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What Wall Color Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets

Elevate your kitchen with white cabinets paired with the perfect color combinations. Explore popular choices and expert tips for a stunning kitchen design.

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Do you know which room in the house brings everyone together in one place? Oh, yes, that’s the kitchen. It is the heart of the house, and most of the family members sit together here & share stories. So, what can be more amazing than decorating that space with some white cabinets and other beautiful colors?

We will tell you all about different color combinations that can go well with white kitchen cabinets. Let’s begin exploring. 

Factors to consider

But before you begin designing your cabinets, consider these factors:

Natural Lighting Wall Color Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets

Natural light

You know which factor plays the most important role, i.e., the amount of light you have in your kitchen. Natural light is the most desirable element of a kitchen you can want. So, if your kitchen has enough light, you can experiment with both light and dark shades.

However, if you do not have enough light, you will have to work with lighter shades. The reason behind this is to create a more airy atmosphere in the kitchen, and lighter colors can do that. 

Cabinet style & material

Another factor to see is the style and material of your white kitchen cabinets. This factor alone can have a high influence on your color preference. Traditionally, the kitchen cabinets do come with some ornaments and elements. On the other hand, modern design comes with bold and better colors.

Kitchen size

The next thing you will have to consider is the size of your kitchen while you are selecting the wall color. If you choose a lighter color, then your kitchen will feel more spacious to you. Darker colors will add warmth to your kitchen and coziness to a larger space. 

Light colors can make the corners of your kitchen look wider, and the edges can seem to be extending to the farther end. However, the dark shades are going to bring the walls closer and make the room look small. 

Personal style

At last, you just have to consider your personal style and design choices to have a brilliant kitchen interior. Now, you can either choose a timeless theme, a monochromatic theme, or a more vibrant look. Whatever you choose, it will contribute to the entire ambiance.

What are some popular color combinations?

If you already have factors in line, let’s start with the proper color combination.

Classic neutrals Wall Color Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets

Classic neutrals

To begin with, the most classic color tone you can pick is the classic neutrals. Some of the classic shades are gray or beige with white. This combo can mix sophistication and vitality into your interior space. So, when it comes to a kitchen with white cabinets, neutral tones can be perfect allies.

You can use textured tiles, woven rugs, some good upholstery chairs, etc., to make it more appealing. The neutral tone of grey color with white will give your kitchen a more vibrant color. After that, you can add some decorative items like gold color cabinet handles.  

Soft pastels

There is navy blue, charcoal gray, deep green, etc., in the pastel tone theme. So, you can have white kitchen cabinets and pastel-tone kitchen walls. It is surely a bold choice if you choose this color palette. It can be more aesthetically appealing. You can also have some contrasting tones to have a focal point on the kitchen counter, island, etc.

Deep green is also a good soft color to go with white kitchen cabinets. You can embrace the beauty of nature when you have deep green walls paired with white cabinets. Basically, this color choice will let you explore the natural side of yourself and feel a sense of freshness.

Contrasting tones

If you want a bold and contemporary look in your kitchen, mix dark tones with white kitchen cabinets. Some of the dark colors are navy blue, charcoal gray, dark green, etc. With navy blue walls and white kitchen cabinets, you can add richness to your kitchen. Just add some classic culinary creativity in the background and let your kitchen shine.

Just like that, you can also have a charcoal gray color with white kitchen cabinets. The deep and moody nature of charcoal gray walls creates a more intimate setting in your kitchen. The place feels more luxurious and airy as well.

Warm earth tones 

Warm earth tones, i.e., warm taupe, terracotta, muted oranges, etc., are a great choice if you want to make a more welcoming aura in your kitchen. These tones can complement the crisp white cabinets and add a more natural touch to your kitchen. If you wish to enhance the warmth of the taupe color, add natural wooden material to the kitchen.

Terracotta gives a more rustic charm to the kitchen, and when you add some handmade tiles, wooden utensils, or woven baskets in the kitchen, it completes the set. Mute oranges are famous for their soft touch and a hint of eclectic charm. Balance the extra orange with light color countertops.

Wall Color Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets

Tips and tricks for white cabinet kitchen

The tips and tricks are just to help you with some smart ideas that you can use while doing the project.

  • Always create a contrasting look in your kitchen. Especially with white kitchen cabinets, use dark countertops to add more depth to the kitchen.
  • Before starting off with coloring the walls of your kitchen, do some sample testing and test them under different lighting conditions.
  • Don’t forget to add decorative elements like kitchen utensils, curtains, etc. You can always experiment with colors and change them anytime you want. 
  • Mix warm and cool tones. For example, pair white cabinets with a cool gray wall color and add warm items like wooden furniture or some brass color items. 
  • Make sure to add some artificial light to your kitchen so that there is no shortage of light. This way, the colors can appear airy in every setting.
  • You can also add other additions like artwork, paintings on the wall of your kitchen, lamps, wooden furniture, etc, and make your kitchen even more interesting.
  • Another important thing that you should remember is the size of your kitchen and window placements so that every color comes together to make one wonderful room.
  • It is better to coordinate the color of the kitchen countertops and floor as well for a better color palette. 
  • In the end, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all answer; you just pick whatever feels right to you for your kitchen.

Final thoughts!

Finally, you know what goes well with white cabinets, and there are some tips & tricks for you to remember for a better outcome. Moreover, you can also hire an interior designer for some guidance or download some samples from Pinterest. The demo ideas can give you a better picture. 

The reason behind white kitchen cabinets is that it is a classic choice and makes the kitchen look more spacious. With this classic selection and some bold color alternatives, you can have the kitchen of your ambitions. Just add some accessories, like wooden vases or dark countertops. That can make your kitchen extra pretty.

If you still want some extra hands in your journey, Just contact our team and get started on the project right away. 


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