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Our Story

“By designing furniture that seamlessly blends into the home environment, we provide a new way for people to enjoy life in comfort. The combination of functionality and art is an essential part of letting natural influences into our daily lives.”

– David Lau, founder of BK Ciandre.
David Lau

Established in 1996 by David Lau, BK Ciandre sets out to create harmony between natural materials, industrial design, and art – a unique fusion setting them apart from other companies. David has decades’ worth of experience stemming from an academic background in architecture and a specialization in German and Italian board panel distribution imports, business development, and manufacturing. His expertise and vision have helped BK Ciandre become an industry leader by perfectly blending natural, historical, industrial, and artistic elements.

Brand Origin

David Lau practiced his talent for painting and craftsmanship since his childhood days. With his academic career in architecture, he became determined to lead change in the world of furniture by infusing it with traditional Chinese elements combined with modern design. When China opened its doors to free trade back in 1978, David saw a possibility to pursue his vision in this reformed economic structure.

As China joined the WTO in 2001, a world of opportunity for modern construction was opened up and international boundaries between the East and the West began to dissolve. David took advantage of this new trend by offering design services for residential, commercial, and hotel projects all over Beijing and other major cities. Continuously improving from his past experiences, he soon became known as an expert on modern design who consistently achieved outstanding customer satisfaction with each project.

David Lau

Company Mission

That is how BK Ciandre has established itself as a renowned design and manufacturing enterprise. With 26 years of industry expertise, BK Ciandre has combined the talents of designers, engineers, and artisans to create highly aesthetic furniture. Our core mission involves carrying over our vision into the homeware sector through comprehensive, technical, and accurate solutions that go beyond sophisticated architectural and interior designs – our products and services focus on the entire process from interior design to end product delivery.

At our company, we aspire for high-end designs that include character, durability, elegant lines, and an unforgettable aesthetic. Our team’s passion for continual improvement drives us to use advanced technology as well as dedicated craftsmanship – all to curate lasting works of art with a striking finish. While doing so, we aim to add unique elements of traditional Asian culture and art into all of our designs.

No matter the project scale, we strive to deliver excellence every single time. Each project is a new adventure for us where creative solutions and materials are explored with careful consideration of function, accuracy, and uniqueness in the design process. Over the last decade, we’ve had the great privilege of working alongside furniture brand manufacturers and distributors as well as respected architects and artists. Bringing together knowledge and innovation in this way helps us bring your ideas to life.

We specialize in producing custom-made furniture for end-users and architects across China – but that’s not all. Our global operations include design firms, sampling specialists, manufacturing factories, and furniture showrooms showcasing our handcrafted products. Moreover, we provide interior, architectural, and product designs to help clients like you make the most out of your space.

Let us be part of your next adventure – we’d love to meet with you soon!

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