Are Gray Kitchen Cabinet out of Style?

Perhaps you have a gray cabinet but you’re skeptical about the best complementary wall color to choose for your kitchen. Luckily, this article is for you.

Melancholy gray kitchen cabinet

Gray cabinets are ideal because they give you a wider range of options for choosing a suitable color for your kitchen floor, furniture, and walls.

Gray kitchen cabinets are modern and flexible, allowing them to easily adapt to various design styles and wall colors. Nevertheless, choosing a wall color that complements your grey kitchen cabinets can be a bit tricky.

To guide you in making a smart choice, we will walk you through the best options for wall colors that complement grey kitchen cabinets in this article. We will also cover some important factors to consider when making your decision.

What Wall Colors That Go with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

In general, interior designers concur that contrast must be incorporated when adorning with gray cabinets.

A partially painted wall with green yellow and red stripes next to a stack of white paint cans with colorful drips and a paint roller leaning against the wall on a wooden floor

Your walls should be the focal feature of the room, regardless of whether your kitchen cabinets are light gray or something more striking. It should not be difficult for them to generate a statement that will add intrigue to the kitchen.

Traditionally, kitchen cabinets and walls of the same color should not be paired. Make an effort to select hues that are darker or lighter to enhance the visual contrast. Individual preferences are the determining factor in whether or not individuals will continue to be intrigued by outward appearances.

A contemporary aesthetic is prevalent in the majority of residences, and gray cabinets are no exception. Our objective should be to identify various hues or finishes that can be employed to establish a contrast against the gray.

Following this, listed below are eight wall colors that will complement your gray kitchen cabinets.

1. White Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

White is a timeless color option that remains fashionable, and it pairs exceptionally well with gray cabinetry. By doing so, the kitchen will appear contemporary and uncluttered, giving the impression that it is more expansive and well-lit.

White Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Even if the white kitchen cabinets are in good condition, the effect that white walls can have on the aesthetic allure of gray cabinets should never be underestimated. Despite its apparent simplicity or visibility, the impact should never be disregarded. Although white is a popular choice for kitchen walls, you could achieve a more festive ambiance by selecting a hue that complements your gray cabinetry. White is frequently selected as a favored alternative.

2. Cream or Beige Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

When aiming to establish a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for gray cabinets, contemplate incorporating taupe as an excellent wall color in the kitchen. Even though these hues do not typically complement one another, they still produce an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming kitchen.

Cream or Beige Wall Color Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

A word of advice: avoid going overboard with warming beige tones. When coupled with cooler hues, gray tends to shine.

To establish a welcoming and comfortable ambiance, one may choose a pale and cozy beige or ivory hue. This will effectively enhance the icy gray undertones and introduce a striking contrast.

3. Light Blue Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

One potential approach to incorporating color is to utilize a subdued hue of blue. Furthermore, it exquisitely complements both light and dark gray woodwork, which contributes to its remarkable aesthetic.

Light Blue Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

We recommend selecting a brighter shade of blue that accentuates your gray cabinets and gives your kitchen a sleek, contemporary appearance, as opposed to muted blue tones.

4. Gray Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

For a unified appearance, you might contemplate painting the walls the identical shade of gray as the cabinetry. The inclusion of this in your kitchen decor may impart texture and depth to the overall appearance.

Gray Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

The presence of gray kitchen cabinets may cause some individuals to perceive an excessive amount of gray coloration on the walls. You can add visual interest and individuality to your kitchen by painting the cabinets a shade that is marginally distinct from the walls.

5. Turquoise Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen with gray cabinets and a blue wall is the most striking and soothing combination imaginable.

Turquoise Wall Goes with blue Kitchen Cabinets

To create a modern and fresh vibe for your kitchen, use accents of yellows, purples, and taupes. The mix of vibrant turquoise and melancholy gray creates a well balanced color palette.

6. Dusty Pink Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Pink Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

There’s no doubt that pink looks good with cooler colors like gray because it is a warm color. You can make a beautiful kitchen, though, with gray cabinets and dusty pink walls.

7. Yellow Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Infuse your kitchen with a burst of sunshine by choosing cheerful yellow for the walls. This vibrant hue acts as a perfect counterbalance to the cool, understated elegance of gray cabinets, injecting energy and warmth into the space.

Yellow Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow walls can transform your kitchen into a brighter, more inviting area, encouraging a positive and uplifting atmosphere. It’s a delightful choice that promises to enhance the visual appeal of gray cabinetry, making the kitchen not just a place for cooking but a central hub of joy and liveliness in your home.

8. Warm-toned Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Elevate the coziness of your kitchen by introducing warm wood accents or wall colors that evoke the natural beauty and warmth of timber.

Warm toned Wall Goes with Gray Kitchen Cabinets

These elements beautifully soften the modern edge of gray cabinets, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary and rustic vibes. Warm wood tones, whether in the form of floating shelves, a wooden backsplash, or simply as wall paint mimicking the earthy palette, add depth and texture to the kitchen.

This approach fosters a welcoming and comforting environment, making the space inviting and grounding against the sleekness of gray cabinetry. It’s a perfect way to balance out the coolness of gray, ensuring your kitchen feels both sophisticated and homely.

FAQs Related to Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Which color would be the most suitable compliment to the gray cabinets in the kitchen?

A lighter shade of gray complements white and pastel colors beautifully, whereas a darker shade of gray pairs exceptionally well with black or green embellishments.

Is it ever feasible to have a kitchen that is a combination of cream and gray?

Gray and ivory, a soothing color scheme, are particularly well-suited for the kitchen, which is the most expansive room in the residence.

Can I combine grey with navy?

Indeed, navy and gray complement each other in terms of aesthetic appeal, as both shades produce visually striking combinations when joined. Because of their extreme versatility, both of these colors are extremely popular.

Do kitchen cabinets have to be lighter or darker than the walls?

The determination of whether painted kitchen cabinets ought to be darker or lighter in color than the walls is a matter of considerable individual discretion and design consideration. In this regard, no laws possess the quality of being irrevocable.


When attempting to determine the optimal color scheme for a kitchen, it is not always necessary to choose complementary hues.

A modern kitchen with grey cabinets stainless steel appliances white subway tile backsplash and a dark wooden floor featuring a large island and pendant lighting

A multitude of individuals hold the view that kitchens incorporating an assortment of cabinets and walls can simultaneously exude aesthetic appeal and serve practical purposes.

Conversely, a significant proportion of individuals prefer monochrome settings due to their perception of them as being more sophisticated and understated.

When shopping, it is vital to ensure that the designs of the cabinets and walls you intend to install are compatible with one another. Instead of engaging in competition or vying for attention, they ought to mutually enhance one another.