at wood types, other materials, styles, custom options, and price points to help you make the right choice for your kitchen remodel. Let’s dive in!

What to look for in a Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer?

Before you choose your kitchen cabinet manufacturer, here are some things to keep in mind and consider before you decide:


The type of materials your cabinets are made of will determine how durable they are and what they look like. Also, we are not forgetting the price. Depending on your needs and style, there are numerous of options available. 

Solid wood is strong and timeless but expensive. Varied types of engineered wood, such as plywood and MDF, are less expensive and still very durable. On the other hand,  laminate and thermofoil cabinets are cost effective and available in many colors and finishes.


Ensure cabinets use proper joinery, such as dovetail construction for drawer boxes and dowel-and-glue for frame assemblies. Solid backs and thicker cabinet box material will keep cabinets sturdy and prevent warping.


Cabinet styles vary from classic raised panels to modern lines and everything in between, including transitional combinations. There are hundreds of door and drawer front designs, so consider your overall style and what will work best.


Having the option to customize your cabinets is very important and should not be overlooked. A quality cabinet manufacturer will have many door style choices as well as finish options (paint, stain, or laminate) and hardware.


Cabinets are a major investment in any kitchen renovation, so it is important to set a realistic budget before starting the project. Different manufacturers will have different price points depending on the materials and quality of construction, as well as customization options. There are quality cabinet manufacturers in every price range, so it is important to choose one that fits your budget.

Warranty and Customer Service

Any quality manufacturer will proudly stand by their product and offer a great warranty that covers you. Customer service is also very important from the design phase through installation and even after the sale. Talk to other customers who have used the manufacturer’s products and check their warranty before committing to a purchase.

Top Cabinet Maker in Canada

Now, let’s talk about the top cabinet maker in Canada.

1. BK Ciandre

BK Ciandre Walk in Closet website

Although this cabinet manufacturer is not located in Canada, they have made a name for themselves. They are providing quality and high-end kitchen cabinets to buyers in Canada.  

BK Ciandre is a Chinese cabinet maker founded in 1996 with a strong emphasis on detailed craftsmanship and quality cabinet-making materials. They offer traditional and modern styles of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. 

Key Products

black and gray kitchen cabinets

Why Choose BK Ciandre?

They are experts in the international kitchen industry and understand the demand for North 

American-style kitchen cabinetry with functional hardware and a sleek, modern look. 

Visit their website to learn more about this cabinet company and to see some of their products. You may find a Canadian dealer or distributor listed on their site.

2. Canadiana Kitchens

Canadiana Kitchens website

This family-owned and operated business is truly a Canadian kitchen cabinet maker. Located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canadiana Kitchens specializes in kitchen, bathroom, and other living space custom cabinets.

They have been doing so for over 40 years. They use only the best quality materials, many of which are sourced locally in Canada. Beautiful and functional cabinetry is their goal, and with their team of expert craftsmen and designers you are sure to get just that. 

Main Products

  • Kitchens
  • Bathroom 

Why is it Recommended?

From classic to contemporary styles, including raised panels and frameless 5-piece cabinet collections, the options for customization are endless. To achieve your dream kitchen, their expert design team is ready to help you from the initial idea to the completed project. 

3. Crystal Cabinet Works

Crystal Cabinet Works website

Founded in 1947, Crystal Cabinet Works has a long family heritage of quality cabinet making. This Canadian cabinet manufacturer specializes in custom and semi-custom cabinets and countertops. They also offer a large variety of door styles, finishes, and wood species. 

Main Products

Why should you choose that?

Although located in central Minnesota, Crystal Cabinet Works strives to deliver the best cabinet value to its customers. They are combining age-old cabinet-making techniques with today’s advanced technology. 

Their expert craftsmen build the absolute best cabinets with the durability and quality to last a lifetime. 

4. Downsview Kitchens

Downsview Kitchens website

Canadian manufacturer Downsview Kitchens, established in 1967, offers premium kitchen cabinets known for durability and style. Their extensive selection targets various tastes and budgets, with traditional to contemporary options

Key Cabinets

Why should you choose Downsview Kitchens?

They also provide customization possibilities for door styles, finishes, and hardware to achieve your dream kitchen. Downsview’s reputation for excellent customer service ensures a smooth experience from design to installation. This makes them a strong contender for your kitchen renovation.

5. Cuisines Ambiance

Cuisines Ambiance website

This Canadian kitchen cabinet designer and retailer brings a little bit of European flair to the kitchen. Their cabinet designs are made in Brussels by European designers of fine kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

The quality and elegant styling is evident. With over 17 years of experience, Cuisines Ambiance has built a reputation of impeccable organization, flawless service, and exceptional knowledge. 

Key Products

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Furniture

Why is it Recommended?

They offer a wide selection of pre-designed cabinets. From which you can choose or customize certain details such as cabinet finish, door style, hardware and more. This is to give your kitchen that personal and unique touch. 

Above all else, Cuisines Ambiance understands the importance of functionality and will work with you to design your kitchen

6. Eurorite

Eurorite website

Proudly Canadian and committed to bringing quality cabinetry at affordable prices to the market. Eurorite kitchen cabinets and closets were first created over 40 years ago in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. 

Both ready-to-assemble (RTA) and fully assembled cabinet options are available depending on your particular needs. Eurorite understands that DIY cabinetry can save the homeowner considerable costs while ensuring builders and contractors provide products. 

Key Products

  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Closet

A huge selection of kitchen, bathroom, closet and other living space cabinets and components are available with a large variety of door styles and finishes. 

Using quality materials and construction techniques, Eurorite cabinets are environmentally friendly and responsible.

