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This Sustainability Policy is the basis for the standards of the Guangdong BKX Smart Furniture CO., LTD, hereinafter referred to as BK Ciandre, concerning economic, ecological, and social responsibility. The objective of this policy is to create a collective, conscientious, and sustainable basis with our customers, employees, and suppliers to optimize productivity and cooperation in our business operations. Check the safety production status of the unit regularly, investigate hidden dangers of production safety accidents promptly, and suggest ways to improve safety production management; Safety production education and training are required for all employees before they can work on the post. Sustainability shouldn’t be an add-on but should be integrated into normal business practice.

1. Occupational Health and Safety

As an employer, BK Ciandre attaches great importance to a high standard of ergonomics and safety in the workplace. This is backed up by the integrated health and safety management and fire prevention in our factories.

2. Helping to shape our environment

BK Ciandre was established in 1996, and for over 26 years we have relentlessly pursued international ecological sustainable design and concepts by choosing premium green materials in our production process; our machinery is equipped with a dust pipe to first collect dust and is then transferred to a central dust collection bin. BK Ciandre tries to keep the burden on the environment as low as possible by managing natural resources carefully and economically, thereby keeping residual materials and waste to a minimum.

3. Data and Identity Protection

The protection of data and the careful handling of confidential information about our customers, employees, and suppliers to protect their identity and privacy are of great importance to our company. This preserves the dignity of employees and creates a positive work environment.

4. Ethical Principles

The ethical principles of our family firm are based on loyalty, respect for others, transparency, and fair competition without corruption and exploitation.

Furthermore, the company opposes discrimination in any form relating to race, origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age.

5. Freedom of Association

Employees must be able to communicate openly and respectfully with mutual trust within the company and with management concerning working conditions without having to fear any negative consequences. All employees have the right to form an association, join a workers’ organization, and nominate a representative or be elected as a representative.

6. Working Hours, Employee Benefits and Remuneration

Remuneration, employee benefits, working hours, and holiday entitlement must comply with the statutory provisions regarding minimum wages, overtime, and compulsory social welfare. If there is no national law in this respect, the working and social standards of the ILO shall apply.

7. Prohibition of Child Labour

BK Ciandrecondemns child labor and complies with the laws and regulations on the minimum age for admission to employment or work.

Every customer and supplier is requested to likewise abide by such regulations.

8. Continuous Improvement

Innovations and improvements are important. The company, therefore, focuses on the continuous improvement of environmental protection, energy efficiency, occupational health and safety, and social responsibility. In so doing, our company seeks out and encourages innovative ideas from employees through an improvement system.

9. Freedom to choose a Workplace

The freedom to choose a workplace must be respected. Any kind of forced labor or trafficking of human beings must not be tolerated. All work must be performed voluntarily and employees must be allowed to terminate their employment contract at any time.

10. Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

The company manages its business in compliance with the criteria for export controls and observing existing economic sanctions to ensure safe and secure trading. The company opposes trade outside of these regulations.

11. Awareness and Transparency

BK Ciandre takes care to ensure that every employee is informed clearly and comprehensibly about their tasks, rights, duties, and important news and events in the company. To avoid conflicts of interest, BK Ciandre offers suppliers unambiguous and comprehensible contracts.

12. Implementation and Responsibility

Supervisors and those in leadership positions set a crucial example in the implementation of the Sustainability Policy. However, every employee is jointly responsible for compliance and the successful implementation of these guidelines.

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