NameEstablished TimeProducts
BK Ciandre1996
Cabinets, Walk-in Closets, Coffee Tables
Kitchens, Accessories, Showrooms
Dica (Concepto Habitat Dica)1984
Kitchens, Cupboards, Equipped Walls
Pino Cocinas1980
Kitchens, Vanities
Kitchens, Homes
Doimo Cucine1996Kitchens
Kitchens, Living Rooms
Professional Kitchens, Kitchen Furniture
Indoor Furniture, Kitchens, Bathrooms
Grupo Inara1970
Kitchens, Various Styles Under Different Brand Names

Spanish kitchen cabinet makers and manufacturers have built a well-deserved name for quality craftsmanship and design innovation. Whether you prefer sleek modern kitchens or classic evergreen designs, there is a Spanish cabinetmaker with a style to match yours, 

They are also good to fit almost any budget. In this guide to the 10 best Spanish kitchen cabinet makers and manufacturers, we will look in detail at some of the best options available.

We will be examining their individual styles, products and markets. If you are considering a new kitchen and want inspiration or ideas or are a professional designer looking for new partners and products.  This useful resource will arm you with everything you need to know to choose the right cabinet maker.

Spanish Kitchen Industry Overview

The kitchen furniture industry in Spain is part of a much longer-standing furniture-making tradition. The quality materials and craftsmanship of expert woodworkers have been the cornerstone of the Spanish furniture industry for centuries.

Now, Spanish kitchen cabinet manufacturers are recognized internationally for their design innovation. They create beautiful kitchens that are as functional as they are beautiful.

This attention to design is characteristic of the Spanish kitchen industry. Spanish designers tend to specialize in creating kitchens that adapt to the individual needs of modern life. That means open-plan layouts, ergonomic designs, and innovative storage solutions to maximize your space.

Quality is a defining characteristic that extends beyond design innovation. Spanish manufacturers are committed to using high-quality materials. 

They use great materials, from solid hardwoods and durable laminates to sleek and innovative Silestone and Dekton surfaces. That is why Spanish kitchens are beautiful and built to last.

Spanish brands are now a major player on the international kitchen stage. Their reputation for quality makes them an attractive option for homeowners and designers alike. 

Spanish brands are a top choice for luxury kitchens, and the industry as a whole is at the forefront of the latest contemporary kitchen trends. They are successfully fusing tradition and innovation.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Brands &Manufacturers

Here, we look at the top 10 kitchen cabinet brands and manufacturers in Spain. We explain the specialties, products, and markets of each company so you know which is best for you 

1. BK Ciandre

bkciandre website

BK Ciandre may not be a worldwide household name yet, but this Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturer is one to watch out for. Established in 1996, the company specializes in luxury, bespoke kitchen designs blending traditional methods with modern style. 

Key Products

This image showcases a modern kitchen design with sleek cabinets integrated appliances and stylish glass front storage for glassware How can I assist you with this image

  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Frameless Door
  • Display Cabinet

Why Should You Trust BK Ciandre?

Attention to detail is very important to BK Ciandre and each kitchen is individual, designed to suit the preferences of the owner.

They don’t just make cabinets, though. BK Ciandre’s range of kitchen furniture includes ceramic table tops noted for their lightness and robustness.

Using an array of materials from solid wood to laminates and patented sintered stone for worktops.  The company can accommodate varying tastes while upholding the brand’s standards of excellence.

In terms of style, the majority of BK Ciandre’s kitchens follow modern, minimalist designs often featuring straight lines and lacquered finishes. But their bespoke service means traditional features and splashes of color can be incorporated if desired. 

The company’s clientele are discerning owners looking for a luxury, tailor-made kitchen design combining practicality with avant-garde style.

2. Santos

santos website

A household name in Spain, Santos is a kitchen cabinet manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience. Functionality and ergonomic design are key principles here. It is demonstrated in clever storage solutions and practical, user-friendly features.

Key Products

This image showcases a contemporary kitchen with grey cabinets wooden accents and large windows that offer a view of the outdoors

  • Kitchens 
  • Accessories
  • Showroom

Recommendation Reasons

Sleek lines and a minimalist style are characteristic of Santos kitchens, making them ideal for ultra-modern and contemporary properties. Functionality is paramount, but that doesn’t mean style has to suffer. A vast array of finishes, from high-gloss lacquers to sanitized woods, mean every need and desire can be accommodated.

Quality is a fundamental characteristic of Santos. Using high-quality materials such as moisture-resistant MDF boards and robust fittings, their kitchens are built to last. The company’s clientele ranges from discerning owners looking for a stylish and practical kitchen design to professionals who value efficient working areas.

