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Why We Love Our Extendable Dining Table

Extendable dining tables are ideal for small families and spaces, offering style, space optimization, and versatility for every occasion.

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Extendable tables are an innovative twist to the ancient dining tables, and they offer additional space in times of need. Extendable tables are designed for small families and dining areas that only need extra space once in a while. 

When you look at an expanding table from a distance, it looks similar to a traditional dining table until the need to extend the table arises. Upon opening from both ends, the simple table can be converted into an expandable.  

What Makes Extendable Tables an Ideal Choice?

First, you decide the requirements of your living room. Do you want to table style? Or want space? Once you decide the answer, start the hunt for the perfect extendable table design that compliments your space. These tables are gaining popularity amongst both the elite and the petite class.

A sleek extendable dining table with a modern design perfect for accommodating extra guests during gatherings

Know the top reasons that make expandable tables the ideal choice for a dining table:

  1. Space optimization: It is the intelligent utilization of the available space in such a way that makes it ideal for both compact and extended use. Since space is a common constraint in many small households these days, an extendable table is a complete game-changer. It combines style with practicality and offers a great solution to those on a fixed budget. 
  2. Multiple options: After you select the suitable option based on your choice and demand, there are still multiple options to choose from. Make sure to consider factors like usability, budget, quality of wood, etc. You can choose between table shapes, like round and rectangular, or select on the basis of materials used, like wood or glass. 
  3. Customizability: The next reason is the ability to choose the design of your liking and get it customized as per your requirements. Extensions can both be added to the existing table, or a new extendable table can be selected from the ready-made options available in the market.    
  4. Dual usage: Being an extendable table, it is suitable for everyday meals on the smaller version and perfect for get-togethers and hosting dinners with the extending wings. The dual ability of the extendable table brings great freedom and choices for hosting gatherings.  
  5. Portability: The DIY extension table top can be put above the older table to make it larger in space. The wooden extension board can be easily placed in any corner of the house. In some cases, the overboard that is put above the existing table can also be used for other purposes, such as creating a workspace or just even as a base. 

Select the Best [In-Built Extension & DIY Extension] 

After reading about the benefits, it is now time to select which method is suitable for an expandable dining table:

Wooden extendable dining table with in built leaf black metal supports and matching bench on hardwood floor

In-built Extension

This category includes the most common types of table extensions. Having built-in leaves that fold out to expand the area of the dining table. Leaves are either attached or kept aside when not in use. Common mechanisms in expandable designs are: 

  • Butterfly leaf extension: This is one of the most commonly used types of built-in extension that folds out like butterfly wings to provide additional space. The simple and space-friendly design of the table makes it ideal for small houses.
  • Insert leaf: In this type of extension, removed leaves are added to the center of the table and stored separately. These leaves can be taken out when needed and remain removed otherwise. 
  • Drop tops: These tables can be fit into the kitchen or dining areas, having really compact space to fit. When there is a need to extend the table, the table can be shifted to a wider space, allowing the leaves to set out freely. 

DIY Extension

However, if you want to get an extension for your dinner table without paying much, DIY is the option for you. Begin by choosing a design of your choice and gathering the required material. Make sure you learn woodworking skills, creativity, and tools to get the best results.  

Styles to Choose from the Range of Extendable Tables 

Table extensions come in many varieties and designs to lighten up the aesthetics of your home and add a unique twist. Below is a comparison between the common styles of tables and how to choose the perfect match for your home.

Common styles 





Finishing with rich wood for a decent final look

Elegant-looking, traditional decor. 

Not suitable for small dining areas 


Cleanliness, high-gloss finishes

Contemporary aesthetics, ideal for smaller spaces.  

Might need to shift some traditional decor to another position 


Drop-leaf tables with hanging leaves are turned to the side when not in use. 

Table space makes it ideal for a compact kitchen

Not recommended for spaces having limited area for extension 

Round table

Options for extension are also available 

Ideal for family gatherings 

It can seat comparatively fewer guests 

Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing an Extendable Table 

Compact extendable round table in dark finish with matching chairs set for two modern minimalistic design

  • Space occupancy: Make sure to take proper measurements of your dining area to find a table that will completely fit in the space. Create a rough map in your head, and then decide on the layout of the room. 
  • Type of material: Wood offers elegance and durability for a longer time, so it is very important to select the type of wood that aligns well with the other furniture in the room. 
  • Mechanism: To select the type of extension, it is important to figure out the frequency of usage or your requirement for the dining table extension. You are advised to select the best option for all the features.   
  • Budget: The best way to narrow down the options and determine what you want is to decide on a spending limit. The budget will determine the range of table extension options for your dining table. 


Transform your dining space into a cozy and intimate area that is forever party-ready. Expandable tables are the perfect gift for a modern living space, effortlessly combining style with decor. 

Discover the pool of extending dining table options at BK Ciandre and find the perfect fit for your home space. Whether you want a space-savvy design or just a designer table, we have got you covered for all your needs. 

FAQs Related to Extendable Dining Table

Are Extendable Dining Tables Worth It?

Yes, extendable dining tables are worth it for those who value flexibility in their dining area. They are ideal for accommodating extra guests during special occasions without taking up permanent space.

What Are the Cons of an Extendable Table?

The cons of an extendable table include potential durability issues with the mechanism over time, a higher price point than standard tables, and the occasional mismatch in the finish between the main table and extension pieces.

Can You Extend a Table?

Yes, many tables are designed with extendable features, allowing you to increase their length or width through built-in leaves or separate extension pieces, making them versatile for different occasions.

What Is the Most Space-Efficient Table?

The most space-efficient table is typically a round or square drop-leaf table. Its flexible design allows you to adjust the size according to your needs, making it perfect for small spaces.

What Is the Most Comfortable Dining Table Height?

The most comfortable dining table height is generally around 28 to 30 inches (71 to 76 cm). This height range is suitable for most people to sit comfortably with enough legroom underneath.


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