So, you have a gray floor in your kitchen, and now you have to decide which cabinet color will complement it. Are you confused between two colors? Or are you looking for some perspective on the overall design? Well, all of us know that gray is a popular choice for floor coloring. 

We are here to provide you with some insights on how to choose the best color cabinet scheme with gray floors.

Best color cabinet scheme

Before you begin the project and splash some odd colors in your kitchen, have a look at this table.

Best Color Cabinet Scheme with Gray Floors


Cabinet color suggestions

Gray floor undertones

Start by matching floor undertones with cabinet undertones. Always consider warm gray floors with warm gray or beige cabinets. However, a cool gray floor can also go good with cool-toned cabinets.

Contrast & balance

Please create a contrast in your kitchen, for example, light cabinets with dark gray floors. 

Neutral palette

The next step is to use neutral colors like white, cream, or light gray for a timeless appeal.

Test in natural lighting

Eventually, you cannot start before testing the colors in natural daylight. This way, you can check if the color actually compliments the gray floor or not.

Sample swatches

Obtain samples of both gray floors and cabinet colors to see how they look together.

Additional design elements

You can add some elements for decoration or to balance the chosen color. For example, countertops or backsplashes.

Personal preference

In the end, you can always choose whatever you like and as per your taste. Select a color that can create a space that you enjoy working in.

Color Cabinet Scheme with Gray Floor

You know that gray is a neutral color, and that is why there are a number of colors that can go with this one.

Black Cabinets

No, black can’t always go with white. Imagine your kitchen with a perfect combo of black and gray. This is a classic combination and the best style that can make your home interior the best. If you have a contemporary-style home, this is your go-to mix. 

However, make sure that you have the right tone for each color because the difference in tones can turn into a disaster. With black cabinets and a gray floor, make sure you have enough natural light and air in the room. Have some large windows in the kitchen.

White Cabinets

Although white cabinets has always been the trend, mixing it with gray floor is just one step forward. This is one of the safest options in this experiment, and you can never go wrong with this one. Your kitchen will be more appealing when you add little embellishments in your kitchen. 

Just use washable paint to get rid of the dirty marks on the white kitchen cabinets. White cabinets in the kitchen will give the room a fresher and timeless look. This will obviously never go out of style, and you can always experiment with the color of the countertop in the middle of the kitchen.

Dark or Light Gray Cabinets

It is not wrong to be bold and just go two shades darker for your cabinet color. You can use a dark gray color or go two shades down and use a light gray color. However, before starting the mission, do a patch test and make sure to see if the original light setting complements properly.

Gray kitchen cabinets

Blue Cabinets

Blue can be a fine choice for a kitchen with a gray floor. They pair beautifully, and this combo creates a more calming aura in the kitchen. The space can feel more airy and wide for a small kitchen.

Simply because blue cabinets add a personality to the kitchen and become the focal point, this focal point gives a sense of uniqueness to the kitchen. You can add a big silver fridge and an oven in the middle of the cabinets. 

Green Cabinets

Not everyone chooses green color cabinets because it is a bold color. Daring at the most but gives the most grounded feeling to the entire kitchen. The combination creates a natural feeling and an eco-friendly space. 

You can add golden or woody-colored furniture in the kitchen. Always keep the counter white and some plants on the shelves. The ceiling can have small golden lights or hanging lights to give a more stylish look to your kitchen.

Cream Cabinets 

If white cabinets are too much for you, you can definitely go with cream cabinets and gray flooring. It has a more balanced look, and natural light in your kitchen can be balanced with these cream color cabinets. The floor can become the start of the room. 

You don’t have to worry about the floor being too dark or the cabinets being too light because this color combo balances out each other’s effects. You can have the wall painted this color also. Add some golden color handles and hanging lights in the kitchen. Keeping some plants inside is also a good idea. 

Cream Color Cabinet Scheme with Gray Floors

Wooden Cabinets

Of course, a kitchen with some wooden cabinets is classic, and that too with gray flooring; it is a masterpiece. It is best for small sizes and where there is not enough natural light. The wooden color is capable of blending with almost every color available.

This combination creates a more welcoming atmosphere in the house, and your guests will feel like they are in their own house. Although it does seem like a more traditional look, you can always add modern lights and some apparel to the entire look. For example, add some rolling blinds or silver handles. 

Pink Cabinets

Who said you can’t have fun with neutral gray flooring? Add some pink kitchen cabinets, and you will see the magic. It is more fun and exciting kitchen work. This will add a more soft touch to the kitchen and highlight the subtle decor items, like a curtain or some flowers.