7. Highland Cabinetry

Highland Cabinetry website

Highland Cabinetry is a leading kitchen designer in Western Canada (more investigation is required to determine specific city and provincial involvement). Since the start, they have been providing their custom clients with timeless elegance for their kitchens. Highland Cabinetry is committed to using only the best materials sourced locally. 

Key Products

  • Varied Cabinet Products

Reasons for Recommendation

They provide their clients with a wide range of semi-custom cabinetry options, with a focus on traditional and transitional cabinet styles. It is because these are the trends that stand the test of time. 

Their quality construction methods and attention to detail ensure the beauty and functionality of your kitchen will last for many years to come.

8. Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft website

Kitchen Craft is a Canadian-owned cabinet manufacturing company with its headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have been designing and manufacturing quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets for over 50 years for both residential and commercial markets. 

Key Products

  • Door Styles
  • Cabinet Interiors
  • Hardware

Why Should You Choose Kitchen Craft?

Kitchen Craft is committed to using materials and construction techniques that will surpass the test of time. They meticulously invest in the latest technology to ensure their high standards of quality stay ahead of the competition

This allows them to offer their customers a vast array of cabinet styles. They have it all, from traditional to contemporary, and the ability to fully customize their kitchen, inside and out. 

Kitchen Craft’s capabilities go beyond the kitchen, extending into the bathroom with vanity cabinets and closeted storage solutions for the entire home.

9. Cabico

Cabico website

A well-regarded Canadian choice is Cabico. They’ve specialized in custom cabinetry, ensuring top-notch quality control throughout the process. 

Key Products

  • Finishes
  • Doors
  • Cabinets

The Reason to Select Cabico 

From wood selection to painting and assembly, Cabico prioritizes creating beautiful and long-lasting cabinets. Their focus on customization allows you to design a kitchen that perfectly reflects your vision, whether it’s a classic or modern aesthetic. With Cabico, you’re not just getting cabinets; you’re investing in a personalized kitchen experience.

10 . Basaltic Kitchens

Basaltic Kitchens website

Basaltic Kitchens was coined in 2003 and has since then been a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer. They are relevant for homeowners and builders in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They pride themselves on creating top-quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets, both custom and semi-custom, to fit your requirements. 

Key Products

Reason For Recommendation

Basaltic Kitchens is committed to using quality materials and superior construction methods. They do it to ensure their cabinets will last in your home for many years of daily use. 

They also focus on the details of design, offering their clients various door styles, finishes, and hardware options. They help you to create a one-of-a-kind, custom kitchen just as you like it. 

Basaltic Kitchens prides itself on their excellent customer service and their strong reputation in the GTA.

11. Dynamic Kitchens

Dynamic Kitchens website

Dynamic Kitchens is a Canadian cabinetry manufacturer and retailer with locations in (Ontario and possibly other provinces or territories). They are focused on innovation and functionality to create dynamic kitchen spaces in your home or business. 

They have many years of experience in providing their customers with a wide range of kitchen cabinetry solutions. Dynamic Kitchens offers solutions to fit many budgets and meet various design styles with a large selection of materials.

This includes various wood types, colors, and finishes. They offer their clients many door style options, including modern to traditional, and the ability to fully customize their kitchen, inside and out.

Main Products

  • Kitchens
  • Closets

Why do you choose Dynamic Kitchens?

Dynamic Kitchens is committed to providing their customers with excellent service. From the initial design consultation to the after-sales follow-up.

12. IKEA

IKEA website

IKEA, the world’s largest Swedish home furnishings retailer, provides Canadians with an affordable option for their kitchen makeover. Their ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinet systems come in many styles and finishes, with a focus on clean lines and modern design. 

The furniture is constructed from materials such as particle board, which keeps the cost down. 

Key Products

  • All Kinds of Furniture

Reasons for Recommendation

IKEA cabinetry is a great option for those who are looking for a low-cost, DIY kitchen makeover

They offer their customers huge selection of cabinet sizes and configurations to customize their kitchen. Their coordinating hardware and countertop options can  complete your design. 

IKEA kitchens lack the customization options and high-quality materials of many of the previously mentioned cabinetry manufacturers, they remain a favorite among Canadians for their low cost. They have easy assembly and stylish Scandinavian design influence.


There are many kitchen cabinet manufacturers Canada has to offer, ensuring you can choose the one that can support you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Remember to keep the factors of material, style, customization, and budget in mind throughout your search for the best cabinets

Check out the cabinet manufacturers on this list, ranging from Canadian staples to international giants, and visit their websites or showrooms to learn more. Remember that a well-made kitchen cabinet can serve and enhance your kitchen for many years.

Why not go for high-end, internationally acclaimed quality for your kitchen? Check out BK Ciandre’s sophisticated designs and masterful craftsmanship. Visit their website now!


1. What should I look for when deciding on a cabinet manufacturer?

Durability of materials, style, customization, and budget. You must also decide between pre-made and custom cabinets, and how important luxury materials are to you.

2. Are there benefits to choosing a Canadian cabinet manufacturer?

Canadian businesses can offer locally-sourced materials, and may accommodate North American design specifications. Some may have showrooms available for you to see their cabinets in person.

3. What if I have a limited budget?

IKEA is known for selling cheaper, ready-to-assemble cabinets in contemporary styles. Look out for cabinetry manufacturers using RTA options, or consider laminate or thermofoil finishes for more economical choice.

4. What is BK Ciandre?

BK Ciandre is not a Canadian cabinet manufacturer, but a worldwide producer of high-quality, high-end cabinets. Check out their sophisticated website to learn more about their exquisite finishes and masterful craftsmanship to see if they fit your desired aesthetic and quality.

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