NameEstablished TimeProducts
BK Ciandre1996Walk-in Closets, Kitchen Cabinets, Dining Tables, Ceramic Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Display Cabinets, Frameless Doors, Sliding Doors, Sideboard Cabinets
The Wardrobe Company1972Wardrobes, Modular Wardrobes, Bespoke Wardrobes, Walk-in Closets
Veneto2018Walk-in Wardrobes, Sliding Wardrobe Doors, Openable Wardrobes, Frame Doors, Room Partitions, Shelves
Aristo India2011Walk-in Wardrobe & Shelf Systems, Sliding Wardrobes, Aristo Kitchens, Room Partitions, Openable Wardrobes
ALEA2009Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes
Regalo Kitchens2009Modular Kitchens, Modular Wardrobes, TV Panels, Bathroom Vanities
Wurfel Wardrobes, Kitchens, Bathrooms, TV Units
MorokModular Wardrobes, Modular Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Bathroom Vanities, Office Furniture
raumplus India1985Wardrobes & Shelves, Folding Doors, Hinge Doors, Room Doors, Room Dividers, Partition Walls, Dressers & Freestanding Furniture
DNB Interiors2013Modular Wardrobes, Modular Kitchens, Sofa Sets, Chest of Drawers, Convertible Furniture, Wooden Wall Panelling, Bathroom Vanities, TV Wall Units

Ready to find the top 10 walk-in wardrobe makers in India? A walk-in wardrobe can transform your space and your home. But with so many options how do you really know which ones are the best in luxury and style?

Here, we list the best. From BK Ciandre’s designs to Veneto’s customized solutions, these companies offer the best. We’ll go into the details of each top contender so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Top Walk-In Wardrobe Makers in India

Ready to walk into the world of walk-in wardrobes in India? Let’s enter the world of premium wardrobe makers and see what makes them special. Whether you want luxury or functionality, we have got you covered in India.

1. BK Ciandre

BK Ciandre Walk in Closet website

A leading manufacturer of high-end kitchen cabinets and walk-in wardrobes, offering customizable luxury solutions for modern homes. Their designs are a mix of style, functionality, and high-quality materials.

Founded in 1996 by Angela Peng. BK Ciandre has been producing high-end, customized furniture. Angela’s architectural background and her experience are the reasons that the company has become a global leader in the industry.

BK Ciandre’s designs combine natural, historical, industrial, and artistic elements for residential and commercial spaces globally.

Angela’s vision is to blend traditional Chinese elements with modern style, to create functional and beautiful designs, and to transform living and working spaces.

The company is now expanding and serving in different parts of the world. India is one of the countries where the company is gaining popularity and people trust them for their services.

Factory Information:

BK Ciandre welcomes visitors to their two locations:

  • Factory -No. 7, Bo’ai East Road, District Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong.
  • Office -815, Building T9, Zone 2, No. 28, 1# Jihua Road, District Chan Cheng, Foshan City, Guangdong.

Contact BK Ciandre at +86 135 9066 4949 or


Antibes bedroom walk-in closet

Recommend Reason:

BK Ciandre is the epitome of architecture and design, products that combine style, durability and customer approval, all with the use of ceramic technology.

For residential, commercial, or hotel projects, BK Ciandre combines functionality with style, setting new standards in the industry.

Choosing BK Ciandre means choosing high quality and design so spaces are not only functional but beautiful.

2. The Wardrobe Company

The Wardrobe Company website

The Wardrobe Company sources wardrobes globally and caters to the Indian market.

With over 50 years of combined industry experience, the company aims to provide a hassle-free and transparent experience to customers looking to buy wardrobes.

They have a wide range of products, modular wardrobes from Italy, bespoke Indian wardrobes, and walk-in closets from European regions.

Factory Information

For Mumbai Store:

  • Address: 19 Raghuvanshi Mills, Second Floor, Lower Parel West, Mumbai
  • Phone: 022 6699 0550/0660, +91 98199 20660
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Hyderabad Store:

  • Address: Channel 6, Plot 74, Kamalapuri Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500073


The Wardrobe Company Wardrobes

  • Wardrobes

Recommend Reason:

Choose The Wardrobe Company for global access to wardrobes for the Indian market. Access to wardrobes from Italian, German and local Indian brands, so many options.

You will also have options for customization in design and functionality to suit individual customer needs.

