NameEstablished TimeProducts
Dining Tables, Cabinets, Wardrobes
BK Ciandre1996
Extendable Dining Tables, Ceramic Dining Tables, Kitchen Cabinets
Baker Furniture1890
Classic Dining Tables, Solid Wood Furniture
Boca Do Lobo2008
Artistic Dining Tables, Exotic Materials
Ambella Home Collection1995
Modern & Traditional Dining Tables, Home Furniture
Modern Dining Tables, Modular Furniture
Simple Dining Tables, Foldable Tables
Iconic Dining Tables, High-Quality Furniture
Walter Knoll1865
Modern Dining Tables, Minimalist Furniture
Herman Miller1905
Modern Dining Tables, Office Furniture
Recycled Aluminum Dining Tables, Industrial Furniture
Blu Dot1997
Sustainable Dining Tables, Modern Designs
Hive Modern2002
Solid Wood Dining Tables, Elegant Designs
Normann Copenhagen1999
Scandinavian Dining Tables, Modern Home Accessories
Affordable Dining Tables, Functional Home Furniture

The dining table is the hub of the home, where we don’t just share our meals, but we share our laughter and conversations. It is the place where we make our memories. So it becomes important to choose the right dining table. 

Are you wondering who are some big players in the dining table market?

Look no further. We’ve rounded up the top 15 dining table manufacturers in the world, each with their own style, quality, and innovation. From heritage brands to modern disruptors, this list has something for everyone and every budget.

So, go on and find your perfect table.

Style Meets Dining: 15 Manufacturers

The best dining table craftsmanship from around the world, featuring brands that are pushing the boundaries of design. They are using the best materials and striving for perfection. Timeless to modern, these manufacturers are the benchmark for dining table style and functionality for the discerning.

Luxury & Heritage

If you are looking for a dining table that reflects your love for luxury, here are the companies that celebrate the heritage and larger-than-life perspective through their dining tables. 


Poliform webiste

History & Background

Founded in 1970, Poliform is Italian luxury furniture. They started with bespoke cabinetry and then expanded into other furniture lines, high-end design, and craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Product Range

Poliform has a wide range of dining tables, from modern to classic to traditional. Their signature is the use of luxurious materials like marble, fine wood veneers, and polished metals. They also use glass for a touch of contemporary style. Some have extendable tops for larger gatherings.

Why do We Recommend It?

While Poliform upholds traditional techniques, it embraces modern technology for precision and efficiency in joinery and finishing. 

BK Ciandre:

BK Ciandre dining table manufacturer website

History & Background

Established in 1996 by Angela, BK Ciandre has become a benchmark in the furniture industry. It is known for its mix of natural materials, industrial design, and artistic expression. BK Ciandre has expanded its product range to cater to different tastes and lifestyles while keeping quality and innovation as a priority.

Key Products

BK Ciandre is versatile and has quality workmanship. Key products are extendable dining tables with sophisticated mechanisms for function and beauty.

Specializing in ceramic dining tables, they offer size, finish, and design options. They also make kitchen cabinets, closets, and coffee tables to high standards.

Reasons for Recommendation

BK Ciandre innovates with eco-friendly and high tech for precise furniture. Natural materials and eco processes with modern design to create beautiful and functional pieces.

Baker Furniture:

Baker Furniture website

History & Background

Founded in 1890, Baker is an American heritage brand. They’ve furnished the White House and many a grand home with their heirloom quality pieces.

What do They offer?

Baker has a classic and timeless dining table collection. They excel in solid wood construction with intricate details and rich finishes, as well as traditional designs with carved accents and cabriole legs. Baker furniture also has some contemporary pieces for a modern twist.

Why Do We Recommend?

Baker Furniture believes in hand carving and traditional joinery methods combined with modern machinery for consistency.

Boca Do Lobo:

Boca Do Lobo website

History & Background

Founded in 2008, Boca Do Lobo is the new kid on the block. But they bring a new perspective with no fear of breaking the rules.

What do they Offer?

Boca Do Lobo isn’t for the weak of the heart. They offer showstopper pieces that are bold, artistic, and conversation starters. Think dining tables made from exotic materials like hand-stitched leather, polished brass, or semi-precious stones.