This combination can balance both colors, and you will have an advanced modern look in your own house. The gray floor will make the pink cabinets appear modern and not a kitchen from the nineties. The peaceful environment of subtle pink will make your breakfast an experience. 

Purple Cabinets

Surely, it is a more daring choice to have a purple kitchen with a gray floor in your house. But never forget the charm of something that can enhance the interiors of your house. The dark shade of an eggplant will look fancy and formal as well.

Choose slab doors for the cabinets and put silver hardware around the kitchen. Make sure everything is aligned perfectly. You can keep the countertop white. It is better to keep the rest of the furniture in white and cream shades, along with some plant pots. 

How Can You Match the Kitchen Floor Color to the Cabinet Color?

Having a bold combination in your kitchen is a bit peculiar, for example, purple cabinets with gray flooring. But it can definitely become a voice to loud interior design. If you wish to mix some colors and make a perfect combo, here are some considerations for you.

  • Choose neutral colors with a bold color if you desire to make your kitchen loud. Whites, grays, beige, etc., are some of the good choices for you. They can create a timeless and graceful look.
  • If your floor is light, say gray or white or cream, consider having dark cabinets. This way, you can add depth and visual interest to the space.
  • Always pay attention to the undertones. If your cabinets have warm undertones, make sure that your floor has similar undertones.
  • Please do a sample test and check how they look in the natural light of your kitchen.
  • You can also go for patterned gray flooring if your cabinets are in solid color. However, try not to overwhelm the entire place with too many patterns.
  • Check the combination alignment in natural daylight.
  • You can use the color wheel to find complementary colors. They are always on the opposite side of each other on the color wheel. On the other hand, analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel.
  • Don’t forget the overall design of your kitchen. For example, a traditional kitchen will have different color schemes as compared to a modern kitchen.
  • In case you have any eye-catching fixed element in your kitchen, like a countertop. Use it as a focal point to choose the floor color.
  • Once you have done everything on your own and you are still confused, you should go to a professional adviser.

FAQs Related to Color Cabinet Scheme with Gray Floors

What color cabinets go with grey?

Grey floors offer a neutral backdrop that pairs well with various cabinet colors. For a modern and sleek look, white cabinets can create a striking contrast with grey floors. Light wood tones, such as maple or oak, offer warmth and a natural feel, complementing the coolness of grey. For a more dramatic and contemporary aesthetic, dark cabinets, such as those in ebony or deep blue, can provide a bold contrast. Soft pastels, like sage green or powder blue, can also work beautifully with grey, adding a subtle pop of color while maintaining a serene and cohesive look.

Should cabinets be lighter or darker than floors?

The choice between lighter or darker cabinets relative to the flooring depends on personal preference and the desired effect in the space. Lighter cabinets with darker floors often create a balanced contrast that highlights both elements, making the room feel grounded yet open and airy. Conversely, darker cabinets with lighter floors can add depth and warmth to a space, making it feel cozy and inviting. Both approaches can work beautifully; the key is to ensure enough contrast or complementary tones to define and harmonize the space effectively.

How do you match floor and cabinet color?

Matching floor and cabinet colors involves considering the overall design aesthetic, the room’s size, and the amount of natural light. Here are a few strategies:

  • Contrast: Choose cabinets and floors that offer a contrasting look to define the space clearly. For example, dark floors with light cabinets or vice versa.
  • Complementary Tones: Select floor and cabinet colors that are different but share the same undertone (warm or cool) for a cohesive look.
  • Monochromatic Scheme: Use varying shades of the same color for a subtle and sophisticated look. Ensure there’s enough contrast to avoid a monotonous appearance.
  • Neutral Palette: Combine neutral-colored cabinets and floors for a timeless look. Neutrals pair well with almost any color scheme and allow for flexible decor changes.

Does grey flooring go with brown cabinets?

Yes, grey flooring can go beautifully with brown cabinets. The key is to select the right shades and undertones that complement each other. Warm grey floors with a beige or taupe undertone can harmonize well with warm brown cabinets, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Cooler grey floors with a bluish or greenish undertone can offer a striking contrast to rich, dark brown cabinets, resulting in a modern and sophisticated look. Mixing grey and brown brings a balance of warmth and neutrality to the space, making it versatile and appealing.

Wrapping up!  

Now that you are familiar with how to choose the cabinet color that can go effortlessly with gray flooring in your kitchen, embrace your inner creativity & begin the project right away. The color wheel can be a good guide to you during the journey. You can also seek professional guidance, and if you are still struggling to find the right professional, contact our team without a second thought!