3. Veneto

Veneto website

Veneto was founded in 2018 by Prakash Jain and is the holding company of CNR, modern and contemporary wardrobe designs.

Veneto focuses on home décor and offers Modular Wardrobe Art Linea, Office Partition Systems, Cucina Voga for kitchen accessories, and CNR PRO for project-specific products.

Their 360° solution is from design consultation to installation, so every step meets high standards of style and functionality.

With a vision to be an industry leader, Veneto builds long-term relationships with suppliers and customers to redefine home interiors with quality and design.

Factory Information:

To visit the factory, please find the address – Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road Andheri-West, Mumbai 400053.


Veneto Wardrobe

  • Walk In Wardrobe
  • Sliding wardrobe door
  • Openable wardrobe
  • Frame Doors
  • Room Partitions
  • Shelves

Recommend Reason:

Veneto is the best choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their living spaces with stylish wardrobes and home solutions.

They focus on quality and 360° solutions from design to implementation so every customer has a hassle-free experience.

Choose Veneto for a transformative journey in home aesthetics, backed by a team committed to realizing your vision with creativity and precision.

4. Aristo India

Aristo India website

Founded in 2011, Aristo India has become a leading provider of designer wardrobes, room partitions, and carcasses in India.

This company is a joint venture between Aristo Russia and the Kelachandra business house, which has a legacy of over 100 years in India. 

Aristo India works with a team of over 300 people. Also, it offers superior products and services along with a showroom network and wide distribution across the country.

Factory Information:

Aristo India has production and warehousing facilities spread over 1 lakh sqft across 5 major locations: Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kochi, and Ahmedabad.

We have a direct presence in key cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Pune through dedicated team leaders who oversee the operations and the distribution chain.

The information of the Hyderabad Corporate Office is 244, KIADB, Phase III, Bommasandra Industrial Estate, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka State – 560099. Helpline: +91-8880 160160, Email: 

Key Products:

Aristo India walk in wardrobe

Recommend Reason:

Aristo India is the best choice for those who want the best wardrobes, sliding doors, interior partitions, and shelf systems.

Their vast infrastructure and regional teams ensure quick and efficient service for residential and commercial projects.

Choose Aristo India for expertise and reliability to enhance living and working spaces with customized solutions for every need.


ALEA website

Alea has become a renowned name in the modular kitchens and wardrobes space. It was founded in 2009 with 10-plus years of experience in this sector .

The company has its roots in 1998 in a furniture business which laid the foundation for its current specialization.

Alea is different from others by having multiple models with different designs, finishes and materials. What sets Alea apart in the market is the methods to mix and match elements and offer customized solutions that are both functional and beautiful.

With a team of designers Alea delivers timeless pieces for every customer.

Factory Information:

Alea is operational in multiple locations in northern India. You can visit their factory at 241, Phase I, Industrial Area, Panchkula, Haryana – 134113.

Key Products:

ALEA India wardrobe

Recommend Reason:

Alea is the best choice for those who want detailed and high-end interior design solutions.

If you want design innovation, craftsmanship, and personal attention to ensure every project meets the highest quality and style standards, choose Alea Kitchen and wardrobe makers in India.

6. Regalo Kitchens

Regalo Kitchens website

Regalo means gift in Spanish, and that’s what Regalo Kitchens does – gift kitchens with design, aesthetics, and functionality.

Specializing in modular kitchen solutions, Regalo Kitchens is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of customized kitchen and wardrobe designs.

The company combines creativity with practicality to offer solutions for the modern homeowner’s varied needs.

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Regalo Kitchens is setting new benchmarks in style and quality, and every product reflects the taste of its high-end clients.

Factory Information:

Regalo Kitchens has state of the art manufacturing facilities that focus on precision, quality, and innovation. It is operational in all major cities of northern India.

Key Products:

Regalo Kitchens wardrobe

  • Modular Kitchen
  • Modular Wardrobe
  • TV Panel
  • Bathroom Vanity

Recommend Reason:

Choosing Regalo means you get kitchen and wardrobe solutions that are high in quality and style.

For those in Delhi and other cities of India, Regalo’s modular wardrobes are designed to increase organization and style, with multiple colors and layouts to fit into any space.

Regalo is known for its quality and design and is fast becoming a well-known brand in the modular wardrobe space in India.