Reasons for Recommendation

Boca Do Lobo loves cutting-edge design and works with contemporary artists and craftspeople to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Ambella Home Collection:

Ambella Home Collection website

History & Background: 

Founded by George Moussa, Ambella Home is another heritage brand that’s modern and contemporary at heart but has roots in the past. They make timeless and beautiful furniture with quality that lasts.

Product Range

Ambella Home has dining tables for modern and traditional tastes. They offer sleek and sophisticated tables in a variety of materials along with subtle details. Along with that, they also deal in furniture for bedrooms, bathrooms/vanities, and offices.

Recommendation Reasons

They blend traditional craftsmanship with modern production methods to ensure quality and durability.

Modern & Contemporary

Do you love minimalistic furniture that makes you feel at home? Then you would certainly love the following companies that make modern furniture.


BoConcept website

History & Background

BoConcept was established in 1995 and brings Danish design to the world. They have clean lines, functionality, and quality at an affordable price.

Key Products

BoConcept offers modern dining tables in different sizes, materials, and colors. They specialize in extendable tables in wood or glass with metal legs for modern living and nesting tables for small apartments.

Why Should You Choose BoConcept? 

Their tables are modular and customizable – changeable tabletops so you can have your dining table your way.


Muji website

History & Background

Since 1980, Muji has become a global brand with its simple design and functionality. 

What Do They Offer? 

Muji has a limited but exquisite range of dining tables. Most of their tables are made from light wood with clean lines. They also focus on space-saving designs like foldable tables or tables with storage. Such tables are a perfect option for small spaces.

Why Do We Recommend?

Muji uses materials that are sustainable. Additionally, they make sure that they have efficient production to make their tables affordable and eco-friendly.


Cassina website

History & Background

Cassina was founded in 1927. Cassina is the pioneer of modern Italian designs. They have worked with legendary architects and designers. And their collaborations with designers aim to make iconic furniture pieces that look like a work of art.

Leading Products

Cassina has a curated selection of dining tables that are designed by masters like Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. Their product range includes sofas, chairs, and cabinets. They offer classic, modern designs with high-quality materials. 

Why Choose Cassina?

Cassina uses the latest technology and craftsmanship to make iconic designs that are consistent with the original idea.

Walter Knoll:

Walter Knoll website

History & Background

Founded in 1865 in Germany, Walter Knoll is a manufacturer of high-quality furniture. Known for functionality and clean lines for modern living.

Product Range

Walter Knoll’s furniture pieces are modern, minimal, and elegant. Tables made of wood, glass, and metal, often with extendable tops and slim legs. Furthermore, they integrate products like sofas, lounge chairs, and cabinet storage.

Reasons for Recommendation 

Walter Knoll uses modern materials and production methods to build strong and light dining tables.

Herman Miller:

Herman Miller webiste

History & Background

Established in 1905, Herman Miller is one of the trailblazers of modern furniture design. They are famous for their classics and collaborations with Charles and Ray Eames.

What Do They Offer?

Herman Miller has a wide range of modern dining tables. They firmly believe in the reproductions of classics and contemporary pieces designed for function and form. Some of the materials they use are wood, metal, and plastic. Apart from furniture for the home, they also offer office chairs, gaming desks, lighting, and home decor.

Why Do We Recommend?

Herman Miller researches new materials and manufacturing methods to create durable and functional dining tables. They apply sustainable practices and ergonomic design.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

We understand your love for the environment. That is why we have these companies that practice sustainability in their production process. 


Emeco website

History & Background

Emeco was founded in 1944. During World War II, they made chairs out of recycled aluminum from Navy aircraft. Today, they continue to use recycled aluminum in their dining tables.

Key Products

Industrial-style dining tables are made from recycled aluminum. Their products are durable and built to last. They have a variety of products like chairs, stools, tables, and outdoor furniture to match your decor.

Why Should You Choose Emeco?

Emeco uses recycled materials and sustainable practices throughout its process. They combine old-school metalworking with new tech to make eco-friendly and stylish dining tables.

Blu Dot:

Blu Dot website

History & Background

Founded in 1997, Blu Dot uses eco-friendly materials and is responsible for manufacturing its furniture. They are a perfect example of modern designs at affordable prices without sacrificing sustainability.

Leading Products

Blu Dot has modern dining tables made from sustainable wood sources like bamboo and FSC hardwoods. Some of their bestselling products are lounge chairs, sofas, beds, and consoles. Their products have functional designs that fit into modern spaces.

