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What Is a Console Table: All You Need to Know

Explore the versatility of console tables with BK Ciandre, perfect for adding style and functionality to any space in your home.

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Wondering – what is a console table? You’re in the right place. Console tables are versatile additions to your house and can serve multifaceted purposes. 

Whether you want to use it as a storage space by the front door or a dining room accent table, there are various uses for console tables. 

This post will offer you a comprehensive understanding of console tables – what they are, the benefits, how to choose one, and much more. 

So, keep reading to find out more. 

What Is a Console Table?

innovation s console table

A console table is a long, narrow table about as tall as a dining table. It usually fits well in an entryway, living room, or dining room.

This table is a real all-rounder. It’s perfect for places where you need extra storage, somewhere to drop things quickly, or a spot for a lamp.

Characteristics of Console Tables 

Console tables are known for adding elegance and functionality to any home. Let’s explore the key points that define these versatile furniture pieces.

Size and Dimensions

A console table’s magic lies in maximizing functionality in tight spaces. These tables have long profiles designed to fit perfectly against walls or in entryways. Console tables are mostly 30 to 60 inches long and 12 to 18 inches deep. So, it lets you add a lot of style without sacrificing any floor space. 

Wide Range of Materials Used

Another striking feature of a console table is that it is available in different materials. For instance, you can use wood options like walnut or oak to add elegance and traditional charm. 

You can choose metal console tables with glass tops or wooden shelves if you like contemporary styles. They offer a sleek and airy look. Glass consoles create a light and open feel, perfect for smaller spaces. Other luxury options available are marble and granite. 

Variety in Designs and Style 

The beauty of console tables lies in their diverse shapes and sizes. The most common is the rectangular console. Half-moon consoles are ideal for entryways or curved hallways. 

Round consoles work best in tight entryways or behind sofas.  For extra functionality, consider console tables with shelves or drawers – perfect for storing keys, mail, or other essentials. You may customize the size and design as per your needs. 

Where to Use Console Tables and How?

Small wooden console table with three drawers Three potted plants sit on the table

From bedrooms to dining rooms, these handy tables offer a surprising range of functionality.

Let’s explore in depth how these tools are used and how. 

Dining Room 

Using a console table in a big dining room makes sense. However, often, people place console tables in dining rooms that are too small where they aren’t needed. It’s common to fall for furniture and try to make it fit, even if it doesn’t. 

Adding a console table along with a dining table is a good idea if your dining room is big enough. It gives you extra space to place lamps and decor. You may also add the table against the wall and place snacks and cutlery for easy access. 


A console table in the entryway can help hold your keys, dog leashes, and other daily items. Coming home tired, you will have a place to put down your bag and groceries on the table, so the clutter won’t add up on the floor. 

When placing a console table, ensure your front door can open and close easily. Most console tables are about 18 inches deep. If that’s too much, look for a narrower one. They can be as thin as 12 inches or even less.


For bedrooms,  you can place one under a mounted TV or use it to hold the TV. If you have a big bedroom with an extra wall and a dresser, you can place a console table to hold a lamp, or it can just be a place for nice decor. You may place fresh flowers or aroma diffuser over the console table. 

To place a console table in a bedroom, find an empty wall. Make sure it doesn’t block any doors or drawers. This gives you extra space for storage and decoration. If you have plants in the room, you may arrange them next to the console table for an earthy charm. 

Living Rooms 

A console table fits well in a living room if you have enough space and a clear purpose. One way is to add a table behind the sofa to add more dimension to the room. 

To place a console table in a living room, choose a spot that doesn’t make the area feel cramped. Ensure it doesn’t block the room’s flow or access to other furniture. Besides, you may place it next to the window. 

Top Features of Using Console Tables 

  • Pre-Assembled: Choose a pre-assembled console table to skip the hassle of assembling furniture. You can use it immediately after it arrives.
  • Live Edge: Opt for console tables with live edges for a unique and striking look. Each one shows the natural characteristics of wood and makes every table look unique.
  • Scratch-Resistant: Ideal for homes with kids or pets or if you often toss your keys on the table. These console tables resist scratches and keep your furniture in good condition.
  • Stain-Resistant: Console tables are often treated to repel stains and spills. They’re perfect if you’re worried about water rings or other marks, especially in busy homes.
  • Storage Options: Console tables have different storage options like drawers, shelves, or cabinets. They’re excellent for keeping your space tidy and storing items out of sight.

That was all about the features and benefits of buying a console table. Now the question arises – How do you buy a console table?

Now, this is a million-dollar question. But don’t worry, we will give you the tips. 

Tips and Tricks to Choose the Right Console Table 

Small wood console table with 3 drawers Plants add a pop of color on top

When choosing a console table, here’s how to find the perfect match for your home:

The console table is a versatile and stylish addition to any home. But with so many options, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you find the perfect console table for your space and needs.

Measure Up: Size Matters

Before you fall in love with a gorgeous console table at the store, take a step back and grab your measuring tape. The first thing to consider is the space where the table will live. 

Check if you have enough room for a console table. It should serve a clear purpose in your living room—whether it’s for your TV or display decor. Consider the area’s length and width, and don’t forget to factor in any clearance you’ll need to walk around the table comfortably.

Function First: What Will Your Console Table Do?

Console tables serve multiple roles in your home. You need to know what purpose you want it to serve you. 

Would you need a table to keep your keys and mail in the entryway? Or maybe you want a stage for a stylish lamp and decorative objects in the living room. Some people also like to use it as a mini-buffet in the dining room. 

Knowing how to use the table may help you get the right style, size, and features.

Finding Your Style: Friend or Foe to Your Decor?

Now for the fun part: style! Your console table should complement the overall aesthetic of your space. Do you like antique finishes? Then buy traditional console tables, perfect if you love classic elegance. 

If you prefer a minimalist look, modern console tables are ideal. They have clean lines and often incorporate materials like glass or polished wood. They are best for contemporary spaces. For loft-inspired designs, industrial console tables would be the ideal fit. 

Think about which material fits your home’s style best. Wood offers warmth, metal brings a sleek edge, and glass can make small spaces feel bigger. If you’re someone who loves extra features, then go for tables that have charging ports or drop leaves for extra functionality.

Level Up Your Space with a Console Table!

Ready to transform your decor from ordinary to extraordinary? Don’t underestimate the power of a console table! This versatile piece adds instant style and functionality to any room.

Don’t wait! 

Connect with Bk Ciandre experts to find the perfect console table for your home. Your dream space awaits! 


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