3. Dica (Concepto Habitat Dica)

dica website

Dica (Concepto Habitat Dica) is an established Spanish kitchen manufacturer with a pedigree for producing high-end bespoke kitchens. Since 1984, they have developed expert knowledge in the design and production of beautiful spaces.  These are to meet the specific needs of their clients. 

Main Products

This image features a modern kitchen with a spacious island built in wooden cabinetry and open shelving The lighting design and integrated plants add warmth and style to the space

  • Kitchen
  • Cupboards
  • Equipped wall

Reason For Recommendation

At Dica, they believe that the art of kitchen design is as important as the science. And their carefully crafted kitchens are as beautiful as they are functional.

The range offers diverse styles from contemporary sleek to classic and timeless. A mixture of luxurious materials such as solid wood, high-grade laminates, and cutting-edge finishes contribute to the premium look of their kitchens. 

Dica is renowned for its attention to detail and offers a high level of customization. This makes sure that the final design accurately represents the wishes of the client.

The kitchens from Dica are aimed at the discerning homeowner who values a practical space that is also rich in aesthetic appeal. Clients looking for a bespoke design that meets their individual needs and complements their personality were advised by Dica. They are among the most sought-after kitchens for luxury kitchen installations.

4.  Pino Cocinas

livingpino website

Pino Cocinas are a family owned Spanish kitchen company established in 1980. They pride themselves on their traditions and carry the generations-old craft of woodwork into the 21st century. 

Like the other Spanish manufacturers on this list, Pino Cocinas designs and produces only their own kitchens. Their strong point is the classical and traditional style

Unlike some others, Pino Cocinas concentrates on one specific style. Most of their designs use warm tones of wood, and elegant details and convey a feeling of timeless quality.

Main Products

his image features a sleek modern kitchen with black cabinetry a white countertop island and stainless steel appliances The design is minimalistic with a clean contemporary feel

  • Kitchens
  • Vanities

Although they stress the importance of tradition and way of doing things, they are by no means old fashioned. All the necessary modern comforts and functional requirements are subtly integrated into their timeless designs. They use high-quality solid wood and long-lasting materials in their kitchens, which are built to last for many generations.

Pino Cocinas kitchens are aimed at the quality-conscious homeowner who values the importance of a timeless aesthetic. A Pino Cocinas kitchen is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a cozy and inviting environment. 

This whispers hints of yesteryear. The brand will appeal to those who admire traditional elements and classic design subtly blended with all the comforts of modern-day living.

5. Schmidt

schmidt website

Schmidt is the international touch in the Spanish kitchen market. The brand is an established German manufacturer with a Spanish division. 

Their extensive portfolio of designs offers something for every taste and budget. Their main focus is on accessible design that combines functionality with affordability.

In contrast to some of the other high-end Spanish manufacturers, Schmidt Spain presents a large variety of styles. Some of their kitchens have clean lines and cool surfaces in a contemporary manner. Warmer traditional designs using wood tones and beautiful details are also part of their repertoire. 

This enables them to target a large market segment of budget-aware homeowners who seek a modern and functional kitchen. This along with those who prefer warmer tones and classic shapes.

Key Products

This image features a modern kitchen with sleek grey cabinetry a marble backsplash and open shelving for easy access to essentials

  • Kitchens
  • Homes

The brand focuses on quality but not at the expense of price. They use high-grade, moisture-resistant laminates, sturdy work surfaces, and fittings to ensure good value for money. 

The target market for Schmidt Spain is very large. It includes those homeowners who value a functional kitchen as well as those who are mindful of the price. Their kitchens are well worth considering for those who desire a well-designed and pleasant kitchen but have a reasonable budget.

6. Doimo Cucine 

doimocucine website

Doimo Cucine offers Italian style to the Spanish kitchen market. It’s a well-known Italian brand that has chosen Spain as a showcase. 

Founded in 1996, Doimo Cucine has as a main feature the Italian design and quality. The brand works towards the creation of functional kitchens that respond to the demands of today’s society.

Key Products

This image showcases a modern kitchen with wood paneled walls and cabinetry a grey countertop island and a hanging plant above the cooking area

  • kitchens

Reasons for Recommendation

Their aesthetics is based on straight lines, clean profiles and a lot of space to optimize the use of the area. It’s the Italian style that highlights functionality and ergonomics. 

But Doimo Cucine Spain adds those touches that characterize the Spanish people These were such as warm wood tones or a color to give it personality.

The quality of the materials is very important for Doimo Cucine. They use laminated, moist resistant, resistant handles, finishes and details to ensure maximum durability over time. 

