The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home. It should look inviting and be functional at the same time. If you’re upgrading the kitchen, this is the best time to experiment with new color schemes and materials. 

Black cabinets will be a great choice for those looking for a sophisticated yet classic-looking kitchen. The dark shade combined with gold or contrasting white has endless design possibilities. With black cabinets, your kitchen will have a luxurious appeal while making a bold design statement.

The trick is to combine black seamlessly with other elements in your space so that it does not look overshadowing. This is one upgrade piece you won’t regret for years to come, as it’ll always be in style. 

If you need some design inspirations for black kitchen cabinets or what other shades will complement them, keep on reading. We’ll discuss ideas for upgrading your home into a chic space centered on black.  

10 Timeless Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Here are some of the best ideas for effortless kitchen upgrades: 

Black and Natural Wood Cabinets

The contrast between the darkness of black and the light of natural wood will uplift any area. You may use black paint on cabinets above the shelves and natural wood for cabinets below the shelves. 

Black and Natural Wood Cabinets

Some of the light-colored wood options are maple, ash wood, hard maple, beech, white oak, birch, and spruce. It will create a juxtaposition of shades in the kitchen and balance the light and dark. 

The natural varnished wooden cabinets and matte black shades are evergreen in terms of decor. Moreover, they are versatile, and you won’t get bored of looking at them.

Chromatic Black Effect

If you want a sharp and clean look, black cabinets combined with chromatic metal accessories will be a winner. The silver-gray tone of the chromatic elements will ensure the black looks cohesive without being too overpowering.

Moreover, chromatic appliances and cabinet hardware will cleverly balance the dark shades and beautifully reflect the light. To make a bold statement, you may choose a shiny chrome effect. 

If you wish to keep it simple, choose matte, subdued chrome that is less shiny. This chrome and black combination will also be an excellent choice if you already have steel gray appliances that are hard to switch.

Chic Black and White 

The darkest and the lightest in the color scheme, black and white together form a solid power couple. White somehow balances black perfectly, so you can never go wrong with it. You can opt for black and white contrasting cabinets. For more experimental upgrades, you can go for a similar combination for the backsplash and tiles. 

Chic Black and White Kitchen Cabinet


Each element with black and white will tie the decor by creating a structured appearance. The checkerboard floor details with white backsplash will ensure the black cabinets look sophisticated. You may opt for different size tiles for the floor and backsplash to keep the details interesting. 

If you are wondering what to do with the countertops, you can go for a simple gray or go big with trendy marble in black and white. Don’t forget to add natural-finished wooden chairs alongside the kitchen island for some warmth. In case this isn’t your style, you can go to dark-toned bar stools for a modern feel. 

Mix Black and Pastels

This combination may not cross your mind as the colors are a bit tricky to play around. But imagine black cabinets above the countertops with contrasting powder blue or lavender drawers at the bottom. The black will bring its grounding appearance to your kitchen. Meanwhile, pastel blue, pink, or lavender will add a splash of freshness to the space. 

Kitchen Cabonet Mix Black and Pastels

It is perfect for when you are unable to decide if you want bold, dark colors in decor or a fresh farmhouse aesthetic in your kitchen. You can have both, combining pastels and black. Go for pastel walls and light-colored furniture to make the dark cabinets stand out between the pastels. 

Some accent lighting and gold fixtures over the cabinets will double the charm. The uniqueness of all these elements will leave you admiring your kitchen more than any visitor.

Classic Gold and Black

Gold and black are two decor elements that will never go out of trend. The reflective gold tones and matte or shiny black will make up for an inviting combination. You can go for gold handles on black cabinets or experiment with splashes of shiny gold paint over the black cabinets. 

For some contemporary glam, you can go for little metallic details or paneling with gold over black cabinets. You can also add a kitchen hood with black and gold details to stay on the dark and extravagant theme. 

Simple Black and Steel

The appeal of black and steel is timeless, as it’s easy on the eyes. Both steel and black have cooler tones, resulting in a delightful combination. Large steel handles over black cabinets can be striking against the simple tones of backsplash and walls. 

Kitchen cabinet Simple Black and Steel

It will work if you’re going for an industrial kitchen look in your home. To enhance the industrial appearance, add some long steel racks. Some large bulbs for mood lighting will be another great decor element. 

Steel fixtures are easy to maintain as they do not get scratched or lose color even after years of use. You may easily wipe them with a cloth. 

Experiment with Patterns

Patterns can add exciting layers to the space. You can add patterns practically anywhere, from black-patterned cabinets to walls. The depth of patterns will decide the vibes of the kitchen. Go for subtle patterns and less busy sections if you have a small kitchen. 

A larger space will look great with both patterns in floral or paisley shapes. These patterns can be in similar gray tones or matte patterns on shiny black cabinets. It will create a visual detail without adding another color to the theme. 

Marble Backsplash and Black Cabinets

You can easily balance the black cabinets with a simple marble backsplash. There are endless options when picking a marble, as you can pick from Portoro, fossil black, black Marquina, and Grigio Carbico marble. 

