Making the kitchen clutter-free and organized is a challenging task. If you have less space and a disorganized kitchen, then it could become a big problem in your home. You need proper planning and solutions to make your kitchen look stylish and attractive. 

Floor-to-ceiling storage ideas can be a solution to your cluttered kitchen. You can use your wall as a storage space. Be with us; we are going to explore some of the most stylish and attractive solutions to make your kitchen well-organized. 

Floor-to-ceiling storage ideas for the kitchen

These floor-to-ceiling storage ideas will help you transform even the smallest kitchen into the most organized space in your home. So, let’s dive in!

Open kitchen shelves

If you have an empty wall, open shelves can be feasible and versatile options to increase storage space. One of the main advantages of open shelves is that you’ll be able to display your favorite dishes, glassware, and decorative items. Or for items that you need more frequently. It is also advisable to store spare boxes on upper shelves. 

Open kitchen shelves Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Storage Ideas

Just be careful of the size and material of the shelves. Wooden shelves are generally more sturdy, and if you prefer a minimalist look, go for steel shelves. Be creative with their placement, and you may also consider using a mix of different-sized shelves to accommodate various items. 

Tall cabinets

Usually, there is some empty space left above the wall cabinets in the kitchen. You may leverage this empty space to install additional shelving or cabinets for more storage. Apart from storage, it will also make your kitchen look more sleek and sophisticated. 

Tall cabinets Floor to Ceiling Kitchen

Just be sure to use the same material and design for all the cabinets for a minimalist look. The upper cabinets can be used to store spare equipment, boxes, or whatever you don’t need more often in the kitchen. Apart from that, you must ensure that you keep your kitchen cabinets well organized.

Built-in appliances

Our countertops are mostly occupied with appliances for daily use, like microwaves, ovens, food processors, coffee makers, etc. This space can be freed up if we create a built-in space for such appliances. For example, the refrigerator can be integrated into the cabinetry. And the dishwasher can be fitted among the lower cabinets. 

Built in appliances Floor to Ceiling Kitchen

This will not only free up space but also look very tech-smart. Just be sure to place the appliances in the right spots. The cabinets can be further customized to make the appliances easy to use. Also, ensure that they have easy access to the power supply.

Wall hooks and racks

If you have unused space below the wall cabinets or an empty wall in the kitchen, you can install some hooks for hanging storage. Wall-mounted racks, on the other hand, are better to store spices, crockery, and similar items. These can be permanently installed or fixed with adhesive tapes on kitchen wall tiles

Wall hooks and racks Floor to Ceiling Kitchen

You may also attach rods for hanging dish towels, dishes, or soap dispensers above the sink. Just be sure that they are sturdy and can take the weight of the items you plan to store on them. Also, wooden hooks or racks near the sink area may mold sooner. Stainless steel could be the best material for this purpose and will have a longer life. 

Ceiling Mounted Racks

If you have an island kitchen, you must definitely go for a ceiling-mounted rack. These can be of the classic grid type, with hooks to hang your pans and pots. Or it could be proper racks with multiple shelves hanging from the top, where you can stack your plates and glasses.

Ceiling Mounted Racks Floor to Ceiling Kitchen

These racks can also be mounted above your kitchen windows and doors. Interestingly, you can also use this as a hanging wine storage or for your favorite cookbooks. Just a note: such racks often feature open shelves only. 

Invest in spice racks and organizers.

Spice and similar items like your coffee jar or jam bottles take up a lot of space on the countertop. Investing in a good spice rack can free up your countertop for other cooking activities. The good news is that these racks are available in all shapes and sizes. 

Invest in spice racks and organizers Floor to Ceiling Kitchen

You may get one that can be placed on the countertop itself with tiered storage for your spices. They can also be wall-mounted or hung on the side of cabinets, the refrigerator, or even behind your kitchen door. A well-organized kitchen countertop will also make you feel relaxed and focused while cooking. 

Cabinets with door storage

Having a storage option on the inside of the cabinet door is a very smart move to increase the storage space. This is especially helpful to store smaller items that could otherwise get lost towards the back of the cabinets. You will have the freedom to decide the width of this additional storage. 

Cabinets with door storage Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Storage

Moreover, you may install rods to prevent the items from falling off when the cabinet is opened. However, just ensure that the cabinet doors are secured with strong and durable hinges to bear the additional weight.

Keep movable cabinets

For more flexible storage, place a movable rack on one of the spare walls in the kitchen. You may use it as a pantry or display your favorite pieces of crockery. You may prefer a cabinet with a glass front and also get some internal lighting for showcasing purposes. 

Keep movable cabinets Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Storage

For easy movement, you may prefer cabinets with wheels. You will also have the option to move it outside the kitchen into the living room if needed. This will help you free up more space in the kitchen. 

Cabinet and drawer organizers

You must also get some shelf and drawer organizers to make the most of the existing space. From cutlery organizers to knife holders, and even cabinet dividers can help you store more in less space. Risers can help you optimize the vertical space inside the cabinets.

Cabinet and drawer organizers Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Storage

Similarly, you must also go for bins, tiered shelves, and stackable storage boxes. Adhesive hooks can be attached to the inner sides of the cabinetry. Baskets can be used to store fresh produce, kitchen napkins, or maybe everyday-use glasses. 

Additional tips for optimizing kitchen storage 

The above tips can be really helpful in making the most of the existing space as well as adding more storage in the same area. But here are some more tips for you.

  • Label your jars and drawers to easily access and sort items in your kitchen. For example, if there’s a drawer labeled cutlery, you’ll be able to find and store it in a better manner.
  • Cleaning regularly is very important to improve the storage capacity of your kitchen. No additional cabinets or shelves will be helpful if they are mis-organized or left unattended for long periods. 
  • Keep your countertops clear from appliances that already have a designated storage spot. The same goes for spices, pans, pots, and other items.
  • Use all spare spaces, including those behind the doors on the side of the refrigerator, or even on the side of the cabinets. 
  • Maximize the under-sink area, which is often not considered for storage. Here, you can keep your cleaning supplies and kitchen napkins. 


So these were the most efficient kitchen storage ideas that will help you utilize all areas from floor to ceiling. Be sure to buy the best quality products that are sturdy and durable as well. Since the kitchen is an area that is exposed to steam and moisture, the additional storage solutions must be easy to clean and maintain. 

If you need more information on further improving the storage in your kitchen, get in touch with BKCiandre. We’ll be happy to help.

FAQs Related to Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinet

What are floor-to-ceiling cabinets called?

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are often referred to as “full-height cabinets” or “tall cabinets.” They provide extended storage from the floor to the ceiling.

What is it called when kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling?

When kitchen cabinets extend to the ceiling, it is known as “ceiling-height cabinets” or “cabinets that reach the ceiling.”

Is it better to have cabinets go to the ceiling?

Having cabinets go to the ceiling can be beneficial for maximizing storage space and reducing dust accumulation on cabinet tops. It also offers a sleek and uniform look to the kitchen.

Can you put kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling?

Yes, you can install kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling. This is a common design choice to optimize storage and create a polished appearance in the kitchen.