7. Pedini

pedini website

Pedini offers Italian style to the Spanish market. It’s a well-known Italian brand that has chosen Spain as a showcase. 

Oriented to the premium segment, it’s an established firm that creates luxurious and sophisticated kitchens. Pedini Spain is famous for its high quality materials and its exceptional demand.Their aesthetics is based on timeless designs, where wood tones, details and finishes stand out. 

Main Products

his image showcases a modern kitchen with sleek grey cabinetry minimalist design elements and a stylish light fixture

  • Kitchen
  • Living Rooms

Reasons for Recommendation

They work towards the creation of unique kitchens, giving them the same prominence as functionality and user comfort. The customization is high, and the client can choose the cabinet hardware, countertops, etc., to adjust the desired sophistication level.

The brand aims for a selective clientele with a demanding taste. Their kitchens are perfect for those clients looking for sophistication and personality. 

Pedini Spain is chosen by those who value functionality as much as the undeniable luxury of the environment. They stand out very much in the premium kitchen demand.

8. Mobalco

mobalco website

Mobalco finds the perfect balance between quality, price and current aesthetics. Created in Spain, they knew how to interpret the demand for style and functionality at affordable prices. 

They offer elegant and functional kitchens with clean cuts and straight profiles. Mobalco works towards the creation of contemporary spaces with innovative and functional handy storage.

They take special care of the selection of materials used. They are always choosing those of greater durability and looking for aesthetics that give prominence to the design. 

For example, they use laminated, moist resistant, resistant handles and anti-fingerprint stainless steel drawers for perfect sliding. The quality of the materials allows the manufacture of kitchens with great durability and at the same time, maintaining reasonable prices.

Key Products

This image features a modern kitchen setup with built in herb growers open shelves for storage and wooden drawers for fresh produce

  • Professional Kitchens
  • Kitchen Furniture

Why should you choose Mobalco?

Mobalco is oriented to a wide range of clients, especially those who have a sense of design. Especially those who are looking for a contemporary kitchen within their budget. 

They are an excellent choice for those who value functionality and straight aesthetics but at the same time affordable prices. Their kitchens are chosen by those who like the current straight lines but refrain from buying prestigious brands due to their high cost. 

9. Gamadecor

gamadecor website

Part of the Porcelanosa Group of companies, Gamadecor is a Spanish kitchen manufacturer founded in 1987. This has a focus on technology and innovation. 

They are best known for their modern kitchen designs, using high-quality materials and incorporating the latest features and accessories. Above all, Gamadecor strives to offer beautiful, functional, and flexible kitchens to meet the changing needs of modern living.

Main Products

This image features a modern kitchen with a large island a dining area and open shelving for display and storage

  • Indoor Furniture
  • Kitchens’
  • Bathroom

Why Should You Choose Gamadecor?

The majority of their styles feature clean-cut lines, minimalist and sleek profiles and, most importantly, a maximum use of space. This is certainly a modern design ethos and often includes some clever features such as hidden storage, and worktops with new height.

Gamadecor is not afraid to use quality materials, including moisture-resistant boards (from sustainable forests) and premium European hardware. They also offer some interesting and futuristic surfaces such as Silestone and Dekton for worktops and splashbacks.

10. Grupo Inara

grupoinara website

Another giant among Spanish manufacturers, Grupo Inara, produces a wide variety of styles under different brand names. This means they appeal to a vast range of customer preferences and provide everything from traditional to modern kitchens.

Naturally, this offers homeowners the benefit of choice: find the brand, style and cabinetry that suits your taste and budget. They were founded in 1970  and operate across the globe.

Their kitchen brands include Inara Kitchen and Dica (a separate company that they subsequently acquired). Each offers different design styles and a choice of materials and surfaces. 

Key Products

This image features a sophisticated kitchen design with a combination of black and wood finishes

  • Kitchens

Reasons For Recommendation

Perhaps this one-stop shop approach is their real USP, making them a handy choice for any homeowner. Quality and functionality are key across all their brands, and their kitchens are certainly built to endure modern living. 

Group Inara targets customers who are looking for trendy designs through to those who prefer a more timeless style. Everybody, in other words. 

In Conclusion

This top 10 overview of Spanish kitchen cabinet manufacturers has highlighted the strengths of each brand and the sectors they target in the market. From the handleless and high gloss of Santos to the classic and timeless style of Pino Cocinas.

Spanish kitchens really do offer a complete palette of design choices. Understanding the leading brands and what they offer will help you to make the very best decisions to build your dream kitchen. 

Try BK Ciandre for lovely Kitchen cabinets and classy modern kitchens in Spain.

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