7. Wurfel

Wurfel website

Würfel’s manufacturing process is all about quality and sustainability. Founded with the noble idea of giving Indian homes the best of European wardrobes and kitchens, and has changed the modular interior industry in India.

Würfel is embracing the “Make in India” initiative and brings the best of Europe to India, and every product reflects European quality and design.

The company’s philosophy of simplicity is reflected in its choice of partners and suppliers and brings top end European technology and processes under the guidance of its European Production Head.

As a brand, Würfel is proud to offer European products made with eco-friendly practices and a vision to put an Indian brand on the global modular wardrobe map.

Factory Information:

Wurfel is operational in all over India for wardrobe and kitchen making.

Key Products:

Wurfel Wardrobe

  • Wardrobe
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • TV Units

Recommend Reason:

Würfel is the first choice for modular wardrobes because of its quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

With the most number of showrooms in India and multiple Best Modular Kitchen Awards from 2018 to 2022, Würfel is the benchmark for home interiors.

8. Morok

Morok website

Morok Designs creates your dream home with a dash of art and elegance.

As a bespoke furniture manufacturer for both residential and commercial spaces, Morok Designs is shaking up the status quo of traditional craftsmanship.

Every project and home is unique.

By combining creativity, technology, and modern design, Morok Designs makes each piece of furniture stand out and make you look again.

Factory Information:

The company is based in Uttar Pradesh and is easily accessible. Here are the factory details.

Address – A-71, Sec – 80, Phase II Noida, UP – 201305, India, Contact: 120 4563127, Mobile: +91 9667366355, +91 9810196355, +91 7303091820. Email –

Key Products:

Morok wardrobe

  • Modular Wardrobe
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Office Furniture

Recommend Reason:

Morok Designs focuses on your modular wardrobe needs and offers the best quality, innovation, and personal touch.

The company’s range of bespoke wardrobes is designed to add functionality and beauty to any space.

With a focus on artistry and craftsmanship, Morok Designs is the go to for bespoke furniture solutions that turn your home into a work of modern art.

9. raumplus India

raumplus India website

Founded in 1985 by Jurgen Guddas, raumplus started with a single sliding door design and has since become a global brand for custom-made sliding doors, room dividers, and wardrobe systems.

Three generations old, the company has grown under the leadership of Carsten and Uta Bergmann and Nane-Sophie Bergmann, the industrial designer.

Today raumplus is present in 70 countries with subsidiaries in the USA, India, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, and Poland, and has its head office in Bremen.

Despite the growth, the company still holds true to its founding principles of customer friendliness, diversity, high quality, and competence.

Factory Information:

The Indian office of this brand is in Mumbai.

Key Products:

raumplus India wardrobe

  • Wardrobes & Shelves
  • Folding Doors
  • Hinge Doors
  • Room Doors
  • Room Dividers
  • Partition Walls
  • Dressers & Freestanding Furniture

Recommend Reason:

raumplus is the go to for custom wardrobe systems as it stands for quality and innovation.

Customers can trust raumplus for wardrobes that not only add beauty to their homes but also sustainable living.

10. Dnb interiors

Dnb interiors website

DNB Interiors was founded in 2013 by Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta. This company is a design focused modular furniture manufacturing company that provides high quality and customized products to its consumers.

The company also holds a reputation for high quality work as well as timely delivery for several clients across India.

DNB Interiors customizes their products as per the personality of its customers. They make sure of that every piece is created to bring satisfaction, and value.

Factory Information:

Here is the factory address: 

49/93, Golden Protein Complex, Site-4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, UP – 201010, India.

Key Products:

Dnb interiors wardrobe

  • Modular Wardrobe
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Sofa Set
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Convertible Furniture
  • Wooden Wall Panelling
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • TV Wall Unit

Recommend Reason:

DNB Interiors is the go to for wardrobe solutions as it stands for quality, customization, and customer satisfaction.

It is a well-known name in the industry and delivers innovative and beautifully crafted wardrobe solutions that turn homes into dream spaces.


Choosing the right walk-in wardrobe maker can add beauty and functionality to your home. The top 10 companies listed above are known for their quality, design, and customer satisfaction.

Each brand has its own features and bespoke solutions to cater to your needs so that your wardrobe is not just a storage but a style statement of your living space.

If you also want to luxuriously design your wardrobe space, then contact BK Ciandre to get the best walk-in wardrobe solutions!