Why Do We Recommend?

Blu Dot uses efficient production and minimizes waste throughout their process. They’re always looking for new sustainable materials and technologies to reduce their impact.

Hive Modern:

Hive Modern website

History & Background 

Founded in 2002, Hive Modern is a Danish company that stands for craftsmanship and sustainability. They use high-quality, sustainably sourced wood to make beautiful and timeless dining tables that will last for generations.

Product Range

Hive Modern has a range of elegant dining tables made from solid wood species like oak and walnut. Their furniture range has seating options, tables and desks, cabinets, and bedroom storage. Their style is simple and clean, with a focus on natural materials and craftsmanship.

Reasons for Recommendation

They use traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology for sustainable forestry and minimal waste production. They are designed for durability, so you don’t have to replace furniture as often.

Normann Copenhagen:

Normann Copenhagen website

History & Background

The Danish design brand was founded in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen. Normann Copenhagen combines tradition and innovation. They want to revive Scandinavian design with a wink. They present high-quality furniture, lighting, and home accessories for the world.

What Do They Offer?

Normann Copenhagen has a wide range of dining tables, sofas, poufs, and stools, coffee tables, and outdoor seating options. In addition, they have playful lighting, colored seating, and Scandinavian home accessories.

Why Should You Opt for Normann Copenhagen?

Normann Copenhagen goes further with their tables. They use sintered porcelain, a stronger and lighter material than traditional materials, for the tabletops. That’s what sets them apart.


IKEA website

History & Background

Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1943 in Sweden. It started as a mail-order business for furniture and homeware and soon became global. IKEA’s idea of affordable, functional, and beautiful for all changed the way we live at home.

Main Products

IKEA has so much furniture and homeware – sofas, dining tables, storage, kitchen stuff and more. Affordable and functional is what they’re known for. Their product range extends to kitchen solutions, appliances and DIY building materials too, all simple and versatile.

Why Do We Recommend?

IKEA is famous for flat-pack furniture – transport and cost-effectiveness through customer assembly. Modular designs for space flexibility and sustainability are key – recycled materials and responsibly sourced wood. That’s what eco-friendly IKEA looks like.

Dining in Style: What’s Hot in Dining Room Design

The dining room is no longer just for meals; it’s for entertaining, working from home, and making memories. Here’s what’s trending in dining room design:

Colour Schemes

Earthy tones and natural elements are in. Think warm beiges, taupes, and greens for a calm and inviting space. A pop of color can be added through accent chairs, artwork, or statement lighting.


Minimalism is king. Clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and multi-functional furniture are key. Look for dining tables with simple bases and chairs in neutral fabrics. Natural materials add a tone of warmth and texture.


Open plans are in, so the dining room can flow into the living area. Round tables are on trend for their space-saving and conversation-starting qualities. Consider benches instead of chairs on one side for a more relaxed look.

Final Words 

In summary, your dining room can be an expression of you and a place to make memories that last. By looking at the latest trends in color palettes, furniture styles, and layouts, you can create a space that’s functional and beautiful.

Remember, the dining table is the heart of the space. Choose a table that reflects your style, fits the design, and encourages conversation. With these tips and top dining table brands, you’re ready to turn your dining room into a space where style meets dining.

Contact BK Ciandre if you want to make the most of your dining table. They present a variety of extendable tables that will go perfectly if you are mindful of your space. 

FAQs Related to Dining Table Manufacturers

What Height Should My Dining Table Be?

The standard dining table height is 28-30 inches. If you have existing chairs, measure the seat height to make sure they fit under the table. For a custom look, have a table made to order with a specific height to match your chairs.

I Can’t Decide Between Classic or Modern, Which One is Better?

You don’t have to choose! Mix it up. For example, pair a modern glass table with classic wooden chairs. This creates an interesting space and reflects your personality.

How to Make A Dining Table Last Longer?

Use table protectors every day to prevent scratches and spills. Use coasters for hot drinks, and don’t place heavy objects directly on the surface. Dust and clean regularly with the right products for the material, and your table will look great for years to come.

My Dining Room Gets a Lot of Natural Light. Should I Worry About the Table Fading?

Consider the material. Some woods get darker over time; others fade in direct sunlight. Choose stain options with UV protection or placemats for areas that get full sun. Sheer curtains can also help diffuse harsh sunlight and protect your table.