Marble Backsplash and Black Cabinets

These marbles will upgrade a boring kitchen to a classic one without too much drama. If you don’t want a black-on-black look, you can switch to other marble patterns. To add some color, pick marble with a hue of pink, green, gray, and beige. 

Overall, this combination will give a rich aesthetic. The best thing is marble is easy to clean and maintain for years. 

Black on Black 

Using black as a primary color in the kitchen is a revelation of how dark color may also serve as a beautiful canvas for the space. All other colors, such as gold, bronze, white, and green, will stand out in front of black. 

Go for all-black cabinets, kitchen island, and backsplash. You can use natural dark wood for kitchen island and other furniture. Place some plants in golden planters for greenery, and your kitchen will look like something out of a decor heaven. 

Jewel Tones on Black 

Rich colors such as purple, emerald green, and navy are great choices for that royal appeal. When used sparingly, these colors, along with black, will give you a peak into luxury. One way to incorporate jewel tones is to paint the walls. 

Kitchen cabinet Jewel Tones on Black

You can also get an emerald green wallpaper to create an accent wall. Kitchen tiles in navy with gray backsplash and countertops will add different layers to the space. For some earthiness and polarity in style, you can go for brassy handles over the black cabinets. Furthermore, natural wood accents will bring texture to the space. 

Why Choose Black Kitchen Cabinets?

Black cabinets can help your kitchen be the center of attention. Here is how adding black to the kitchen will be the best home upgrade: 

Bring Out the Elegance

If your kitchen looks cluttered and boring, move to dark and elegant kitchen cabinets. The dark and rich cabinets will be a bold choice that will give your space a sleek look. 

Pair it with gold or beige to balance the color pallet.

Versatile Tones 

You may worry the cabinets will appear murky or gloomy. But black cabinets are the most versatile. So far, you can decide to pair them with other subtle tones of gray or white. Since white is contrasting, black will appear less intense. When paired with brass, copper, or gold, black will appear classy. 

Showcase Your Kitchen Elements

You may think only light colors are neutral. But black will change your mind. Black cabinets and a dark backsplash will work as a simple canvas to showcase appliances or cutlery. 

Hide the Stains

We are not encouraging a dirty kitchen, but black cabinets will be more forgiving to the stains. It can be a great hack for a busy kitchen or a lazy one.

Create a Contrast

Darker cabinets add a striking contrast with lighter elements in the kitchen. You may use wood or lighter wall paint to add visual interest and depth to the overall design.

Tips on Incorporating Black in Kitchen 

Here are some tips when designing black kitchen cabinets: 

  • Experiment with colors: Cabinets in a deep shade of black will lighten up with pops of color. You can easily balance the cool and warm tones with shades such as beige, blue, and green. Before committing to a single color, use an online design planner to get an idea.
  • Warm lighting: LED lights in warm tones will not only brighten the kitchen but also give a golden hue to the black cabinets. You can go for warm overhead chandeliers over the kitchen island or multiple pendant bulbs. Sensor lights will keep the dark space of the kitchen illuminated.
  • Matte or glossy glam: You may pick different finishes for the cabinets. A creative way is to blend matte and glossy, adding different layers of patterns and textures. Matte details over a laminated surface will stand out, ensuring a unique touch. 
  • Remove clutter and keep clean: Get rid of any surface clutter that may add contrasting details to your kitchen. Put away cutlery and appliances from countertops
  • Open shelves: Pair black cabinets with some open shelving in black or light wooden color. Alternate the shelves for a quirky makeover. If you want the illusion of an open shelf, cover it with glass and display vintage cutlery pieces. 
  • Create a cozy vibe: The black color can be light-absorbing, resulting in making the kitchen look smaller. However, this can be managed with some earthy elements like natural wood. Adding a neutral shade rug and placemats can create depth. 
  • Light shades under the hood: If you’re not going for a monochrome black look, choose lighter woodwork or cabinets below the hood. This balance of colors will be less overwhelming for small spaces. 
  • Right hardware: Depending on the theme, choose chrome, bronze, brass, or stainless steel handles. For a traditional look, choose wooden handles. Acrylic handles are also in trend these days for their modern appearance. 
  • Cabinet material: There are several options, including natural solid wood, high/medium-density fibreboard, melamine, and particle board. Consider the cost and durability of the raw material before selecting one. 


Now, you have some great upgrade ideas to add black kitchen cabinets to your home. The pattern, color combinations, and materials of cabinets are critical when making such upgrades. Do your research before finalizing a design. Make sure it is functional while also looking pleasing. 

Work with a professional to source high-quality materials and add to the design inspiration. Choosing an expert with experience in the design and manufacturing field will ensure your cabinets will stay in good shape for years to come. 

Connect with the BK Ciandre team to discuss cabinet designs, materials, and quotes for a quick makeover. They have more than 26 years of experience offering custom services with an automatic production line to fulfill bulk orders.